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9 Ways To Get Electrolytes Besides Gatorade

A common belief amongst endurance athletes is that we must constantly replenish our electrolyte stores while riding. If we run low on electrolytes, we might face problems such as cramping and hyponatremia. So check out these pills and tablets…

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How to Determine Your Sweat Rate – and Why It Matters

Here’s the basic formula to determine your sweat rate, so you know how much fluid you need to consume to stay hydrated.

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Should You Drink Alkaline Water? All Signs Point to “Maybe.”

Alkaline water. It’s in news headlines, on TV shows, being pushed by commissioned salesmen, and boutique brands are even showing up on store shelves. The idea is that it will somehow make your body alkaline, and that somehow improves your health. Miraculous claims abound. I’m always hearing

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Tested: Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water

Oh so many coconut waters line the store shelves today. I guess once a few big ones put the dollars behind the marketing, everyone launched their own coconut water to take advantage of the hype. Which makes it tough to find the good ones! I’m looking for

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Coconut Water

Dubbed “Mother Nature’s sports drink” by savvy marketers, coconut water is filling store shelves, and I’m seeing it in the gym and at yoga class. Some people swear by it, like it’s magical; even some pro athletes credit their success to this beverage. Coconut water is a

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Tested: Power Ice

School’s out for the summer, so that means playing in the afternoon sun and having freeze pops to cool off! And no, this isn’t a flashback to when I was a kid (although I used to eat those freeze pops like crazy during summer vacation!) This is

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Tested: CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher

Now I can fill my CamelBak from a CamelBak! Thanks to something completely unexpected – the CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher. Instead of a mundane Brita or PUR filter/pitcher, my kitchen is now outfitted with a fancy new CamelBak pitcher. It actually blends in well, thanks to

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How to Carry Food and Water During a Triathlon

Cycling jerseys are great inventions. It’s so convenient to fill the back pockets with food, bike tools, CO2 pump, etc. Then there are triathlon jerseys, with maybe one small pocket in the back. Here’s how to carry stuff during a triathlon…

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Tested: Deuter Race Air Lite Hydration Pack

To kick off my 2009 racing season on the right foot, I picked up a new Deuter Race Air Lite Hydration Pack. I planned on doing quite a few endurance races, so I knew a nice hydration pack would come in handy…

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Understanding the “Drink Before You’re Thirsty” Rule

If you’ve been involved in endurance sports for more than a day, you’ve probably heard the old “drink before you’re thirsty” rule. This saying has been around longer than I can remember, and it’s still common. But that saying can get you in trouble…

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Proper Hydration Techniques for Endurance Sports

The most important aspect to sports nutrition would have to be proper hydration. Poor food choices can get you in trouble, but inadequate hydration can get you killed!

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How to Keep Your CamelBak Clean and Fresh

Hydration packs are extremely useful, especially for mountain bikers. You can drink conveniently without taking your hands off the bars, as well as carry a set of tools and accessories. But once the ride is over, things get tougher. Here’s how to clean the bladder…

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Tested: NUUN Active Hydration Tablets

There are so many sports drinks out there, it takes a lot to stand out. One drink that does stand out is Nuun, who make active hydration tablets. Here is my taste test and review…

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What to Eat During a Big Ride or Race

Wondering what to eat during a bike ride or race? Here is a complete guide to what to eat for each type of bike ride or race, based on intensity and duration. Covers energy bars, gels, sports drinks, and real food…

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How To Carry Food And Water With You On Your Runs: 6 Ways That Work

Whenever I first started running more than a couple miles at a time, the question of “how do I carry food and water with me?” really boggled my mind. I no longer had the luxury of a cycling jersey with pockets in the back, a backpack would be way too big, and I sure didn’t want to carry water bottles in my hands! But I didn’t want to die of dehydration, either…

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