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Brooklyn Boulders (Somerville)

Brooklyn Boulders is a rock climbing gym (to put it lightly) located in Somerville, MA. It’s also known as “BKBS” for short. Going by the name, it sounds like it would be a rock climbing gym. And it is. But that’s misleading. It’s so much more than

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Tested: two Ogres Essential-Z Chalk Bag

Chalk bags for rock climbing seem like simple accessories; not really a big deal, not life saving, just something to have. A good one is not really appreciated, but if you get a bad one, you’ll know it. It will spill chalk everywhere, or maybe you can’t

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How to Get Started Bouldering (Rock Climbing)

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that takes place on individual boulders (or 10-15′ high walls if you’re in the gym.) Instead of ropes, pads are placed on the ground for protection. And instead of climbing straight up, you often traverse along the wall as well

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Tested: Gramicci Original G Climbing Pant

Sandstone and gritstone rock faces are unforgiving surfaces. They also happen to be frequently encountered surfaces when it comes to rock climbing in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. One slip on this stuff, and it could shred lightweight hiking pants. So when I decided to take up rock

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Tested: La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe

You can never have too many rock climbing shoes. Which is one reason why I picked up a pair of the new La Sportiva Oxygym. Another reason is that I love the bright colors! And perhaps most importantly, there’s the fact that I was able to get

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Tested: Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoe

Looking for an entry-level rock climbing shoe that’s super comfortable? The Mad Rock Phoenix might be the shoe for you. It uses a simple design, neutral color scheme, real leather, lace up design, and a low price (retail is $75.) They actually look a lot like a

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Tested: Five Ten Rogue Shoe

It’s a popular climbing shoe for good reason. It’s comfortable all day, priced right, and the rubber is as sticky as can be. I’m talking about the Five Ten Rogue. For seasoned climbers, it’s probably a boring shoe. But for beginners, or casual climbers, it has just

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Want a Super Fun, Full-Body Workout? Try an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym.

Even though I grew up surrounded by boulders, and went to college with a handful of experienced climbers from around the country, I never even considered taking rock climbing seriously. I was too busy racing and training, and riding my mountain bike off the tops of boulders,

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The Climbing Wall (Pittsburgh)

I’ve made many mistakes over the years. Wearing underwear under my bike shorts, venturing onto a downhill ski resort with my XC skis, and using Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta bowl as a pre-race meal, for example. But few haunt me as much as the time I lived

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Buying Climbing Shoes: A Journey of Epic Proportions

Anyone involved in sports recognizes the need for proper footwear. Running, cycling, triathlon, football, basketball, etc., shoe selection is important. In my experience, though, there is a lot of leeway in shoe choice and proper sizing. Some sports, such as ice hockey and speed skating, are more

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Bilger’s Rocks

Sometimes referred to as “rock city,” Bilger’s Rocks in Grampian, PA is a very interesting area to visit. It is not a premiere rock climbing destination, nor does it provide miles of hiking trails. But it offers a little bit of both, and it’s just such a

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Three Great Ways to Work Your Forearms

Forearm strength is not a top priority for cyclists, but your forearms do come into play during certain situations. Having strong forearms will come in especially handy during mountain biking, with the constant steering and lifting the front wheel. Here are exercises to build forearm strength…

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