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A Guy’s Guide to Surviving a Group Fitness Class

The off-season is here, and you’ll probably be spending less time out in the great outdoors… and more time alone in the basement. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get out and try something new – like one of the many group fitness

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Tested: Yoga Sequencing Deck

Have you been wanting to design your own yoga class but have no idea where to start? Check this out – Yoga Sequencing Deck: 100 Cards to Design Practices and Classes that Flow – it’s a deck of cards with yoga poses on them. Let’s backtrack though…

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How to Show Up for Yoga Class – And Look Like You Belong There!

Years of doing yoga at home might make you supremely confident in your abilities, but it really doesn’t do a whole lot to prepare you for a hot yoga class in a studio… as I learned the hard way! There are a lot of differences between your

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Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA

Amazing Yoga is a popular yoga studio with three locations around Pittsburgh – Shadyside, Southside, and Wexford. One day I walked in, signed up for the $25 new student special (two weeks of unlimited classes,) and the rest is history. My first ever class at Amazing Yoga

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Tested: YogaSmoga Nirvana Short (Finally Some Men’s Yoga Clothing!)

If you’re a man, you’re going to face two challenges when shopping for yoga apparel. First, it’s all really expensive. With running and cycling, you can get basic options, fancy stuff, or anything in between, depending on your budget. With yoga, the choice is between the high-end

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Tested: Element Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners DVD

There was always a big disconnect between what I’d do when following along with yoga DVDs at home compared to what I’d do in an actual yoga class. The yoga DVDs I’ve used have typically been good workouts that also improved my flexibility and helped me relax.

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Tested: MetaBody Yoga and Fitness Pass

“Did you see that Groupon for 30 yoga classes for $20?!” That’s what I heard in the gym earlier this year, and I didn’t believe it at first. I mean, 3 yoga classes for $20 would seem plausible, but definitely not 30. No way this was a

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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

In the locker room, or even during a group ride, it’s expected that some of your gear (or someone else’s) is going to stink. It’s certainly not a good habit – especially when you can easily keep your workout clothes smelling fresh – but you can get

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An Embarrassing But Necessary Guide to Yoga Clothes for Men

Typical yoga clothes are worse for men than skin-tight lycra. We’re used to dressing like fools on the bike, but not in a gym crowded with others! It’s still sort of embarrassing for men to even show up to a yoga studio, let alone go shopping for

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5 Reasons Yoga Is An Absolute Necessity for Mountain Bikers

If you just like to mountain bike for fun, maybe you ignore the trend toward more core conditioning and flexibility training. Even if you race, maybe you think yoga is lame. But if you take a look at this list of yoga’s benefits for all breeds of mountain bikers, you might just change your mind…

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Tested: Yoga for Beginners DVD

I have been curious about yoga for years now, but it wasn’t until I got a yoga DVD for cyclists that I actually did any regular yoga routines. Because of that, I may have missed some of the basics of yoga, so I’m thrilled to test out

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Tested: Graeme Street’s Cyclo-Zen Program

After a few months with just Cyclo-Core, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Cyclo-Zen. (I have Speed too, which will be reviewed next month…) I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I never did yoga. I had an idea of

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