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pizza mia with pineapple

Whenever Pizza Hut first launched the Pizza Mia, I thought it was a great idea. It looked fairly healthy, pretty tasty, and cheap.

At $5 per pizza, that’s comparable to the cost of a frozen pizza, and you have to cook those yourself! So I got a few and had a great time doing a Pizza Mia taste test.

But despite my friends, family, and I all enjoying the Pizza Mia, nearly every other review of this pizza was negative. No one else on the Interwebs liked it!

I didn’t understand it at first, but I think I may have it partly figured out. See, one commentator on my first Pizza Mia review claimed that my picture was not actually a Pizza Mia. Once I finished laughing at the thought of not knowing what pizza I was photographing, I got to thinking….

Maybe other Pizza Hut restaurants don’t prepare the pizza properly?

That’s entirely possible. A lot of the pizza’s quality depends on who prepares it. I’ve seen various pizza place employees that either don’t know or don’t care about what they’re doing.

But I have friends that work in Pizza Hut, and every time a new pizza comes out, all the employees get together for a special meeting where they learn how to prepare the new pizza properly. So around here, I get delicious Pizza Mias!

That’s why I ordered some more the other day. And I took more pictures to showcase the beauty:

Pizza Mia with onions:

pizza mia with onion

Pizza Mia with broccoli:

pizza mia with broccoli

Pizza Mia with pineapple:

pizza mia with pineapple

I don’t know about you, but I think those look fine for $5 each.

If you aren’t getting pizzas that look like that, you’re missing out. Maybe you should call the Pizza Hut corporate headquarters and complain.

(Although some people just don’t like the crust or the sauce or the low amount of cheese. In that case you probably want to stick with a regular Pizza Hut pan pizza.)

Pizza Mia tip:

Order cheap toppings. I love the onions from Pizza Hut, and onions are cheap, so that’s my favorite choice. Pineapple is a pretty good choice, too.

Broccoli, on the other hand, is pretty expensive. As you can see, the broccoli pizza is pretty sparse with the topping. (Broccoli is a healthy pizza topping though.)

My final verdict is…

Whatever the case is, I still like the Pizza Mia, and I would recommend it for enjoyment on special occasions, like Super Bowl Sunday. It’s my favorite $5 pizza. Better than frozen pizzas, and better than Little Ceasar’s Hot N Ready.

Of course, it has been discontinued now, so it doesn’t matter either way!

Official Website: www.PizzaHut.com

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