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turbulence training for abs

If you are a fan of high-intensity interval training in place of slow, boring cardio workouts, Turbulence Training is the perfect match for you (and me.) I still do plenty of long bike rides to build my endurance, but when it comes to getting in shape, high-intensity training is the name of the game.

I love short, intense workouts, especially bodyweight conditioning circuits (such as this quick ab workout), so I’ve been a fan of Turbulence Training for a while now. It’s the king of “bang for your buck” workouts – just 45 minutes a day, 3 times per week.

And now, to help me on my quest for six pack abs, Craig Ballantyne has just launched a new book, Turbulence Training for Abs. It’s everything I’ve come to know and love about this style of training, but now geared even more for building my abs and shedding fat.

Best of all, the workout does not include the crunch! It’s been referred to as “the ultimate ANTI-CRUNCH home workout program.” This program has 30 ab exercises that Craig says work better than crunches – and he has the six pack abs to prove it! (Those are his abs on the cover, and this picture of him shows them off even more.)

Here’s what you get in this new program:

1) The 4-Week Beginner Introduction to CRUNCH-FREE Ab Workout
2) The 4-Week Intermediate Level ANTI-CRUNCH Ab Workout
3) And THREE Advanced 4-Week Home Abdominal Workouts
4) The “TT Abs 300” Workout Challenges (including one for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels)

And the three bonus ebooks that come with it:

1) The Bodyweight Abs program that you can do anytime, anywhere, without a single piece of equipment (comes with beginner and advanced versions too)
2) The Advanced Ab Nutrition Meal Plans for Men & Women
3) The 5 Motivational Secrets to STOP Cheating on Your Diet and Never Skip Another Workout Again

Turbulence Training for Abs

Hungry for a solid training program, I opened the main Turbulence Training for Abs ebook first. It’s a solid 80 pages!

turbulence training ebook

The book begins logically by first answering questions about Turbulence Training, then having you do a lifestyle review, and then does goal setting – very important things to think about before beginning any workout program! Then there are workout guidelines that explain what you’ll be doing – if you’re a beginner, pay very close attention here.

Next up, the actual workout plans. As I mentioned, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans. I really like this approach because you can start at the beginner plan and work your way up gradually. Even if you breeze through the intermediate and advanced plans (unlikely,) you will then have the experience necessary to build on the advanced plan to form a “super advanced plan.”

Based on the exercise sequences and the expected intensity, I’m starting with the Intermediate plan. I have learned that even if an advanced workout program looks easy, it will be much harder than expected. Plus, if you’re not used to doing the exact routine already, it will really hit your body hard! (There are tips about which plan is right for you at the beginning of the book, but you’ll either start with Beginner or Intermediate.)

Just the fact that some of these exercises are new is a great reason to do the Intermediate Plan before moving on to the Advanced Plan, even if you are already in good shape from doing other bodyweight exercises I’ve mentioned here on CoachLevi.com. Not to mention, the Beginner and Intermediate plans aren’t too intimidating, but the Advanced plan sure is! (At least in my eyes.)

Easier said than done, I always say!

As for the workouts themselves, each starts with resistance training – a good mix of bodyweight exercises and some that call for dumbbells – and follows with interval training – alternating fast and slow workouts which consist of basic interval routines (running, biking, swimming, etc.)

After you get through the plans, you’re in for a treat! Once per month, at the end of the four week program, you can perform the “TT 300 Abs Workout” (all the details are included in the ebook.) But basically it’s a killer routine where you do a ton of exercises in a row to cap off the four hard weeks.

I’m expecting results much like I get from Cyclo-Core. These Turbulence workouts are a similar idea, although there are plenty of exercises here that aren’t in Cyclo-Core, so it’s worth adding this to your repertoire. You could also mix the two together and create a hybrid workout, which I plan to do once I have completed all the Turbulence plans.

Of course, you need to know the proper form and instructions for these exercises. So the entire second half of the book is filled with pictures and instructions for doing the exercises properly.

Plus, there is a section of stretches, which you should do after each workout.

The Free Bonus Ebooks

Don’t forget, there are three bonus ebooks to check out…

turbulence training nutrition guidelines

Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Guidelines

This book contains some basic nutrition advice to have you eating healthy and making the most of your workouts. It is basic advice, but it works, nonetheless.

