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blenderbottle on counter top

When I first started taking whey protein, I used the cup and spoon (stirring) method. Not fun!

Then I heard of shaker cups, so I went to the plastic ware aisle at Walmart and found a 16oz cup with a lid. Tried that, but it sucked – it was too small, and just shaking it didn’t do a whole heck of a lot.

Eventually, I found a generic shaker bottle in the nutrition aisle at Walmart for $3 (beside the whey protein, energy bars, etc. in the pharmacy.) I had avoided this aisle because it’s full of diet pills and other junk, but this shaker bottle wasn’t bad. It had a plastic grater on top, then a dome lid. The plastic grater insert helped break up chunks of whey protein.

But still, it wasn’t great. And the logo printed on the side rubbed off on my hand, leaving a black sticky mess. So I had to use Goo Gone to get rid of it.

Luckily I found the BlenderBottle while shopping online. This thing is sick!

The plastic is thick and strong, on both the body and the lid. You’re not going to bend it around like flimsy cups.

Want to measure what you’re drinking? There are ounce and millimeter markings on the side.

The lid is very nice – it screws on easily and securely. The cap stays secure too – once you press it down, it takes firm pressure to open it.

The best part of the lid though is how the cap is hinged. Unlike cheaper cups with a thin, bent plastic piece that requires you to bend it back away from your face during drinking, this Blender Bottle offers smooth one hand operation. The cap is either open or closed. There is no flopping around.

The BlenderBall insert, which is in charge of mixing up the protein powder, is just like a wire whisk.

What’s the price for all these features? Around $4.50, give or take a few cents. (The piece of junk from Walmart was about $2.98.)

Let’s see how it works…

BlenderBottle Mixing Ability

blenderball wisk

Mixing is very easy. You just dump your ingredients into the bottle, leaving the BlenderBall sitting in there. Then screw on the lid and shake.

I think it takes a bit more shaking than my “cheese grater top” shaker cup did, but it does the job. Shake it enough and there will be no whey protein chunks floating around.

And whey protein powder is one of the hardest things to mix up and dissolve, so I’m sure the BlenderBottle would easily mix just about anything else you throw in there.

I should also point out that while you’re mixing, the BlenderBottle is absolutely leak-free. I shook it with all my might, no finger over the cap, and it didn’t even think about leaking.

Drinking from the BlenderBottle

blenderbottle cap

As I mentioned before, the top is super easy to use, whether screwing it down or popping the cap to drink.

I adore the “stay open top” that doesn’t interfere with drinking. Other shaker cups have a flexible cap that you have to hold out of the way when drinking. This one is solid and jointed so it is either solidly shut or solidly open.

There are comfortable gripper sides so it won’t slip out of your hand, and the cloudy part of the plastic is not rough, but it’s not slippery, either. It’s just right. Also, the logo is printed on there nicely and doesn’t rub off onto your hand.

It looks like it would fit nicely in any car’s cup holder, so if you are drinking your protein shake on the way to work or on the way home from the gym, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Cleaning the BlenderBottle

Is the BlenderBottle and BlenderBall wisk easier to clean than my plastic grater top one? (That one is annoying because the protein clumps in the grater, and the stupid internal ridges hurt my hand during washing.)

Yes, the Blender Bottle is way easier to clean! There are no sharp edges to hurt my hands, and nothing sticks to the metal wisk!!

Note about those internal ridges on some shaker cups: they jag into your hands when you’re washing the cup, and you don’t realize it’s going to happen until after you bought the cup! If you’ve ever had to clean one of those, you’ll really appreciate the little design aspects on the BlenderBottle.

BlenderBottle Complaints

The only small complaint I have is that the wire wisk is loud when it hits off the plastic sides. It’s not too loud when shaking a full bottle, but as you drink, it “clinks” and “clanks” as it rolls up and down. It’s not a problem for me at home, but if you carry this bottle around the gym, your cubicle, college classroom, or whatever, the noise is noticeable.

My final verdict is…

The BlenderBottle is the best shaker cup I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and still pretty cheap. If you mix up whey protein shakes or anything similar, get one of these today!

Official website: www.BlenderBottle.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Hammer Nutrition is distributing this product and lists it for $6.95. I have not used it yet but it is good to know that it works.

  2. @Dwight

    Yeah, it seems they ordered some custom-labeled BlenderBottles. I’d buy the cheaper, non-branded one, but either should do the job nicely 🙂

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