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skout organic trailbars

If you like to have your food named for its exact purpose, consider the Skout Organic Trailbar next time you’ll be on a hiking trail.

This bar is somewhat new, at least to me here on the East Coast – if you’re closer to Portland, perhaps you’ve known about them for years.

Am I excited? Just a little bit. I’m always a little excited to try a new bar, but the energy bar market is so crowded these days, it’s hard to stand out. It takes something serious to “wow” me these days…

Skout certainly tries their best to do so. The bars are certified organic, certified gluten-free, certified kosher, non-GMO, vegan, dairy and soy free, and based mainly on natural ingredients with no artificial junk.

With all that cool stuff, plus the fact that they’re packed with carbs for energy, this trail bar is everything I look for in an energy bar that could be good for during workouts.

To see how good they actually are, I received a 5-bar sampler pack to test out. The bars are normally $2.49 each, or you can save a few pennies if you get the 5-pack for $11.99. (Or even better, check your local REI where the bars might be an even $2 – if they’re ever in stock.)

That’s a lot of money for an energy bar, but realistically, it’s in line with other organic energy bars.

skout organic trailbar sample pack

Health Info and Nutrition Facts

Let’s pick a bar, any bar… Cherry Vanilla! That’s a neat combo, so we’ll look at it.


Well, these bars are organic and they don’t let you forget it!

The base of the bars is great – dates, oats, fruit, and nuts. A lot like a LaraBar, which I think are genius.

Where Skout goes wrong, unfortunately, is the agave nectar. I think that stuff is crap, even if it’s organic. I disagree with agave falling under the ‘No Refined Sugar’ label. Last time I checked, this “nectar” is just syrup, and you can’t simply squeeze it out of the agave plant!

Furthermore, I’m not sure why they needed agave nectar on top of the dates, apples, and cherries, which are all naturally sweet!

Nutrition Facts

Calories 180
Total Fat 4g
Total Carbohydrate 33g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 22g
Protein 3g

This fruit flavor bar has a great breakdown that lends itself well to endurance sports – lots of carbs, a little protein, and generally low fat and low fiber. So it should be easy to digest without issue. (If you’re extremely sensitive to fiber, though, this bar does contain enough to be worried about.)

The chocolate peanut butter and chocolate coconut bars, on the other hand, are higher in fat – up to 9g per bar.

Let’s see how they taste…

Skout Organic Trailbar Taste Test

Here is my opinion on each of the five bars:

apple cinnamon skout organic trailbar

Apple Cinnamon

OMG! That was literally my reaction. This one was soooo delicious! It’s super potent and spicy – there’s a very strong cinnamon flavor and also a strong nutmeg taste I think (even though cinnamon is the only spice listed in the ingredients.) I love it! Yeah, now I’m excited!!

blueberry almond skout organic trailbar

Blueberry Almond

This bar packs loads of real blueberry flavor – you can see and taste/feel the individual blueberries! The bar has a stronger fruit flavor than the cherry, but it’s not spicy like the apple cinnamon. This would be an excellent choice if you like blueberries. (This bar may offer an even better/stronger flavor than the blueberry almond Clif Mojo Fruit & Nut bar, which was very very good.)

cherry vanilla skout organic trailbar

Cherry Vanilla

This one was not nearly as strong as the apple cinnamon. There are no spices at all. And the cherries don’t stand out like the blueberries in the other bar do. The thing is, this tastes very familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. Yeah, you do get some cherry taste, so maybe cherry vanilla Dr Pepper? Nope, that’s not it. Cherry ice cream? Nah. Wait, I know! It tastes like a strawberry NutriGrain bar!! (Not a cherry NutriGrain bar, haha.) The flavor and chewy texture just hits a tipping point where it’s exactly the same mouth feel! It’s pretty good and on the sweet side. Not amazing, but good.

chocolate coconut skout organic trailbar

Chocolate Coconut

As one of my favorite ever flavor combos, this bar didn’t let me down, but it didn’t blow me away, either. It’s OK. It has a pretty good flavor, but after having the fruity ones, this one wasn’t very strong. That would be alright, if the rest of the bar was bland and ordinary. But here we have dates, very strong and sweet ones, so you have that overpowering sweetness that masks the more subtle coconut and chocolate tones. This just isn’t the right bar to be a chocolate coconut flavor it seems.

chocolate peanut butter skout organic trailbar

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I honestly didn’t care for either the chocolate or peanut butter flavors here. I thought they’d be more potent and robust. Overall, they’re kind of bland. You taste peanuts at first (not peanut butter.) And eventually plain chocolate (but the flavor doesn’t mesh well with the dates.) This is certainly NOT a good combo for the dates. “Bland but sweet” doesn’t work for me. This flavor did let me down!

What’s the root of the problem? Oh man, look at the ingredients for the chocolate flavors! The second to last ingredient, between agave nectar and sea salt, is cocoa liquor. Really?! That’s the only chocolate ingredient?!

(OK, to be fair, it’s organic fair trade cocoa liquor. But that’s still not chocolate if you ask me! No wonder the chocolate flavor was lacking.)

Overall, there were flavors I liked and flavors I didn’t like. The usual result!

I had some friends try these bars, too, and Apple Cinnamon was the unanimous favorite amongst myself, friends, and clients.

The other ones were either too sweet or too bland… or tried to pretend to be a real chocolate flavor when they contained no chocolate.

When and Where To Use Them

This is a small, sticky bar, but it’s sort of tasty and fun to eat – well, at least the fruit flavors are. (Skip the chocolate ones and you’ll be happier.)

When would I use them?

As a trail bar during a hike? Sure, they’d work great. Just make sure the hike is long enough that you need the sugar.

For a bike race? The high carbs and sugar would be ideal, but they’re a bit too sticky for my liking. I don’t want anything like that on my hands, which ends up on my bar tape, which ruins future rides, etc.. For a training ride, though, when you can devote more energy to eating in a somewhat civilized manner, these could work.

Fortunately, they don’t crumble. If you can eat it without touching the bar, there’s no mess.

For a mid-afternoon snack? Nope! These are packed with way too much added/processed sugar! Have an apple instead.

skout organic trailbar unwrapped

My final verdict is…

I like how these are organic, and the fruit ones taste pretty good. Rarely would I pay $2.49 for a bar, though, even if it’s organic. But I would pay for the apple cinnamon one, at least occasionally, because it’s organic and delicious!!

If you like apple cinnamon bars, prefer to buy organic, can’t stomach Powerbars, and/or need a convenient snack for hiking trips, this could be one for you.

Official website: www.SkoutOrganic.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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