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larabar uber on table

If I see something that says Larabar on it, I’ve gotta get my hands on it! Such was the case when I noticed something new dubbed the Larabar Uber. This latest offering from Larabar keeps up their style of using only whole, natural ingredients, but brings in more fruits and nuts for a completely different bar!

Flavors include Bananas Foster, Apple Turnover, Cherry Cobbler, and Roasted Nut Roll. The names are more extravagant than usual, and the bars do not disappoint.

Let’s get into the details…

Larabar Uber Health and Nutrition Info

If you’ve ever had a Larabar, you know the drill when it comes to the ingredients list – short and simple.

Apple Turnover ingredients:

Walnuts, Dried Apples, Brown Rice Syrup, Raisins, Dates, Pecans, Honey, Sea Salt, Cinnamon.

Bananas Foster ingredients:

Walnuts, Almonds, Brown Rice Syrup, Dates, Dried Bananas, Pecans, Honey, Sea Salt, Cinnamon.

Both of these bars are nearly identical in this regard. Just switch out the apples and bananas, really.

Now, these Uber bars do have some added sugar whereas the original Larabars do not. But as you’ll see below, the sugar content of each bar is much lower than a similar Larabar!

Nutrition Facts for Bananas Foster:

Calories 230
Total Fat 17g
Total Carbs 14g
Sugars 8g
Protein 4g

Calories do seem high for a small bar, but with 17g fat from the nuts, it makes sense. What’s surprising is that there are only 8g sugar in the bar. Compare that to the original Banana Bread Larabar which contains 20g sugar! It must be the dates, which are much more sugary than walnuts!

So, if you want less sugar than an original Larabar, get an Uber!

larabar uber closeup

The Uber Taste Test

So far I have tried five flavors (some are current and some have been discontinued since I first published this review.)

Bananas Foster

This one is absolutely amazing! It’s sweet and crunchy and tastes like real banana bread. The walnuts make a great base. It’s more like real food than a bar. Fortunately, all the chunks of fruit and nuts stick together in one solid piece, so you get the convenience of a bar.

Apple Turnover

This bar seemed to have fewer walnuts. Instead, it was dominated by raisins, with quite a few apple chunks in there. It was much softer and fruitier than the Bananas Foster. And it’s so so sweet!

It reminds me of something apple cinnamon flavored I tried to make before – perhaps an apple cinnamon fruit salad attempt. The downside is that this bar seems more likely to fall apart. It’s good but I definitely prefer the banana one.

Lemon Drop

With the first bite, your initial thought is, “wow this is one weird flavor!” You taste the nuts, but there’s that hint of sour lemon coating everything. It doesn’t make any sense to your taste buds! Imagine eating a bowl of almonds and cashews with lemon juice drizzled over them. That’s this bar. It’s odd. No wonder the flavor has since been discontinued!

It’s actually kind of neat in a weird way. It didn’t appeal to me at first, but by the time I was running low on them, I started to really enjoy the taste! I’m not heart broken that it’s gone, but someday I’ll probably find myself drizzling lemon juice over a bowl of mixed nuts in homage to this flavor.

larabar uber cherry cobbler

Cherry Cobbler

I got really excited about this one, but I’m not sure what to think of it. I mean, I freaking love dried cherries! But this was like the lemon bar in the sense that it’s mostly a nut bar, with a hint of cherry. The nuts are good and the cherries are good, but it doesn’t blend together well. And a nut bar doesn’t make me think of cherry cobbler. (Whereas the apple and banana flavors actually make sense, combining the fruit and nuts since you’d do the same in the namesake desserts.)

Only one of the bars actually had enough cherries to satisfy me. The others seemed like a tease! I’d find maybe two cherries in the whole bar. Since I love dried cherries, that wasn’t good enough! (Coincidentally, the bar I used for the photo was the one with tons of cherries!)

I’ll certainly eat the three boxes I purchased, but I’m unlikely to buy any more.

Roasted Nut Roll

This bar is awesome! It would be the best flavor of all if that banana one wasn’t so darn good! I’m a huge fan of this one because it is what it is – it’s a nut bar with nothing added in an attempt to make it into a fruity dessert. I’d recommend this to anyone.

larabar uber sticky bun

Sticky Bun

Now here’s another one that’s absolutely amazing! With the cinnamon and molasses, it really does taste like a sticky bun! Not just any sticky bun, though – one of the really good ones that’s actually big, warm, sticky, and covered in walnuts! Not quite as good as the banana, but it’s top 3.

All in all, I loved the taste and texture! They’re really nothing like the regular Larabar in this regard. They were kind of sticky (like a Paleo Kit,) so I’d classify them as a snack, not something I’d carry while riding or running. The taste is irresistible, though.

larabar uber banana bar

My final verdict is…

Man these are delicious and so fun to eat! They are completely different from the original Larabar I know and love, but just as awesome in their own way! I think of them as a great snack to keep around.

Official website: www.LaraBar.com

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  1. I got to try the Bananas Foster on a supported ride I did with my wife and loved them. I wish they came in the mini size that was handed out at the ride.

  2. @Bryant

    Cool! Who knows, maybe if the Uber gets more popular they’ll release the mini versions publicly. Just email them every day requesting it! 🙂

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