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How to Build Muscles & Get Strong: A Guide to Strength Training for Cyclists

Let’s discuss strength training (including weight training) for cyclists. Table of ContentsAsk Levi: How Can A Wimpy Cyclist Get Strong?How do I start strength training?Bodyweight TrainingLose Some Fat and Really Show Off Those Abs!Ask Levi: How Can I Build Up My Leg Muscles?Cycling and Weight Lifting Produce

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Ask Levi: I’m Looking for a Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500 – Which One Is Best?

With gas prices on the rise and everyone wanting to get in shape and lose weight, bicycling has seen a rise in popularity. With that, I’ve been getting more questions relating to “buying my first bicycle.” Here are a couple questions relating to getting a woman’s bicycle…

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Ask Levi: Should I Wear a Weight Vest to Make Bike Riding Workouts Harder?

Weight vests are a common sight at many gyms, especially Crossfit gyms, and even on the track, stairs, grassy hills, and basketball courts. They’re great for certain workouts and improving in certain sports. The idea to wear a weight vest while cycling, though, is much less common.

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