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“Did you see that Groupon for 30 yoga classes for $20?!”

That’s what I heard in the gym earlier this year, and I didn’t believe it at first. I mean, 3 yoga classes for $20 would seem plausible, but definitely not 30. No way this was a real thing.

If you walk in to Amazing Yoga, for example, it’s going to cost you $15 for one class. That’s right, ONE! In rare instances, you might find a $5 or $7 class somewhere, but you better get there extra early if you want to get in the door.

So when I actually found the Groupon for the MetaBody Yoga and Fitness Pass, I bought it immediately.

meta body groupon

It’s a pretty cool concept. The premise is that you buy the pass from them, then take whatever fitness classes you want in your city at the studios MetaBody has partnered with. This means you don’t need to buy an expensive membership at any one location, nor pay the full-price rate you’d normally pay for a single class.

The actual locations will vary by city, but expect the pass to include a variety of yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, Spinning, martial arts, and other workouts.

Here’s the official description:

30 Class Pass – $350
Sample Yoga, Boot Camp, Zumba, CrossFit and a variety of other fitness classes
Test drive the best studios in your city
6 months to use your pass

Hold up – did you see the retail price?!

Wow! I’m not sure what’s crazier, the super low $20 Groupon or the super high $350 retail price!

So, as cool as the Groupon is, there are some downsides:

The most obvious is the price. At full price, each class will cost you nearly $12. That’s not a huge savings. Referring back to Amazing Yoga again, a 60-90 minute power yoga class is normally $15. But you could buy a 10 class pass for $110, making each class $11, which is a better deal than you’re getting through MetaBody.

There is also the time restriction. Six months is a decent amount of time, and if you can make 1-2 classes per week, you’ll use up all 30 classes before the pass expires. But you still need to think it through and make sure your schedule will allow it.

Make sure you’re ready to plan in advance, because you have to book online, and you have to book well in advance. The system closes booking around 7 hours prior to the start of a class. So if you want to book a morning class, you need to book it the prior evening. That’s not so bad unless you’re under a heavy training load and won’t know if you can handle a class until the morning of.

I’ve noticed you can cancel a class an hour before it starts, despite the site saying you must give at least 24 hours notice. But, if you do cancel late, they count it as if you attended class. So you effectively “lose” the class. If I had to guess, MetaBody is still getting their system figured out, and you’re likely to encounter various glitches. So it might be smooth sailing, or it might be a mega pain in the butt for you!

The worst part, though, is that certain studios will cap the number of classes you can take through MetaBody pass. Basically, all the good studios limit you to 5 classes (10 if you’re lucky). For me, being in Pittsburgh at the time, I could only use 10 of my 30 classes at my two preferred yoga studios. So I expected 20 classes to go unused due to lack of time and energy to go exploring.

My use for the pass dwindled even further when I found that you can only book one class per day. That sucks! I tried to book two back-to-back one-hour yoga classes on a rainy day, and the system wouldn’t let me.* What if you want to do a tough morning workout, then some relaxing yoga after work? What if you work long hours and want to double up on classes on your days off?

*I tried again and was able to book twice in one day at a different location, so this might be a case-by-case basis. Again, don’t be surprised by any website glitches!

Lastly, you will forfeit any other “new customer” discounts. A lot of places have special discounts for new customers. Something like “2 weeks of unlimited classes for $25.” Or maybe an entire month of unlimited classes for $39. If you become a customer thanks to taking one discounted class through MetaBody, you’ll render yourself ineligible for the really good discounts!

So, take a moment to think it over. Then, if you’re still interested, continue reading for how to get this Groupon…

Get Started With the MetaBody Yoga and Fitness Pass Groupon

You’re going to go to www.Groupon.com and sign up (or sign in.) Then just search for “MetaBody” and you’ll likely find one listed for your nearest city.

If you time it right, you might find one that doesn’t expire for three months. Just make sure you read the fine print to see when it expires, where you can use it, and how many times you can use it per location. I believe it’s limited to 10 classes per location, with certain locations limiting you to 5 classes.

Once you purchase the Groupon, you’ll get a redemption code.

meta body website

Then, go to the MetaBody website. Click on “sign up” (or the “Redeem your Groupon” banner,) enter your name, email, and redemption code, then check your email for the activation link. That will let you confirm your email and finish filling in your account details.

Note: You’ll want to do this in Internet Explorer. Sadly, their website always gives me errors if I’m using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Then you’ll see your account dashboard with a huge list of available classes. You can filter the list by date, category, and/or specific studio.

meta body class listings

When you find a class you want, just click “Book now” and then confirm your choice. They’ll send you a confirmation email which you should print out (or have with you on your smartphone) for when you go to class, in case the studio requires this verification.

That’s it.

After you attend your first class, they’ll send you an email with a chance to win a gift card!

By writing a short 50-word review of the studio, I was entered to win a $100 gift card to spend at a studio of my choice.

So you could actually make money by purchasing this Groupon!

My final verdict is…

If you can buy the 30 class pass through Groupon for $20, it’s a killer deal! I’m happy with my experience, even though I only used four of the possible 30 classes and had to reset my password 14 times because their website sucks.

When you’re talking $350, though, I definitely would not pay that! Not even if they get the website fixed!

Official website: www.MetaBodyFitness.com

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