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pizza mia

I love pizza, so anytime I can get three mediums for just $5 each, I get excited. I was kind of excited for the Domino’s 5-5-5 deal just because it’s fairly cheap, but the Pizza Hut Pizza Mia deal really had me excited. (Although not quite as excited as I was when a local pizza place for doing 3 large pizzas for $5 each!)

Pizza Hut’s commercials claimed “sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes” and “whole milk mozzarella cheese with a hint of cheddar.” What really stands out in my mind though is that the Pizza Mias looked really good!

(Plus when you consider that most fruits/vegetables are picked before they ripen so that they don’t bruise during shipping, the promise of “vine-ripened tomatoes” really is something special.)

It just looked so good I had to have it. So I ordered some…

And then I got a brilliant idea – I would write about it on my website! So at the last minute, before getting the pizza, I looked it up on the internet to see if anyone else was writing about it.

I was a bit surprised to see conflicting reviews online already. Turns out the Pizza Mia has been out for a while, and despite the heralded sauce and mozzarella, some people say they are terrible pizzas!

What did I think?

I thought it was some of the best cheap pizza I’ve ever had. Really. The first thing I noticed was the amazing aroma, which I later learned was due to the robust sauce and soft cheese packed with flavor. The sauce tasted like a real tomato sauce and it had a nice oregano flavor.

The crust is nice and chewy; it’s definitely not a thin crust but it’s not as thick as their pan pizza. The best part? No grease! At all! It was nice and dry and crispy on the outside but still soft and chewy inside. (Normally I avoid Pizza Hut because the pan pizza is dripping with grease…)

The Pizza Mia is not loaded with mounds of cheese, either, so it’s healthier all around. I actually like my pizza with less cheese so this was great. It’s probably best enjoyed without any toppings, although I enjoyed one with onions, which added to the spicy flavor (and by spicy I mean ‘spices’ like oregano, not ‘spicy’ like hot buffalo wings.)

[Note: Some other website reviews said the pizza sucks and the crust is like cardboard. Their local Pizza Hut staff must be sub-par, because my pizza was put together nicely.]

My final verdict is…

If you like a good, authentic pizza, the Pizza Mia is awesome. It’s more like something from a ‘mom and pop’ pizzeria than a national chain. It also appears much healthier than a typical pan pizza, so I’d recommend it for anyone who would rather not have their arteries clogged from one meal.

If you want a thick greasy crust loaded with cheese and other toppings, though, this isn’t for you.

Don’t get me wrong, the best pizza still comes straight out of Italy, but this was great for a national chain restaurant. And let’s face it, can you afford to fly to Italy every so often just to get a slice of pizza?

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Reviewed by: Coach Levi
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Date last updated: 2008-02-13
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  1. Thanks for the review! I was looking online to see if there were any good reviews before ordering. I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Hope you enjoy it Jamy! I liked mine despite the negative reviews I found online 🙂

  3. i ordered 3 (tomato, olives and mushroom) and all 3 were really bad. The ordering clerk really warned me…i was anyways planning to eat it once! I would not recommend it to anyone…if some one really needs it …order only one and then go from there…..glad to see you got the right one

  4. Absolutley worst pizza I have ever had. Pizza hut should be ashamed at themselves. I can’t beleive they put their name on it.

  5. absolutely the worst pizza I we have ever had. do not waste your money on this crap as it is disgusting. my stomach is still bubbling 4 hours later.

  6. I finally tried these and they are disgusting! Had 1 pepperoni, 1 sausage and 1 olive pizza Mia. The lack of cheese was appalling; these were worse than Little Caesars.

  7. I normally don’t like pizza, but I loved this! I’m getting ready to order more. I loved the slightly sweet tomato sauce.

  8. I am surprised. I just ordered it and it tastes very good! The sauce tastes different, but there’s nothing I can complain about, really

  9. I think the people who like the Mias are people who either don’t normally like pizza or who normally really dislike pizza hut pizzas (like my husband).

