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yoga sequencing deck

Have you been wanting to design your own yoga class but have no idea where to start?

Check this out – Yoga Sequencing Deck: 100 Cards to Design Practices and Classes that Flow – it’s a deck of cards with yoga poses on them.

Let’s backtrack though… why would one want to design a yoga class?

Well, I did yoga at home for years. It was always based off how-to DVDs and free lessons on Youtube, so I did a lot of the exact same thing, over and over again.

Not until these past couple years did I get into for-real hot yoga classes, which was really eye-opening. Sure there were familiar elements, but there were so many different ways to do a class. Every instructor is different, so it’s always a different experience.

As a coach myself, I got to wondering about sequencing and how you can totally change a yoga practice by not just what poses you do, but the order in which you do them.

Then I saw this deck come out, and I thought it would be a good way to play around and make believe I was planning a yoga class. It gets you past the “staring at a blank white screen” stage of writer’s block (as it applies to yoga instruction).

yoga sequencing deck cards poses

The whole thing is fairly simple. It’s literally a deck of cards, and each card has the name of a pose and a photo of a woman demonstrating the pose.

It’s handy just to familiarize yourself with the names of poses! I mean, there are 100 cards! And they’re double sided. That’s A LOT of poses to learn!

And there are two names per pose (the Sanskrit name and the English translation), and you have to know both!

There are also cards with Vinyasas and entire sun salutations. Plus a wild card.

*A few cards are duplicates. This is by design, though, since popular poses will be used in a class more than once.

How do you use the deck?

Basically, you lay out the cards on the floor in the order you want to perform the poses.

Then you take yourself through the sequence and see if it flows well. If it does, great – write that down as part of a class. If not, add or remove cards or change the order and try again.

Eventually you’ll put an entire class together!

Or you can get your yogi friends together and have some fun with it! Shuffle the cards and everyone pulls out a card, lining them up in the order in which they are drawn. Then you make it into a challenge like a game of H.O.R.S.E, yoga style! Get creative and there are all sorts of fun things you could do!

If you’re new to yoga, the cards will be handy to review and memorize the poses.

Considering the deck costs less than a single yoga class at most studios (only $12 at Amazon.com), and studying it will help you get more out of the classes you attend, it might be worth it.

Note: It will not teach you the actual dynamics of a pose, though. Which means you can’t really learn proper alignment from this. Yeah you can see it, but without an explanation, you might not re-create the pose correctly. (So much has to do with how you are holding your body, you really need in-person instruction.)

If you want to challenge yourself.

If you’re good at yoga, and don’t want to do teacher training or any big commitments, but you do want to challenge yourself? This deck would be good for that purpose. Laying out your own sequences will really get you thinking and force you to step up your yoga game!

Super useful for instructors!

If you’re an instructor, this is probably a super useful tool for you and will save lots of time (and could get you out of a rut of complacency). If I ever have to design my own class, I’ll definitely use these cards.

yoga sequencing deck cards transitions

But if you just like to do yoga and feel great afterward, and let the instructors do the leg work, this is not for you!

The deck could be better.

I wouldn’t necessarily complain about the deck, since it does what it’s supposed to, but it could use some refinements if you ask me.

It’s all black and white. There’s no color. You don’t really need color pictures to demonstrate the poses, but it would be nice if the cards were color coded to help organize them. For example, make it so blue cards are poses and green cards are sun salutations. Maybe light blue are balancing postures and dark blue are something else.

On the cards showing sun salutations, each pose is tiny. Better have good eyesight!

They don’t work as flash cards. I feel like one-sided cards would be more useful. Then they could be actual flash cards (with the pose on one side and the name on the back, for instance). You’d need a bigger deck, but it would be less confusing.

It’s a pain to put the cards away. It’s an annoyance getting the cards back in the box. It’s a small, flat box and you have to split the deck evenly to fit the cards in. Why not a bigger box that holds one stack?

How do you know how to sequence?

You don’t. Or at least, you’re not going to learn from this deck. Good instructors spend many hours over many years learning anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics so that they can make smooth, flowing, safe sequences.

A good complement here would be a yoga sequencing book, like Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes by Mark Stephens.

This book could be considered essential reading for yoga teachers. This is where you actually learn how to sequence yoga poses.

What about a yoga sequencing app?

Want something different? Perhaps something you can use easily while sitting on the bus or train? Consider a yoga sequencing app instead.

There are a few out there. The nearest app to this deck of cards looks to be the Yoga Studio app for iOS ($3.99 in the App Store). Another one is the Pocket Yoga Practice Builder ($6.99).

I haven’t messed with these, though. Much like I prefer holding a paper book instead of a Kindle, I like my deck of yoga cards!

My final verdict is…

This deck is mostly useful for yoga teachers (or those with aspirations of doing teacher training in the future). It’s not going to make you a professional instructor overnight, it’s just a handy tool to speed things along. It’s undoubtedly quicker than writing everything down, and it’s more organized than flipping through pages of a book, etc.

There are some shortcomings, and there are little improvements that could be made to make this much better, but all in all, it’s a very useful tool if you need to come up with some yoga sequencing ideas!

Official website: www.UlyssesPress.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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