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amy brian coconut water in cans

Oh so many coconut waters line the store shelves today. I guess once a few big ones put the dollars behind the marketing, everyone launched their own coconut water to take advantage of the hype. Which makes it tough to find the good ones! I’m looking for a company that takes pride in their coconut water, not a division of Coca Cola or Pepsi that just wants to jump on the bandwagon.

One of those is Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water. This water is produced in Thailand, canned immediately, then shipped to the USA. The company has been around a while, but recently updated their website and can design, and even their product name, and released some new flavors! (It used to be called Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice, but they updated the name since it is indeed “coconut water” as we all know it to be.)

It’s one of the few brands sold in big steel cans. The cans are heavy, but easily recyclable, and provide a 2-year shelf life.

As I said, when it comes to choosing a coconut water, I’m mostly concerned with how healthy and natural the stuff is. So let’s start there!

Amy & Brian Coconut Water Nutrition Analysis

Obviously fresh, raw, organic coconut water that you drain from a coconut at home is the best. But that’s not practical for most people. So you’re going to look for a bottled coconut water that’s as close to fresh as possible.

Amy & Brian got it right. There’s one ingredient – coconut water.

amy brian coconut water

So in this case, it’s not really about the health benefits of coconut water or the nutrients it contains, it’s about how the company processes it.

*There are a few companies selling coconut water from concentrate and putting added sweeteners and artificial flavors in there, too. Those are companies to avoid!

Starting from the beginning, the coconuts they use are grown without pesticides, and then the water is flash pasteurized before shipping. Unfortunately, as is the case with most any packaged food or drink, the pasteurization process likely destroys the delicate nutrients present in the fresh coconut water.

The only way to get around that is to either buy your own coconuts (and a coconut drill) and harvest the water yourself, or to pay $6 per bottle for a boutique brand.

Nutrition Facts (per 8 ounce serving)

Calories 60
Fat 0g
Carbs 15g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 14g
Protein 0g
Sodium 70mg
Potassium n/a
Magnesium n/a

They claim it’s high in potassium and magnesium, but the amounts aren’t listed on the label.

There was more sugar in here than I expected! But since there’s no added sugar, it must be because the Thai coconuts contain more natural sugar (which explains why they are sweeter) than their Brazilian counterparts.

Most importantly, realize that in the 17.5 ounce can, you’re getting two full servings. And because it’s a can, not a resealable bottle, you probably won’t save half for later.

That’s 28 grams of sugar in a can! Whether it’s natural or added, that’s quite a bit!

flavors of amy brian coconut juice

Amy & Brian Coconut Water Taste Test

Some people loathe coconut of any type. Some people say coconut water tastes like sweat. If you’re one of them, you definitely don’t want this stuff!

The water comes in original, original with pulp, lime, grape, and cinnamon flavors, but they all taste like coconut water! And all of these are made from Thai coconuts, rather than Brazil coconuts. Thai coconut water is slightly sweet with a stronger coconut flavor, so expect a true coconut experience no matter what.


This is legit, “the real deal” coconut water. It tastes just like the young coconut water I remember.

It has the same sweetness I remember. As in, not very, but kinda sorta sweet (which is fine with me.) Also, it’s not a sugary sweetness or artificial sweetness. It’s a sweetness unique to coconut water.

I don’t absolutely love it, but I enjoy it as much as I enjoy fresh coconut water. If you like fresh coconut water, you’ll like this one. You’ll probably like it far more than VitaCoco, C2O, or Zico.




Grape, typically being a sweet flavor, seems like an odd mix with coconut. So I was a little skeptical here…

It smells just like grape juice, and it looks like white wine. Without the can, you wouldn’t realize it was coconut water. And if the purple can wasn’t labeled “coconut water,” you’d think it was grape soda!

grape amy brian coconut juice

It’s an interesting mix of flavors – perhaps a white grape flavor. I’m not sure if the flavors really blend together though. I was tasting the grape and coconut separately.

The grape scent is more potent than the taste! I feel like it’s more of a grape juice sweetness than a grape flavor. Fortunately, it was not as sweet as I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s plenty sweet! Sweeter than the original for sure. Just not disgustingly sweet.

The drink isn’t bad, but it’s probably too sweet to be refreshing. I was worried it would be way too sweet to even enjoy since a lot of products use grape juice concentrate as a sweetener. It’s enjoyable, but it’s a totally different drink than the original coconut water.

It’s sort of a “coconut water for people who don’t like coconut water.” But it still has that trademark coconut water flavor in the aftertaste. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

*This one contains grape concentrate juice, though it doesn’t seem to have any more sugar or calories.


Right off the bat, I like the bright can – the reddish orange hue makes it seem like it’s going to be hot and spicy.