    However, if you actually DO like pizza hut pizza, you will NOT like the mia.

  10. @Docgirl

    I think you make a good point, and that probably applies to a lot of people. (Good thinking!)

    I do really like Pizza Hut’s pan pizzas though. If it wasn’t so greasy, I’d eat it all the time! But I still like the Mia a little bit more, and the lack of grease is a great bonus.

  11. I was so disappointed in the Pizza Mia product. For a chain, Pizza Hut is usually pretty OK. The Mia pizzas are a budget pizza, and that is something the employees at Pizza Hut are supposed to tell you when you order them.

    The crust is tough and oddly sweet. The sauce may use tomatoes, but it has a whole heck of a lot of water and thickener. In the mouth, it feels more like a gelatinous gravy. The cheese and other toppings are fine, but VERY slight. That leaves it to the crust and the sauce to shine, and they just don’t.

    If all you can afford is the $5 Pizza Mia, just pass and put your $15 for the three pies in a savings jar. Or, buy s few Tombstone Pizzas. At least they use honestly good ingredients for the price.

  12. Why exactly do they make you buy three pizzas at once to get the special pricing in Canada?

    AND the PH website is incredibly deceiving I went to read up on the new Pizza Mia and it basically gives you no information on this new offering, not even the size of the pizza.

    Much better to cook your own pizza at home and basically pocket the cost difference.

  13. garbage

  14. The Pizza Mia is like those cafeteria pizzas that are served at schools. You ate it because it was the only thing to eat, but don’t waste your money on Pizza Mia. Here in Miami, two of the three pizzas I ordered were missing most of the cheese. I called, and they didn’t understand what I was saying (prodominate spanish here). I called the head quaters, 3 to 4 times and never received a response. So on the 5th response, I basically told them that I will never give them my business again.

  15. By the way, the pizza in that image is not a pizza mia pizza. The pizza crust is crap, and is far from hand tossed like Papa Johns is, comes out of a package.

    By the way enter “FREEPIZZA” in the promo bar on papajohns.com and you can go BOGO on any pizzas of your choosing.

  16. @The responder

    That picture most definitely IS a Pizza Mia. If that isn’t what you are getting, then your local Pizza Hut is doing something wrong!

  17. I had ordered 5 Pizza Mias from Pizza Hut yesterday night (olive, onion, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom), with 4 of my friends. We all though it was going to be Pizza Hut quality, but it was far from it. The first signs of failure was the fact that the box itself had spelling errors (French/English box, there was an extra e in a word). I tried slices of all, and I must say that this is one of the worst pizzas I’ve ever had. We all felt sick after. Maybe it’s that one franchise, but I’m looking at what everyone else is saying and I guess not.

    Yeah, the crust is crap too.

  18. Hey, I agree w/u 100% We just tried this pizza the other day and then again today.. It’s SO good!! I like it way better then their Orig. pan pizza, which has all the oil & everything.. The sauce is way better too, and don’t get me started on the new cheese mixture! haha. SO good!! Def. a Keeper!!! 😀

  19. @Elizabeth B

    Yes! I had a Pizza Hut pan pizza last weekend (a final treat before my strict racing season diet begins,) and I liked it as much as ever, but I realized I like the Pizza Mia even better! It is now my favorite of the lineup. 😀

  20. We just got done “trying” to eat our 3 Pizza Mias from Pizza Hut…we are fans of Pizza Hut BUT after “eating” these terrible cardboard like circles with stuff on them, well I think we may have to rethink Pizza Hut. We were NOT told that these are “economy” pizzas and if they think they are competing with Dominos 5-5-5….then Pizza Hut is sadly wrong, we’ve had better pizza from the Frozen food departments at grocery stores.
    Very sad
    Very disappointed
    Very disguisted

  21. I am going with the author here. It’s my kind of pizza.

    The clerk on the phone, like all of them, are trained to warn you. It’s a “value pizza”. They claimed that many people call back saying it’s a shit pizza. I asked what they got for calling in and the rep said “Free pizza” so I said I wanted 3. And then I ate the first pizza, waited an hour and called back to falsely complain. I now have a $16 credit at pizza hut. I got 6 pizza’s for $16!

