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Can Precision Nutrition and The Paleo Diet Work Together?

A while back, I did a comparison of two popular diet and nutrition plans – the Precision Nutrition system, popular with many athletes in various disciplines (cyclists, runners, cross-country ski racers, martial artists, football players, and more), and the Paleo Diet, extremely popular among CrossFitters, some ultra-endurance

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Tested: GuruNanda Pure Cow Ghee

Butter and coconut oil are hogging all the headlines these days, but there’s something else high in fat and high in flavor – ghee. To be fair, ghee is a type of butter. But it’s sometimes referred to as “gold in a bottle,” so I think that

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Tested: Caveman Cookies (North Pole Flavor Out Now!)

Virtually everyone loves cookies. And even if you don’t love cookies, you probably can’t resist eating them, because it’s so easy to grab one – no utensils, no mess, no will power. It wouldn’t be a great idea to eat cookies on a daily basis, but the

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Precision Nutrition vs The Paleo Diet

Unless you are blessed with genetics that let you eat fast food for every meal and still feel great, nutrition will play a vital role in your success in endurance sports. But you have to choose the right nutrition plan to fit your needs. Here I compare two popular choices…

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Tested: Steve’s Original Paleo Stix

One thing that annoys me with most beef jerky is that it contains crap ingredients, including sugar. Fortunately, for discerning consumers, there’s an option called Steve’s Original Grass-Fed Paleo Stix. Here is my review…

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Tested: Paleo Krunch Bar

What is the Paleo Krunch bar? It’s a grainless granola bar! That’s right, granola without grains. Here is my taste test and review of this bar…

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Tested: Steve’s Original Paleo Kit

When it comes to pre-packaged snacks, I like beef jerky, nuts, and dried fruits. Lo and behold, this concoction called the Steve’s Original Paleo Kit. Here is my taste test and review of this odd energy bar…

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