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Ask Levi: I Can’t Mix My Own Post-Workout Shakes at College, What Should I Drink?

Today’s question is about how to mix up a nice post-workout protein shake at college, rather than in the comfort of your own home…

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Steel Cut Oats Buying Guide (Where to Buy Steel Cut Oats in Bulk)

Steel cut oats have risen in popularity the past few years, and today, you can find them in many stores at a wide variety of prices. Here are my suggestions for pricing and buying steel cut oats…

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17 High-Energy Replacements For Expensive Energy Gels

Energy gels are expensive – at least $0.99 each. And they’re really just sugar. For casual rides, I recommend looking at these energy gel alternatives…

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5 Places You Didn’t Expect to Find High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is everywhere these days. It’s in just about every processed food and drink, but it’s also on the evening news and the subject of many TV commercials!

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Ask Levi: Recovery Drink or Protein Shake for Post-Ride Recovery?

Today’s question is about choosing between a commercial recovery drink and a homemade protein shake for post-ride recovery…

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Ask Levi: Should I Mix NUUN Tablets with Hammer Gel in my Water Bottles?

Today’s question is about mixing Hammer Gel into water bottles with water or Nuun, and if that’s good for convenience, flavor, and electrolyte content…

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Ask Levi: How Do I Get The Energy I Need Without Caffeine?

Today’s question is about getting the energy you need to work a full time job and still have a life, but doing so without caffeine…

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Endurance Eating: Why You Should Splurge Once Per Week

You know the general rule about doing one long ride (3-6 hours) per week to maintain endurance? Well, what about an endurance eating day where you eat tons of food? Here’s the idea…

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Understanding the “Drink Before You’re Thirsty” Rule

If you’ve been involved in endurance sports for more than a day, you’ve probably heard the old “drink before you’re thirsty” rule. This saying has been around longer than I can remember, and it’s still common. But that saying can get you in trouble…

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Ask Levi: Nutrition for Longer Road Rides?

Today’s question concerns nutrition requirements for longer road rides, including hydration and any ideas to prevent cramping…

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Ask Levi: What Should I Eat Healthy Daily?

What are some healthy meal ideas to eat on a daily basis to stay fit and trim? There are so many good foods out there I can’t list them all, but I will give you an idea of something I might eat on a typical day…

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17 Delicious Yet Healthy Ways To Flavor Your Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great breakfast for endurance athletes – you get healthy carbohydrates, and it keeps you feeling full. Here are delicious ways to sweeten and flavor your oatmeal…

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Quick Comparison: Top 10 Energy Gels

While most energy gels are practically the same thing, there are subtle differences with each one. Here is a quick comparison chart that shows nutrition facts from the top ten most popular energy gels…

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Ask Levi: Should I Take Cytosport Fast Twitch with Caffeine?

Taking in caffeine before or during exercise, why or why not. Also, a look at the 200mg of caffeine in Cytosport Fast Twitch sports drink…

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Ask Levi: Can I Eat Before Exercise?

Should you eat a snack before exercise so you don’t get light-headed? Despite the conflicting advice out there, I recommend eating a snack before and sometimes during exercise…

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