The book also contains quite a few meal plans to help you burn off belly fat. It’s no miracle diet, but the meal plans do look good. (I think the author of this book goes a little overboard on drinking expensive bottled water, but otherwise it’s all sound advice.)

It’s most useful for beginners who need a quick explanation of a healthy diet.

turbulence training motivation

5 Motivational Secrets to Burn Belly Fat & Get Flat Abs Forever

Now here is a book that is absolutely essential. Getting motivated and having reason to workout is a more important factor in your life than the exercise itself. Again, this book is full of sound advice, and it’s absolutely essential for anyone that is trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

(I’d actually recommend reading this book before any of the others.)

turbulence training bodyweight

TT Bodyweight Abs

If you don’t have any equipment, or if you’re always in a hotel room without access to equipment, this book full of bodyweight workout plans is just right for you. There’s not much else to say, because this training program is very similar to the main “TT for Abs” regimen, but with a focus on only the bodyweight exercises.


A Quick Fat Burning Workout You Can Do At Home

In the video below, Craig Ballantyne of TurbulenceTraining.com demonstrates a quick little workout to burn fat. You can do this at home – all you need are two dumbbells and you can do these three simple exercises:

The audio isn’t perfect, so in case you didn’t catch the numbers, here is the exact workout:

6 sets of Dumbbell swings (for 30 seconds) with 30-60 seconds Rest between sets.

6 sets of Burpees (for 30 seconds) with 30-60 seconds Rest between sets.

6 sets of Dumbbell squat and press (for 30 seconds) with 30-60 seconds Rest between sets.

You only need a couple dumbbells and some space to move around, and the entire workout only takes 18-27 minutes, but the high intensity means you’ll burn a lot of fat and build some muscle.

Just a Few Drawbacks

Being an ebook, there’s a bit of a hassle to this workout plan. To do the workout, you have to review the plan and figure out the exact workout with the exercises, supersets, trisets, and such. You can’t just pop in a DVD and follow along. If you read carefully, you can figure it all out, but just remember, you will have look things over and review the manual before jumping in.

It will also help to have these pieces of equipment available: yoga mat, stability ball, light dumbbells, standard weight bench, bicycle or exercise bike, pull-up bar, ab wheel, medicine ball, Smith machine or squat rack, aerobic step, and an incline bench.

You don’t absolutely need all of that equipment, but you definitely do need the stability ball (then you can do probably 95% of the exercises.) The other stuff comes in handy though if you want to do every single exercise listed in this book.

Special deal – Ends 7/23/08 at midnight. That’s tonight!

Craig has added THREE more 4-week programs to sweeten the deal and keep you burning fat for another 2-3 months. When you grab your copy before Wednesday, July 23rd at midnight, you’ll get:

“Hot Zone TT Fat Loss Workout”

…showing you how 4 simple exercises hit all the fat burning hot zones of the body and help you boost metabolism and burn more belly fat.

“Bikini Ready Abs”

…from America’s #1 Fat Loss expert for Moms, Holly Rigsby, giving you another “IN-HOME” fat burning abdominal workout you can do with minimal equipment.

“The Big 5 Fat Burning TT Circuit Workout”

…revealing one of the most popular and innovative fat burning workouts Craig has ever put together. If you love burning fat with circuits, you’ll love this simple 5 exercise solution to getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

But remember, these extra bonuses are only available as FREE GIFTS for a limited time. After the deadline they will be put back in the workout vault for Platinum TT members only.

So, if you want these bonuses for free, click over to www.TurbulenceTrainingForAbs.com right away.

My final verdict is…

Overall, this is a great collection of books. Turbulence Training has become a popular workout program for good reason – Craig Ballantyne knows his stuff, the workouts get results, and you don’t waste hours of your time doing stuff that doesn’t work.

The package is just $39.95, which is a bargain. That’s less than most 1-month gym memberships, and much less than it would cost for someone to put together a custom training program (which might not even work as well as this.)

For absolute beginners, you might want to consider getting someone experienced to check your form, and/or look into a DVD workout program. But TT for Abs is still something to check out!

In any case, there’s a 60 day guarantee. You don’t like the program, you can get your money back. Every single cent, since there is no dealing with shipping and handling charges.

Official website: www.TurbulenceTrainingForAbs.com

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