  22. @ryan

    LOL! I guess it’s a good thing so many people dislike this pizza. That gives us a good ‘bargaining point’ (so to speak) for getting a very good deal on them!

  23. Pizza Mia is HORRIBLE.. it was DISUCSSTING and VERY dissapointing…

  24. worst pizza ever. will never be returning to pizza hut again, what a bloody rip off

  25. I have tried Pizza Mia a few times and I keep forgetting the name of it each time since I have not ordered pizza in months. I really hate Pizza Mia, I just ordered it right now again over the phone not realizing that the $5 pizza is Pizza Mia until I googled it. I enjoy the traditional Pizza Hut pizza with the grease, sauce and cheese. Pizza Mia tastes sweet from the sauce. I have already wrote myself a note not to order it again. I would rather order one pizza for $16 that tastes good from Pizza Hut instead of getting more crappy pizzas for that price.

    If you like the original pizzas from pizza hut, you might not like Pizza Mia. Stay away from this one!

  26. Tried Pizza Mia for the first time last night.

    They tasted even worse than the cheap frozen pizzas you can find at the grocery store for under $1.00 each. This was the first time in years that I had tried Pizza Hut, and it was certainly the last time as well. We ended up throwing away almost the whole thing, it was so inedible.

  27. The person who wrote this review must have no Taste buds…
    Pizza Mia taste like sh*t.
    I have been eating real pizza all type.. all my life and pizza mia does not cut it…

  28. I ordered three pizza mia pizzas when they first came out, thinking I was getting a deal. A couple slices later, I was already tired of the sickeningly sweet taste from the sauce or whatever the heck it comes from. Determined to see my investment through, I convinced myself that maybe this pizza was the kind that tasted better the day after. I was wrong. But, being the stubborn person that I am, I eventually ate all three pizzas. Truly revolting stuff. That’s what I get for bein’ a cheapie!

  29. Oh, and the Pizza Rolls are disgusting as well.

  30. I’m amazed at the complaints here. It’s a $5 pizza! As a consumer, a person should be intelligent enough to understand that for $5 there is no way that you’ll get a pizza that is the quality of a $20 pizza. You get what you pay for! I think this pizza is perfectly priced! Is it my favorite pizza? probably not, but I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting either. I agree with what someone else wrote…if you like greasy, loaded with toppings, traditional Pizza Hut pizza, then this isn’t the pizza for you. But if you honesly thought you were going to get that for $5, then you’re crazy and have no reason to complain!

    I have had this pizza. It’s the pizza I get when my whole family wantes pizza and I don’t fee llike spending $45 to feed them all. I can get all 3 boys their own pizza for $5 ea and feel good about it. And they never complain about it.

    Shame on you all for assuming that you should get everything you want without paying for it. Be happy that there are companies out there that try to offer economical choices to us.

  31. @Melanie

    Thanks for chiming in! I completely agree!

  32. First off, I’m not a shill for the company. I’ve always been an on again off again type of Pizza Hut customer.

    Honestly, I don’t see the problem with this pizza. If anything, the crust tastes like it’s going for a Papa John’s vibe. It’s kind of sweet, sort of like the sauce (which I also had no trouble with). I got extra cheese, and it was fine. A little bit of grease, but not enough to worry about.

