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raw revolution bars

The trend toward organic and raw foods is fast underway, with many snack bars and health drinks offering these more natural versions. One bar that has gone all the way is the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar, which is made of raw, living foods, rather than cooked and processed ingredients.

Raw Indulgence was created by a Registered Nurse and Natural Foods Chef who developed a passion for preparing and eating raw foods.

Why raw foods? In general, raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes than cooked foods, which usually lose a certain amount of nutrients during the preparation process. Also, a raw food is almost always the healthiest choice. Think about it – you can eat a raw apple but you can’t get a raw Snickers bar!

I am not on a strict raw food diet, but like to eat as naturally as possible, so therefore I do include many raw foods in my diet. I highly suggest replacing any processed foods with raw foods. (If you are interested in a raw food diet, just Google for “raw foods” and you’ll find tons of info.)

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Here are the ingredients from the Spirulina & Cashew Raw Revolution bar:


And the nutrition facts:

Calories 280
Total Fat 18g
Sat. Fat 3g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholest. 0mg
Sodium 20mg
Total carb. 29g
Fiber 3g
Sugars 17g
Protein 7g

The bar isn’t that big, so 280 calories seems high, but that’s mainly due to the healthy fat content of the cashews and almonds. Some people may feel that 17g sugar is a little high, but I bet most of that comes from the dates, rather than the added sugar (in the form of agave nectar).

With a product like this I don’t worry too much about the label (since the ingredients are natural), but regardless, I’d say that’s a good mix of carbs, fat, and protein for a snack. It’s also low in sodium, which is a big plus for anything that comes individually wrapped!

The one thing I do like about the Lara Bar compared to this is that Lara Bars have no added sugar. These Raw Revolution bars contain some agave nectar, which isn’t terrible, but it’s not something you need in your diet.

*Note that the ingredients and nutrition facts are very similar amongst all the Raw Revolution bars.

Raw Revolution Taste Test

raw revolution chocolate coconut

Here are my thoughts on a few of the flavors:

Chocolate & Coconut

At first I really tasted the cocoa powder (kind of a bitter chocolate taste), but then bits of coconut came in to sweeten things up.

There was certainly not as much coconut as in a Mounds bar, just some finely chopped pieces. The bar was mainly a cocoa flavor. I would have liked more coconut flavor!

Overall, the Chocolate & Coconut is not bad, but not a flavor I’d buy again.

Raspberry & Chocolate

With this bar, you still get a little bit of that bitter cocoa flavor, but not much. The raspberry seems blended in very well and adds flavor and sweetness to each bite. So it’s a good mix of chocolate and raspberry flavors, without being too sweet or bitter.

If you like dark chocolate (especially flavored dark chocolate), I recommend this bar.

raw revolution cashew agave nectar

Cashew & Agave Nectar

This bar is so soft and sweet. It really, really does have a cashew taste! Smells great too. And none of the ingredients are even close to being bitter!

If you like cashews, you’ll love this bar! It’s like a bar of robust cashew butter!

Spirulina & Cashew

I got really excited about this bar, especially when I saw it was completely green! (Spirulina is basically seaweed!)

This is another sweet flavor. You can taste the cashew but with some “green” flavor to it as well. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never tried spirulina or something like Barlean’s Greens, so I’ll just say, I think it tastes awesome!

raw revolution spirulina cashew

Overall, the texture of these Raw Revolution bars may be a bit softer than Larabar, but it is similar. However, it is more oily than any other bar I’ve had! As in, don’t touch it directly, because your hands will become coated in oil!

And don’t expect the chocolate ones to be sweet like candy bars, or you’ll be disappointed.

My final verdict is…

The Raw Revolution food bar tastes good, if you get the right flavor for your taste buds. If you like the idea of raw, natural bars, and you can afford them, this is a pretty good choice. Just remember that these should be a supplement to your normal diet full of raw foods; don’t base your whole diet on these snack bars.

I will definitely buy the cashew-based flavors again when I’m in need of a healthy snack bar.

Official website: www.RawRev.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. I wish someone would make a bar like this without adding all the sweet stuff. I don’t want dates, figs, or agave nectar. Unsweetened things taste better once you’re used to them. Pass it on.

  2. Thanks for sharing this review with us readers! I love Raw Rev bars and their mission to provide healthy, cruelty free snacks to the world.
    I hope to one day have a life blog like yours.
    Till then, I’m practicing blogging writing about my travel across California, living in a van, working as an animal rights activist.

    How do you enjoy being a career blogger?

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