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gurunanda pure cow ghee

Butter and coconut oil are hogging all the headlines these days, but there’s something else high in fat and high in flavor – ghee. To be fair, ghee is a type of butter. But it’s sometimes referred to as “gold in a bottle,” so I think that merits some attention!

This past summer I started using GuruNanda Pure Cow Ghee, my first foray into the world of ghee.

What is ghee?

It’s a type of clarified butter which originated in India, so it’s commonly used in South Asian cuisine. So if that’s not your thing, you may not have even heard of this stuff.

From my understanding, ghee is simply cooked longer than other clarified butter. This gives it that golden color, creamy texture, and a nutty, toasted flavor.

Why ghee?

Quite a few reasons!

High smoke point (for high temp cooking.)

Ghee butter possesses a high smoke point so it’s ideal for sautés, stir fry recipes, and curry dishes where you’re cooking over high heat. Olive oil and coconut oil have rather low smoke points, so they are poor choices for these situations.

No refrigeration needed.

It’s very convenient to just keep it in the cupboard rather than in the refrigerator.

Vitamins and nutrients.

Ghee contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid.) It’s actually one of the highest natural sources of CLA. It’s also rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Great for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Since ghee is very very low in lactose and casein, it’s well tolerated by anyone who is lactose intolerant.

How about this GuruNanda ghee?

This ghee is organic, and it comes from grass-fed California cows.

That’s what you’re looking for with ghee – something that comes from grass-fed cows.

I would say that it tastes very much like butter, but different. It’s far more interesting and flavorful, but it still tastes enough like butter that I don’t like it. (I just don’t like butter very much.)

For example, when I cooked zucchini slices in it, it imparted too much buttery flavor on them for my liking.

If you enjoy the taste of butter, though, I imagine you’d like this ghee even more. Switching from butter to ghee could be similar to switching from rolled oats to steel cut oats!

gurunanda pure cow ghee

Aside from my personal dislike of the buttery flavor, the ghee was super awesome for cooking. First, because it contains less water than regular butter, you only need a tiny amount. And with the high smoke point, you don’t have to worry about it burning off. It’s perfect for me because I like to make fried potatoes, and I like to make them crispy. And I mean CRISPY! That takes time, and other oils burn off too quickly. (I still use a few Tbsp of ghee, but that’s still less than if I tried to use coconut oil.)

You can also make ghee tea, which is just as it sounds – tea with ghee in it.

It’s an excellent alternative to Bulletproof Coffee (butter + coffee,) and it’s been around far longer. Especially considering a kit to get started with the Bulletproof Coffee is nearly $50, ghee tea sounds like a neat option!

Brew up some Organic India Tulsi tea, blend in some ghee, and you have a wonderful, frothy beverage! The tea masks some of the ghee flavor, but not all of it.

It will set you back $9.99 for a 14 oz jar.

The popular Kerrygold grass-fed butter from Ireland is about $4.99 for an 8oz stick, so the price works out to be about the same.

My final verdict is…

Well, to the surprise of no one, I have determined that if you don’t like butter, you probably won’t enjoy ghee a whole lot.

But if you like butter, but would prefer the flavor to be more interesting, ghee might be your thing. It’s more flavorful, super convenient, and awesome for high-temperature cooking. I’m no expert on this matter, but this GuruNanda Pure Cow Ghee seems like it’s probably a good one.

Official website: www.GuruNanda.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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