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Want a Super Fun, Full-Body Workout? Try an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym.

Even though I grew up surrounded by boulders, and went to college with a handful of experienced climbers from around the country, I never even considered taking rock climbing seriously. I was too busy racing and training, and riding my mountain bike off the tops of boulders,

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5 Things You Must Do This Winter If You Want To Ride Strong In The Spring

While it may seem that the upcoming road racing season is light years away, it’s sure to arrive faster than you expected. If you don’t start preparing now, your first race will be here before you even dust off the indoor trainer! And you won’t be ready

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Better Than Treadmills and Ellipticals? Or Just Hype? Examining the Arc Trainer.

It’s that time of year where you have to start thinking about off-season training. Which, in many cases, means indoor training. And that raises a few questions… Do you finally plunk down the money for an indoor trainer? Or get a gym membership and take Spinning classes?

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Review: “Keep It Real In Your Indoor Cycling Classes” Ebook

In most cases, indoor cycling classes are a joke. They are fun and lively, but provide very little benefit to the cyclist training for a big race. But that is changing – here is how to get real-world training and racing benefits from indoor cycling classes…

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Tested: Spinervals 4.0 Muscle Breakdown Workout DVD

While I’m not one to spend lots of time on the indoor trainer, sometimes it’s unavoidable, and having some sort of workout plan or other distraction is vitally important. One of the big names in indoor trainer workouts is Spinervals, with 20+ workouts for serious cyclists. Here is a review of Spinervals 4.0: Muscle Breakdown.

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