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Tested: Honey Stinger Snack Bars

If you like honey, but don’t care for gels or need the calories of an energy bar, maybe the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars are your sort of thing. These bars are lower in sugar than the regular Honey Stinger energy bars, so they’re aimed at times

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Tested: Kuali Amaranth Snack Bars

With super foods and super berries dominating store shelves, I wouldn’t blame grains if they feel left out. Heck, given the prominence of gluten-free foods and the popularity of the Paleo diet, grains have every right to feel slighted. But rather than give up and pout, grains

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Tested: Oskri Coconut Bar

When the number of new energy bars becomes too much to handle, it’s good to have friends who know your tastes. Fortunately, one of my best friends is just as dedicated to finding healthy energy bars as I am, and he tipped me off to something called

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Tested: Omnibar

Very few energy bars contain just a handful of ingredients. Even fewer contain sweet potatoes. And fewer still contain beef and sweet potatoes. Needless to say, the Omnibar is not your typical energy bar. Sure, it comes in a bright wrapper, and it’s a long and thin

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Tested: Skout Organic Trailbar

If you like to have your food named for its exact purpose, consider the Skout Organic Trailbar next time you’ll be on a hiking trail. This bar is somewhat new, at least to me here on the East Coast – if you’re closer to Portland, perhaps you’ve

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Tested: Good’n Natural Bar

I like bars that are good. I like bars that are natural. So the Good’n Natural Bar seemed right up my alley. It is filled with whole, natural ingredients, packs 10g protein, and contains just 9g sugar (from an organic, natural source no less.) How could it

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Tested: triYUM Bars

If I’m at Big Lots and I see something on the clearance shelf that’s marketed as a healthy snack, I’ll buy first and ask questions later. That’s how I ended up with a couple 5-packs of triYUM Bars. I figured they must be aimed at triathletes, but

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Tested: ZonePerfect Nutrition Bar

I was looking for a cheap protein bar at Wal-Mart and I ended up with the ZonePerfect Nutrition bar. Here is my review…

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Tested: Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar

The trend toward organic and raw foods is fast underway, with many snack bars and health drinks offering these more natural versions. One bar that has gone all the way is the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar, which is made of raw, living foods, rather than cooked and processed ingredients.

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Tested: Quaker Simple Harvest Fruit & Nut Bar

As soon as I saw those bars, I was sure I was staring at what could be called “the low-price LARA BAR.” According to the label, it’s an “all natural fruit and nut bar.” When you see the ingredients, you’d swear it was a LARA BAR – it’s a date bar with some nuts added in. Some of the ingredients are even organic, which is pretty sweet when you consider how I found these on sale for $4 a dozen! (At 33 cents each, I got these cheaper than most candy bars!)

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Energy Bars Aren’t Supposed To Be Real Food

Being an endurance athlete, you probably consume energy bars, right? I know I do. They are full of carbs, electrolytes, and calories, and they are easy to eat while riding. For the most part, energy bars are a vital component in the endurance athlete’s arsenal. However, they aren’t the best idea for meal replacements. There is no substitute for healthy, unprocessed foods, (and I think we would all agree on that, even if we don’t always take our own advice.) And that’s why I hate people saying that energy bars are terrible!

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