    I ordered one Pizza Mia, with extra cheese (because I heard they skimp) and pepperoni along with a large hand-tossed to compare it to (I know what the pan is like). Frankly, I liked the Pizza Mia better. I ate a slice of that, enjoyed it, then tried a bite out of the hand-tossed and put it down. Then I grabbed another Pizza Mia slice. 😛

    Is it cheap? Yes, but that doesn’t detract from it. I’ve had far worse from Dominoes and Little Caesar’s. I’m sure they add sugar to the sauce, and whatever else, but I don’t care. Frankly, I like my sauce a little sweeter. Seriously, I was expecting so much worse from all the reviews I’ve seen online.

    Maybe it depends on who’s making it, I don’t know. In any case, my location was solid. I’d definitely order this again. Well, maybe I should hold off on that statement till I see how it affects me tomorrow!

    I don’t know what people were expecting for $5.99 (or $5 each if you order 3, whatever) but it’s cheaper than a Digiorno and tastes better. Don’t know what else to say.

  33. I personally LOVE the pizza mias. I think most people that hate them are just too used to “shitty” pizza from places like dominos or frozen aisle.

  34. i loath it… it tasted like a piece of paper with some plastic vegetables….

  35. I really hated this pizza mia.

    As for being original, Italian style – I hate original, Italian style pizza too. Americans have vastly improved on that. Just because something is in the ‘original style’ doesn’t mean its good.

    The pizza mias I got were so thin that three of them stacked would have equaled the thickness of a regular pan pizza. Seriously, it was like eating sauce and cheese on a cracker! And the sweetness makes it awful.

    Lets face it, Americans (and MOST of the world’s) taste is towards a savoury, thicker pizza. Pizza Hut is a large chain. They shouldn’t be playing with their customers’ expectations. If you fancy yourself some sort of gourmand, then fine, there’s lots of ‘authentic’ small shops you can go to. But there shouldn’t be this thin, sweet crap in the large chains.

  36. There are 2 critical points for me on the Pizza Mia:
    1) If you like “sweet” tasting pizzas, generally speaking you will like the Mia (and vice versa, dislike it if you don’t). I dont care at all for sweet pizza taste (thus why I dislike Papa John’s with a passion and did not enjoy the Mia).
    2) Unlike some bargain/economy buys, where the value seems to be there and you do actually feel as if you got a good “deal”, the Pizza Mia fails miserably…the ones I’ve sampled skimped so noticeably on toppings that I nearly demanded a refund before even tasting.

    Little Caesars has hot n’ ready $5 *large* ‘zas where I live, and depsite what some people say, I enjoy LC’s pizzas immensely and will stick with those. They are a fabulous value.

    I would *not* recommend the Pizza Mia to anyone
    except “sweet” pizza afficianados.

  37. I tried to order the Pizza Mia on several occasions, but they told me that they were out of them at the moment. I really don’t understand how they would be out of them. What are they, premade frozen pizzas? Does anyone know if that’s the case?

  38. After acquiring a taste for pizza from growing up in NY from my favorite local Sicilian pizzeria, I find the real deal from Italy to not be so satisfying. I tried their Margherita style, which is topped with tomatoes and other bits of what I think was sausage. They had a spice rub in olive oil in a glass container on the table which I opted not to use and they actually cooked it in a wood burning stove in their wall where you could watch it being made. They serve it whole, unsliced. I believe it’s my fault for digging right in and burning my tongue… I think that ruined the experience for me.

    I never had Pizza Mia, but I know from experience that Pizza Huts around the world taste very different. Ones in NY are great, so are ones in Florida, but one in NJ had by far the worst pizza I ever had. Worse than the CiCis I had in FL and TX (though I blame myself for that for trying all the different types… I can’t stomach a majority of sweet things that I don’t expect to be sweet).

  39. 3 medium (12″)pies for 15$….

    If you worry about quality and price wouldn’t you be better served with purchasing a large 16″ pie for 12 dollars from an independent and getting fresh made dough and fresh tomato sauce?

    I know I can feed my family of 4 just as well with a 16″ pie which tastes better and I will save 3 bucks.

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