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Tested: NuGo Stronger Protein Bar

I’m always open to trying a new protein bar, because every so often, someone actually makes a good one! This past week I got to sample the NuGO Stronger Protein Bar, a new option from the folks at NuGo Nutrition. They call it the “ultimate combination of

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Tested: Designer Whey Protein Bar

Designer Whey has been a popular protein powder for many years. Growing up, it was one of those big brands that everyone talked about and paid a premium for. But once I would have been able to afford it, I noticed it contained acesulfame potassium (an artificial

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Tested: Clif Builder’s Protein Bar

Not being one to regularly eat protein bars, I never gave the Clif Builder’s Protein Bar a second glance until a reader wrote in asking for my opinion of it. Somehow Clif Bar read my mind, because not long after, they sent me a couple of these protein bars to sample!

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Tested: Kashi GO LEAN High Protein & Fiber Bar

Kashi’s GO LEAN line of products seems to be never-ending. The latest addition to my Kashi shelf has been this Kashi Chewy Bar, also labeled a High Protein & Fiber Bar. I like my protein and fiber, although that’s not really why I was excited about this bar; it was the cookies ‘n cream flavor that did it for me! Hopefully it tastes as good as Oreos!

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Cooking with Coach Levi: Maple Walnut Protein Bar Recipe

Are you fed up with paying $2 or more for a protein bar? I sure am, which is why I’ve been making my own energy bars and protein bars for the past five or six years. Here’s my favorite recipe for maple walnut protein bars.

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Tested: Detour Energy Bars

There’s no shortage of energy bars these days, but with the way some of them taste, I always welcome new varieties. So I was happy to give a warm welcome to the big sample pack of Detour energy bars I got a couple weeks ago. (Because 1,

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