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The Top 5 Must-Have Supplements for Endurance Athletes

While I don’t like to see supplements used to make up for a bad diet, I know there are many situations that call for supplementation. The life of an endurance athlete just happens to be one of them! With the beatings we put on our bodies, and

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5 Tips For Riding a Mountain Bike In a Road Race

A lot of small, local road races include a mountain bike category. This is nice because a lot of recreational riders do not own road bikes, but still want to be able to compete in their hometown race. Here are tips to make the most of your slower bike…

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Tested: Waxman SuperSliders (Valslides Alternative)

I hate stupid fad fitness products sold on infomercials, but I love innovative equipment you can actually use. I also love homemade solutions to expensive equipment! That’s how I found these Waxman SuperSliders furniture sliders…

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Why The Bosu Ball Gets a Bad Rap (Despite Being Quite Useful)

Never seen a Bosu ball? Imagine taking a Swiss ball, cutting it in half, and mounting a platform on the cut side. It’s an interesting device, sort of like a wobble board. But is it useful?

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Sitting At Work Increases Your Chance Of Dying – Are Cyclists In Trouble?!

Normally I ignore studies that make it into the mainstream media. They usually don’t amount to anything more than “if you eat junk food all day and don’t exercise, you are more likely to gain weight and suffer health complications.” But I was looking at some research

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7 Parking Lot Bike Handling Drills

Bike handling is very important. Better bike handling means less chance of crashing. And therefore, more chance of winning races! Here’s how to practice your bike handling in an empty parking lot…

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5 Easy Ways to Wreck When Riding a Paceline

Most riders choose to ride in a paceline to share the work and achieve a faster overall speed. But it seems some sadistic riders only enter pacelines because they enjoy a good crash that leaves all their skin on the pavement…

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The #1 Reason Behind Cramps That Everyone Ignores

Almost every single time someone asks about cramping, the answer I see is “stay hydrated and get more electrolytes.” Even if someone mentions they are already taking electrolyte supplements like Endurolytes, the answer is, “you probably need more electrolytes.” Here is the real deal on cramping…

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Tested: Precision Nutrition

Ever wonder about the best diet ideas? Yeah, we all do. There are very few endurance athletes out there that aren’t infatuated with nutrition and all the choices over proper food and drink intake. Here is the book for you…

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Proper Hydration Techniques for Endurance Sports (Understanding the “Drink Before You’re Thirsty” Rule)

The most important aspect to sports nutrition would have to be proper hydration. Poor food choices can get you in trouble, but inadequate hydration can get you killed!

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Why A Geared Bike Makes For Better Training Than a Fixed Gear

Every time I talk about using fixed gear track bikes for training purposes (and why it’s pointless,) I am met with more and more arguments why you should use a fixed gear for training. So let’s tackle some more debate on geared bikes vs fixed gear bikes…

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How to Fix a Dropped Chain – Without Stopping!

If you drop the chain onto the bottom bracket shell or off the big ring, or maybe you get chainsuck, here is how to take care of it. You can even get the chain back onto the chainring without stopping…

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The 10 Sneakiest Tricks Most Food Manufacturers Play On Us (And How to Outsmart Them!)

It is not easy to be a food producer these days. Consumers know they want healthy ingredients, but those are expensive. So instead of giving in, the manufacturers play tricks on us, making us think we are getting healthy food. Here is how to spot these dubious tricks…

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11 Ways To Get Electrolytes Besides Gatorade

A common belief amongst endurance athletes is that we must constantly replenish our electrolyte stores while riding. If we run low on electrolytes, we might face problems such as cramping and hyponatremia. So check out these pills and tablets…

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Save Your Nipples! 3 Tricks to Prevent Chafing

If you experience nipple chafing or irritation while running, get something to put over your nipples, and that should solve the problem. Here are three ideas…

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