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The Top 10 Healthiest Pizza Toppings

Pizza could very well be the country’s favorite food, but believe it or not, it can be one of the healthiest foods out there. Your typical Meat Lovers Pizza from Pizza Hut isn’t what I’m talking about, though. While you might not find something like this in your typical pizza joint, a whole-wheat crust with a little cheese and a lot of veggies is great for your health.

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Tested: CLIF Organic Energy Food

Clif Bar keeps expanding into new product lines. Though not what I was expecting, it was only a matter of time before we had CLIF Organic Energy Food. It’s food, in a pouch. Other sports nutrition companies have already offered energy smoothies akin to baby food. But

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Cooking with Coach Levi: How to Make Your Own Low Cal Pita Pizza

Want fresh, hot, delicious pizza that looks just like that, in under 10 minutes? Today I’ll show you how to create your own homemade pita pizzas. After just five minutes of preparation and five minutes cook time, you’ll be enjoying the crisp crust and hot, melting cheese!

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Tested: Vitalicious VitaPizza

Though I generally avoid diet foods, I do like to find healthier versions of stuff I like – frozen pizza, for example. I found this one called VitaPizza that claims to be a nutrient-rich, low-calorie, single-serving frozen pizza. It comes from Vitalicious, a company known for diet/health

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Long Term Test: Pizza Hut’s “Pizza Mia”

Apparently I have weird tastes, because I really like the Pizza Hut Pizza Mia pizza. Here is my follow-up taste test and review with more pictures of the Pizza Mia…

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Tested: Pizza Hut Pizza Mia Pizza

I love pizza, so anytime I can get three mediums for just $5 each, I get excited. I was kind of excited for the Domino’s 5-5-5 deal just because it’s fairly cheap, but the Pizza Hut Pizza Mia deal really had me excited. (Although not quite as

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