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Whenever I see a packet of gel, my brain is trained to categorize it as carbs. (Years of pounding down GUs and Power Gels will do that to ya!)

So it was a little weird to see these new Frog Fuel Power Protein packets, which look just like an energy gel, except they are 100% protein! Yep, that means 0% sugar!

This is a godsend for anyone that’s sick of so-called “protein bars” that contain more carbs than protein!

Who came up with this idea? Oh, just a couple Navy Seals!!

I think that’s awesome, but just like a celebrity endorsement, it doesn’t mean the product is any good. So let’s focus on the product and see what it’s all about. Here’s my Frog Fuel review.

What’s In It? Frogs?

No frogs. Instead, Frog Fuel’s proprietary blend is based on Nano-Hydrolyzed Collagen protein. This comes from grass-fed cows and is then fortified with amino acids to become a complete protein.

(Most other collagen peptides and hydrolyzed collagen supplements lack these amino acids.)

You can think of it as pre-digested, pure collagen protein enhanced with essential amino acids and added taurine. The “pre-digested” part sounds a bit disgusting – I keep thinking “regurgitated” – but it simply means the protein is mixed with fruit enzymes so it’s already broken down when it enters your body.

The point of all that is to allow the protein to be absorbed as rapidly as possible. I don’t know of anything else to compare this to, or how to verify if it makes a difference, but it seems like a good idea! Look at carbohydrates for example – during and immediately after exercise, you want to consume the simplest carbs possible so you can absorb and use them as quickly as possible. The same is true with protein, which is why pure BCAA supplements are so popular.

Collagen supports joints and connective tissue, too. So you won’t just preserve muscle mass, you may preserve joint health and help avoid overuse injuries.

There’s also an “Energized” version which contains 80mg caffeine from green coffee beans, in case you need your protein and caffeine simultaneously.

The only downside is the very last ingredient – sucralose. I’m not a huge fan of “0% sugar” products when all they do is replace the sugar with an artificial sweetener. But, if you’re looking for something high in protein and low in sugar, you almost always encounter sucralose.

Frog Fuel is gluten-free, lactose-free, uses only natural flavors, and contains no banned substances.

How to Use A Liquid Protein Shot

To consume the protein, just tear open the packet and squeeze. If you’ve ever had a GU, you know the drill.

There is no preparation required! I love my Blender Bottle, but in this case, I don’t mind leaving it in the cupboard.

However, it was kind of a pain to squeeze every last bit of liquid from the packet. This surprised me since it’s rather thin. So it’s either extra sticky or perhaps the outside of the packets are slick so my fingers don’t grip it that well.

Frog Fuel Taste Test

I thought it tasted a lot like a 5 Hour Energy. They both share the same berry flavor and a slight bitterness. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty strong, and not something I’d eat just for pleasure. I can’t say I enjoy it, but I don’t dislike it.

That was at room temperature. I also had one that had been chilled in the fridge. Wow, the temperature drop really changed the experience! The taste was the same, but the fridge really brought out the flavor and made it much, much stronger! (Since I really didn’t care for the taste initially, this did not make it better!)

Realistically speaking, though, you can’t make 15g of pure protein taste better than this. If you’ve ever mixed unflavored hydrolyzed protein powder or pure BCAA powder in water, you know how nasty it can be! So I have to give Frog Fuel good marks in the taste department.

As for the texture, I want to say it’s a liquid, not a gel. Kind of like an energy shot in a thin foil packet rather than the customary plastic container. It’s not like the energy gels I’m used to (it’s too thin).

My Testing and Results

I tried three packets in the following situations:

I had packet #1 after a 90 minute run, on hilly terrain, during which I consumed 0 calories.

Enhanced recovery? Maybe, maybe not.

A quick way to get protein? Definitely!

Packet #2 was right before a 60 minute bodybuilding workout.

Extra energy? Maybe, maybe not.

Quicker than blending a protein shake from powder? No doubt about it.

Packet #3 was during the middle of a leg workout in the gym (squats, deadlifts, and lunges.) It didn’t cause any gastrointestinal distress, but otherwise, I can’t draw any conclusions.

Obviously I can’t say I’ve seen any results with muscle gain or anything like that. Having only a few packets, this was definitely not an extensive test. However, I made a few key findings:

This won’t fill you up or affect your appetite. That’s great if you’re trying to build muscle or refuel from an exhausting workout and having trouble ingesting enough calories.

It’s the quickest way to get protein that I know of. Tearing open and squeezing the packet is much quicker than mixing up your own shake or swallowing BCAA pills.

It is easily transportable. There’s no refrigeration required. Normal protein shakes, with milk, can’t sit around. And if it’s protein plus water, it still tastes like crap if it’s warm. On top of that, the packets are very small and won’t leak.

New! Frog Fuel Ultra

Frog Fuel Ultra is a “liquid super fuel shot” that you could consider to be a pre-workout supplement. (Whereas the original Frog Fuel Power Protein is for during and after workouts.)

This formula contains carbs, protein, and amino acids. It appears to be a more intriguing option for endurance athletes – test coming soon!

My final verdict is…

These Frog Fuel packets are a simple, convenient way to ingest 15 grams of pure, high-quality protein. I don’t see myself truly needing them (rarely do endurance athletes need to avoid carbs altogether), but if you’re sick of mixing up your own protein shakes, these could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Just be ready to pay for it – at $48 for a 24-pack, its $2 per serving.

Official website: www.FrogFuel.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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Product: Frog Fuel
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
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Date last updated: 2013-06-29
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  1. I think its awesome stuff i get mine on Amazon

    • Go right to their website to order. Get it in 2 days and it is fresh

  2. hi.
    My 35-year-old . my height and my weight 178, 86 and my body fat percentage is 29.5
    I exercise three days a week that includes aerobic exercise and fitness are
    Fuel Frog Can I use supplements?
    Which model do you recommend it?

    • @Arash

      The choice is yours! It really depends on your goals and personal preferences.

      If you’re exercising three days per week, that gives you some rest between workouts, and your daily protein consumption from regular meals could be sufficient. I’m not advising against Frog Fuel, but consider revising your real food intake before turning to supplements.

    • Call the guys at Frog fuel. Not sure if you know but they are very knowledgeable and will not sell you anything you do not need

  3. Can it help before a game?

    • @Cheryl

      It probably wouldn’t hurt. But… I don’t know how much it would help – it depends on the game as well as your overall nutrition strategy.

  4. I’m assuming that this can not be used for an event like an Ironman 140.6 since our bodies require glycogen (muscles) as well as BCAA’s. Your thoughts?

    • @Kathy

      I think you’re right on the money. I wouldn’t use this (nor any other protein supplement) as a primary fuel source for a long endurance event.

      For an Ironman, if you’re looking for convenient fuel, I’d look at something more like GU Roctane.

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