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How to Tell if You Have a Good Spinning Instructor (Does Yours Have These 9 Traits?)

It’s hard to believe how popular indoor cycling has become. Years ago, I thought the Spinning classes only attracted hardcore cyclists who needed some tough, motivational workouts when they finished up in the weight room. As it turns out, tons of people are taking up indoor cycling

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A Guy’s Guide to Surviving a Group Fitness Class

The off-season is here, and you’ll probably be spending less time out in the great outdoors… and more time alone in the basement. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get out and try something new – like one of the many group fitness

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Ask Levi: Spinning Bike at Home on a $400 Budget?

Today’s question is about picking up a stationary exercise bike for indoor riding on a budget… Hey Levi, We’re looking for your input on a stationary bike. We wanted to spend no more than $400, and we want one that looks like something a cyclist would use.

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Review: “Keep It Real In Your Indoor Cycling Classes” Ebook

In most cases, indoor cycling classes are a joke. They are fun and lively, but provide very little benefit to the cyclist training for a big race. But that is changing – here is how to get real-world training and racing benefits from indoor cycling classes…

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