Today’s question is about Sqwincher, an electrolyte beverage used in the workplace…

Could Sqwincher replace sports drinks?

Levi, At work we are given Sqwincher to drink to replace electrolytes. How does this compare to sport drinks and would it be a suitable replacement. They have a web site at

Finch Sqwinch

Hi Finch,

I’ve heard of Sqwincher – I have an uncle who got started drinking it for the same reason you did.

According to the website, “Sqwincher is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing productivity.”

That statement may be true, but it seems a little overblown. Coffee probably increases productivity just as much, if not more!

Unless everyone is dehydrated from working in the heat all day – either out in the hot sun or in a hot factory or warehouse – plain water and whole food is going to be fine.

If you are working in a demanding environment, though, Sqwincher probably helps out. I know I’d be more productive, even if it was just from the cold refreshment of the drink.

Anyway, Sqwincher looks like a simple electrolyte drink. It would be most similar to Nuun.

Sqwincher vs Gatorade

Compared to a typical sports drink, there will be two main differences. The first, Sqwincher won’t have the sugar content. Second, it contains 50% less sodium but 50% more potassium than typical sports drinks.

It’s nothing special. It’s just an electrolyte beverage with a certain marketing angle aimed at the workplace.

Would it make a suitable replacement to sports drinks? Not really.

Because if you need to replace electrolytes from sweating, you’ll need lots of salt. You wouldn’t want to purchase something low in salt!

And if you need to replace electrolytes and sugar, stick with a true sports drink.

Is Sqwincher good for you?

If you need electrolytes, yes.

It’s not bad for you. It’s not filled with sugar like many sodas, sports drinks, and most flavored beverages.

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  1. We have had Sqwincher here too. I don’t see anything special about it but I will take a few sips of it after my lunch hour rides since it’s there for the taking.

  2. how many of these should you drink a day If you are working in 100 degree temp

    • @Johnny

      It depends how much you sweat, but a general rule of thumb we use in cycling is to drink one bottle per hour.

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