When poured, this one looks a little like apple cider. Or, cinnamon dissolved in water. However you want to think of it.

The first sip, immediately, I knew this is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had in my life!!! (Did I mention I love cinnamon? Because I sure do! Even more than I like ginger!)

Just, wow! I love this flavor. What a perfect compliment. It feels like coconut water, and tastes like cinnamon. It’s sweet, salty, and spicy, all in one. It finishes with a coconut water aftertaste, crisp and clean. So delicious and so refreshing!

There’s nothing to compare to because I’ve never had anything quite like it. The best I can come up with is warm, home-brewed apple cider with a hint of cinnamon (and less actual apple flavor.) The stuff that’s light and crisp, not the heavy, thick store bought apple cider.

Coincidentally, this one is still pretty good even when it sits out in the sun and gets warm!

I assumed this was some crazy idea, but apparently not. It was not even the first cinnamon coconut water – Harmless Harvest has a cinnamon and cloves flavored coconut water that’s probably incredible, too.

Remember that all this coconut water is “better if chilled.”

I like it chilled, but not cold. It seems like you get so much more flavor if it’s just cool! When it’s cold, I simply don’t taste the full flavor. So I’ll take it out of the fridge and let it sit for about 10 minutes before drinking.

(The cinnamon is the only one acceptable to drink warm.)

amy brian refreshing coconut water

Meeting Your Post-Workout Hydration Needs

Is coconut water necessary? No.

Is it better than a sports drink? No.

Is it refreshing? Yes, if you enjoy the flavor. I think it’s nice because it’s something different that I don’t have often. It’s not so special or amazing that I have to have it. (Well, aside from the cinnamon flavor!)

And I don’t feel any more or less hydrated than when I drink plain water. (Which fits with the research findings.)

I should also note that I prefer coconut water once I’m totally cooled off and can sit and relax. It’s not something I grab immediately when I get off my bike. And I certainly would not want to drink it during exercise. It just doesn’t seem like it would work for me like that.

My final verdict is…

Amy & Brian use the best coconuts, produce the most natural, realistic tasting coconut water, and sell it for less than the competition. Yeah, you’re paying less for a better drink!

If you enjoy the occasional coconut water, this is my #1 recommendation for you.

(And regardless of anything else, if you like cinnamon, you absolutely have to try this new cinnamon coconut water!)

Official website: www.AmyAndBrianNaturals.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com | www.LuckyVitamin.com

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  1. This is THE best coconut water!! I have tried a few other brands but honestly they all have a weird taste. This one tastes amazing and the price is amazing. As long as the new flavors are pulp-free I would like to try them.

  2. i am sold! i love me some cinnamon. i like cinnamon toast, cinnamon toast crunch, cinnamon toast bites, cinnamon toast squares… So I am especially excited to try cinnamon toast coconut water!!

    I hope it doesn’t taste like a carbonated beverage. carbonated beverages give me the burps. especially that newfangled diet orange fanta zero.

  3. I am not sure if I have ever had coconut water, so I guess this would be a great way to get some! I know that the people on survival shows sure seem to like it. And opening a can of Amy & Brian’s would be much easier than beating the actual nut open with a rock!

  4. Coconut water is the go to after a weekend of racing!

  5. I had coconut water one time, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was like. I do know that that cinnamon coconut water sounds extra tasty! I have been running quite a bit lately, and I need something to hydrate me when I am finished. Water is getting stale.

  6. I found Amy & Brian coconut water at a health food store a year ago and I haven’t stopped drinking it since. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana so it’s extremely hot & humid here but Amy & Brian is the perfect drink to refresh me and keep me hydrated. A tasty, refreshing and inexpensive coconut water all in one.

  7. I bet the lime one is so good!! These look great I would love to try all of the flavors.

  8. I recently tried Amy & Brian coconut water. It caught my eye while I was shopping at Whole Foods. I was surprised because some of the other brands I have tried haven’t wowed me, but this one did! Super good!!

  9. Their flavors sound fantastic! I am definitely intrigued with the cinnamon flavored coconut water.

  10. These sound YUMMY YUMMY yum. I like the review you did on this product, it makes me want to try the cinnamon flavor badly! Apple cider is my favorite drink. What a genius idea for cinnamon coconut water.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever tried coconut water, but this seems like it would be worth it! I don’t like overly sweet things and since this has no added sugar I don’t think it would be too sweet. One thing I don’t think I’ll like is that it’s two servings in one can. When you can’t really save it for later I think there should only be one serving.

    The grape sounds too sweet. I feel like the lime might cut the natural sweetness so that might be a good combo… Too bad you couldn’t try it. I’m definitely excited for the cinnamon though!

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