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honey stinger snack bars

If you like honey, but don’t care for gels or need the calories of an energy bar, maybe the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars are your sort of thing.

These bars are lower in sugar than the regular Honey Stinger energy bars, so they’re aimed at times when you might be snacking, rather than times you’re eating to fuel an intense workout or race.

Lower sugar doesn’t mean lower in calories, though! We’ll cover this in the nutrition facts section in a moment…

pure natural energy wrapper

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

The ingredients list is short, simple, and easy to read. I appreciate that! For example:

[Nuts, Seeds, & Roasted Serrano] Ingredients:

Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Apple, Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, Organic Honey, Sea Salt, Serrano Pepper.

You probably know what each one of those is! And are able to pronounce them all!

(The Serrano is a type of chili pepper, in case you’ve never come across that. I’ve only heard of it because I like spicy foods!)

I also appreciate that the bar is gluten-free, which is now a dietary requirement of mine (and maybe a good thing for everyone).

Nutrition Facts:

Calories 200
Total Fat 14g
Sodium 90mg
Potassium 196mg
Total Carb 14g
Fiber 2g
Sugars 5g
Protein 7g

What really stands out here is that these bars contain a lot more fat and a little more protein than the energy bars. That means lower sugar, but also leads to more calories.

Is that a bad thing? No. The macro-nutrient ratios are still good for a snack. It’s just not something to be eaten all willy-nilly!

So, if you’re hungry, eat an apple first. If that doesn’t do it, then yeah, have one of these.

Honey Stinger Snack Bar Taste Test

I tested all four bars and each one is noticeably different.

honey stinger cran-apple walnut snack bar

Cran-Apple and Walnut

This is a standard cranberry flavor that’s rather sweet, but still pretty good. The bar is a bit dry, but not in a bad way. It’s dry like pie crust.

So I feel like this flavor is sort of like an apple pie with cranberries in it. But the experience is more like baked oatmeal. Actually, you know what – this is exactly like a dry oatmeal cookie with apples and cranberries and walnuts!

The downside is that it does crumble, so that’s no fun, leaving crumbs all over your desk/floor/pants.

I’d eat this again for sure, but I wouldn’t buy a box. I’d just make homemade oatmeal cookies instead!

honey stinger nuts seeds serrano snack bar

Nuts, Seeds and Roasted Serrano

This is interesting!

It starts out with a basic nutty flavor where you mostly taste sunflower seeds. Then you pick up some sweetness from the apple, tapioca, and honey. But then it has this spicy finish that I really really like!

The texture is excellent too, and the bar is quite moist. It’s also dense so it feels like a substantial snack.

I’ve never had a bar like this, and if you like interesting snack bar flavors, this is one for you! I would definitely buy a big box of this flavor! It’s my favorite flavor of the bunch.

honey stinger peanut butter jelly snack bar

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Oh, how these PB&J flavors always get my hopes up, only to let me down. This bar was pretty good but not that special.

They claim that “this bar masterfully recreates the classic taste of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Um… definitely not. It’s like eating a handful of peanuts covered in strawberry jelly.

Sure, that’s tasty. But I wouldn’t buy a box of these.

However, for as far from spectacular as it was, I still wanted to eat the whole thing right away! It was tasty enough to be enjoyable.

honey stinger super fruit snack bar

Super Fruit and Ancient Grain

This bar looked great and smelled nice, and it tasted pretty good. The prominent flavor is either blueberry or acai berry.

It’s sort of sweet if you get a bite full of fruit.

Much like the cran-apple walnut, this one is sort of dry. Why? Both have rolled oats as their first ingredient. This one includes amaranth (like the Kuali bars) which must be the one ancient grain! Ha.

This one just doesn’t do it for me though. It’s no better tasting than a cheap blueberry breakfast bar.

They’re snack bars. That’s it.

As these are snack bars, that’s how I tested them. I wasn’t using them to fuel endurance sports.

For the most part, these bars go down quickly for containing up to 200 calories each.

It depends on the specific flavor, but other snack bars are more filling to me. That doesn’t mean these are bad, but they might be ideal if you’re watching your caloric intake.

On the bright side, with them being fairly light, they are easy to eat and are not going to weigh you down!

They’re not all that big:

honey stinger snack bar size comparison

I do like that they’re chunky and provide lots of different textures, so they’re lots of fun.

Yet, the bars walk a fine line in terms of moistness. They’re sort of dry, which can be a good thing – it means they are not messy, don’t melt, and don’t get sticky! They’re great for road trips. And they’re just moist enough to be enjoyable (though your opinion may vary).

If you’re concerned the bars may be too dry, stick with the Nuts/Seeds/Roasted Serrano and PB&J flavors.

A box of 15 bars retails for $25.35, so they’re not cheap.

My final verdict is…

Overall, the bars offer a pretty good taste and pretty good ingredients. I enjoyed them, but they didn’t blow me away. So I would definitely eat them again, but I’m not sure I’d pay the premium price tag. (There’s only one flavor I’d truly look forward to eating again!)

I think other Honey Stinger products are so much better (the chews and waffles), but who knows, maybe these are your style. I can’t speak for everyone, after all.

Official website: www.HoneyStinger.com

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