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nashbar polypro ear band

The ear band is one of the best accessories for cool weather outdoor activities, whether it’s running, hiking, or cycling. They keep your ears toasty warm without causing your head to overheat.

I got a thin, cycling-specific ear band when I first started riding, and I bought the “S/M” which was the same as my helmet size. Should have gone for the Large size, though, because the one I got cut into the sides of my head.

Not only was it too small, the fabric did not stretch at all! That’s why the seams cut into my head.

But I used it for a few years until I found a “one size fits all” Nashbar Polypro Ear Band on sale for $7 this past summer. I figured it was worth a shot…

It was! The polypro material is warm and soft, and there are no seams to cut into my head. The fabric is also very flexible so it stretches around my head nicely.

Sometimes you can run into problems where one size definitely does not fit all, but in this case I was very pleased with the fit and comfort. (It’s more comfortable than the skull cap.)

It’s still a pain to get used to when transitioning from Summer to Fall riding, but after wearing it a few times, I got used to it.

Remember – frozen ears are more painful than any extra fabric wrapped around your head!

So overall I can’t complain. It’s thin enough to fit under my helmet, thick enough to keep my ears warm, tall enough to completely cover my ears, and there are no seams to cut into my head.

My final verdict is…

I highly recommend this ear band. I have a collection of Nashbar polypro arm warmers, leg warmers, ear band, and skull cap, and each item is great. This ear band is probably my favorite item of my collection, and it’s definitely the best ear band I’ve ever worn.

Even if you are used to wearing expensive designer gear, I still think this ear band would be a good choice.

Official website: www.Nashbar.com

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