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Spending a Day on Nutrisystem – What Was I Thinking?!

Now that Thankgiving and Christmas are behind us, I can already sense diet season sneaking up around the corner. At least in part, this is thanks to Nutrisystem. It could be because I live in Pennsylvania where the company is based, but I always see their stuff

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A Powerlifter’s Diet Plan

Diet and nutrition aren’t popular topics in the powerlifting world. The thinking is usually along the lines of this: “Hey, this isn’t a figure competition, it’s a strength competition. So I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want.” If this is what you’re thinking, then you’re

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Hi, I'm Coach Levi. I'm a USA Cycling Certified Level 3 Coach as well as Level 1 Certified with Precision Nutrition. Want to feel better, ride faster, and look great? Let's work together!

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Coach Levi is my favorite child and favorite cycling coach. I'd choose him over Christoper McCarmikael even. Did I mention that Levi can coach you to a healthier lifestyle where you look and feel your best?
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