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beverly lean out

In a desperate attempt to slim down for a big bike race in July (and get six pack abs in the process), I was actually willing to buy and use diet pills. Normally I wouldn’t give any sort of diet pill a second glance, but this was different… this was an all-natural fat loss pill designed for bodybuilders who need to lose that extra bit of fat to look their best for competition.

It’s called Lean Out, and it’s a “fat transport system” from Beverly International.

So it’s not actually a “diet pill” per say. It’s more of a supplement that will preserve your muscle tissue and help you burn more fat for energy. While that is ideal for bodybuilders who need to be super cut and lean, it also sounds pretty damn good for a cyclist trying to slim down.

Heck, anyone that’s trying to slim down probably wants to lose fat instead of muscle. In most cases, when you ramp up your training and restrict calories, your body will end up burning muscle tissue for fuel. Even if you have some extra belly fat, your muscle is fair game.

So after hearing about Lean Out, I knew it was just what I needed to lose body fat without sacrificing my hard-earned muscle. Best of all, it was priced at about $30 for a 30-day supply – you won’t find a deal like that on any ‘infomercial miracle diet pills.’

Lean Out – How it Works

Let’s face it. Losing weight is a simple formula. But losing fat, that’s extremely hard!

So… aside from genetics, you’ll need a healthy diet and intense exercise, plus some serious supplements, to really shed body fat (without losing muscle at the same time.)

Beverly’s Lean Out formula is a big help. It’s primarily composed of lipotropics, which have the ability to dissolve and metabolize fats. In essence, they emulsify stored fats and dump them into the blood stream to make them more available for your body to use as an energy source.

Lean Out also contains L-Carnitine, the amino acid that transports those newly available fatty acids to the mitochondria in your body. In biology, we always referred to the mitochondria as the “power house” of the cell because that’s where your energy comes from! They suck up fat and incinerate it, producing energy for you in the process.

All the while, this and other ingredients are protecting your lean muscle tissue. It almost sounds too good to be true!

There are a few other ingredients, too. I’ll let Beverly explain them directly:

L-Carnitine (600 mg): Maximizes the retention of muscle tissue while dieting. Essential to convert stored fat into energy.

Methionine (1000 mg): Speeds fat and cholesterol utilization, mobilizes fat from the liver to be released and used as energy.

Choline (1000 mg): A special emulsifying nutrient that helps to break down cholesterol and prevents it from sticking to artery walls with Inositol to utilize fats.

Inositol (1000 mg): Aids in fat transportation, metabolism, and redistribution of fat in the body.

Chromium Picolinate (200 mcg): Aids sugar metabolism, improves blood lipid profile, helps fat burning and muscle gains. Moderates insulin release and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

CoQ 10 (10 mg): Helps convert fats and sugar to energy in the cell, while protecting the heart.

Betaine HCl (100 mg) B-12 (100 mcg) and Biotin (450 mcg). Vital factors in converting fat to energy.

Lean Out also acts as an appetite suppressant, although I’m not sure which ingredient is responsible for that. I think it’s a combination of everything.

Lean Out – My Test

After testing out some intense weight lifting this past winter in the Susquehanna Experiment, I had a little more upper body muscle, so I wanted to drop some fat to make sure I was still light enough to climb well on my bike. (I had bulked up from 158 to about 167 lb, and I could definitely feel the extra weight on the climbs!)

I started taking Lean Out according to the instructions on the bottle, which was basically 4 pills per day – one with each meal and one before a workout. I was going with one after my three largest meals, and one before my hardest workout. So the bottle would last me 30 days.

At first, I wasn’t too sure how to adapt my diet. I always keep a fairly healthy diet, but I was doing some weight training and lots of cycling, so obviously I was still getting plenty of sugar and carbs while riding. Should I have been eating more protein and fat? Who knows.

But I was exercising quite a bit and eating fairly normally (which was a lot, but definitely not overeating.)

Well I did that for about 10 days. I went from 165 to 166 and was looking fatter than usual. What great diet pills… 🙁

So I reevaluated my approach and did more research, leading me to these instructions from Beverly International. I saw some people did 4 pills, then 8 pills, then 12 pills daily. (Double or triple what I was doing!)

So I decided to bump things up to 6-8 pills per day. When I did that, I definitely noticed the “appetite suppressant” starting to kick in. While 4 pills per day did nothing whatsoever to suppress my appetite, 6-8 made me avoid eating!

So I got through about five days with the 6-8 pills per day, plus my normal workouts, but with less food. Let’s say normally I’d have four meals per day plus snacks. I switched to two meals per day plus snacks. Finally, I was able to drop down to 164 and then 163.

It wasn’t all good though… the lack of food sapped ALL my energy. My second day at 163 I got on my bike… and rode about 10 minutes in my granny gear. Afterwards I just went home and passed out.

I was eating less, but what about all my fat? Why wasn’t I getting any energy from it? (It’s not like I was starving myself. My extra low calorie days were still probably 2500 calories!)

That was the big downfall. So I ended up making sure I ate enough, and I always ate strategically to fuel my workouts. I was still low on energy, but I made it through my Lean Out test. (Which ending up being approximately 25 days.)

Lean Out – Final Results

In the end, I did see some results from my Lean Out test. Below is the “before” picture from June 2 along with the “after” picture on July 2.

my body before and after using beverly lean out

If you look real close, you can see just a little bit more firmness and definition in my upper and lower abs in the “After” shot.

I went from 165 to 163, giving me a net loss of 2 lb. That’s not amazing, but there’s a good chance most of that 2 lb was body fat!

Although it gets interesting… I first went from 165 back to 167, and then down to 163. So that was a little odd. But crazier still, in the days following my Lean Out use, I went to 161 for a few days then 159 lb. A delayed reaction, perhaps? Or just the buildup of Lean Out still in my body?

Whatever it was, I did have positive results, and I think this Lean Out stuff is pretty cool! (Even if my weight crept back up to 162 the next day…)

Although I was able to cut from 166 to 161 in May before my triathlon, without any pills like these, I don’t think much of that lost weight was body fat. It was likely just water weight. And I gained it back shortly afterwards, anyway. So the Lean Out seems to be the way to go to lose fat.

Where to Buy Lean Out

I bought mine online at SupplementsToGo.com. I got two 120ct bottles for $45 + shipping, which ended up even cheaper than ordering through Amazon.com.

Even with the cheapest shipping option (USPS), they shipped my order within two hours and I got it in three days. (Ordered Wednesday, arrived Saturday.) I’m very happy with them.

Unfortunately, that site closed down since I first purchased this product. Now, Amazon.com is the place to watch for a deal.

My final verdict is…

Based on my overall experience, I would highly recommend this to all athletes or anyone trying to lose body fat (either to improve your health or to look good.) If you’re exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, you should see some results from this.

You’ll have to test it to see what works for you though. I gained weight at first, but then I figured out a better dose for me, and it started to work. Just make sure you’re eating enough – I still don’t think my fat stores were utilized for energy that well, since I almost bonked a few times. (I guess I’m just used to eating a lot!)

In the end, I dropped quite a bit of weight, starting at 165 in June and hitting 159 lb on July 3. I hadn’t been that light since last November!

Official website: www.BeverlyInternational.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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