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omnibars sampler pack

Very few energy bars contain just a handful of ingredients. Even fewer contain sweet potatoes. And fewer still contain beef and sweet potatoes.

Needless to say, the Omnibar is not your typical energy bar.

Sure, it comes in a bright wrapper, and it’s a long and thin rectangle shape, much like a Powerbar. The ingredients are even blended together, creating a mostly uniform texture, also like a Powerbar.

But you look at the ingredients and you know for sure that this is no Powerbar! I’m not sure if it’s even an energy bar – it’s probably more of a food bar. Maybe you could even call it a whole food bar.

There’s really no point in debating what it is not – let’s talk about what it is. Which is, in a word, awesome. Why?

  • It’s based around natural ingredients.
  • It’s made of grass-fed, pasture-raised beef.
  • It’s one of those bars you want to say is “very unique” instead of just unique.
  • It’s made in Montana, a very outdoorsy, adventurous state.

Straight out of Missoula, Montana.

This outstanding bar comes from not just one of my favorite states, but from my favorite area within the state.

Look it up – the cattle are raised at Two Creek Monture Ranch, which is just outside the city, and surrounded by numerous state forests. The cattle are 100% pasture raised, hormone free, and never grain fed.

Cooper Burchenal is the president of the company (Omnibar) and has been involved with the ranch for almost 45 years. He knows grass-fed beef! Bring in Brent Ruby and his PhD in exercise science, and you have a winning team!

If anyone is going to question the idea of building an energy bar off of beef and sweet potatoes, you’re welcome to take it up with Dr. Ruby, who served as the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Montana! Not to mention, he’s a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and has competed in six Ironman triathlons.

omnibar opened wrapper

Omnibar’s Health Benefits, Nutritional Value, and Ingredients

While I certainly don’t have the credentials of Omnibar’s team, I’d like to offer my comments on the ingredients and nutritional value of these bars.

Ingredients for the Roasted Peanut flavor:

Ground beef, peanuts, dried prunes, dried sweet potatoes, oats, brown flax seed, spices, sugar, salt, brown sugar, red curry powder (spices [contains mustard], turmeric, salt).

As I mentioned earlier, the bars are based on just a handful of natural ingredients, with some sugar and spice thrown in for good measure. That’s great. I’m not usually a fan of added sugar, but in this case, the bar isn’t based on dates or figs (which are very high in sugar), so you’re still ending up with far less sugar in this bar compared to a Larabar.

It gets high marks from me based on how natural it is and the exceptionally high quality of the ingredients. The beef comes from cattle raised at their own ranch, grazing on the Montana countryside each day for cripes sake! It doesn’t get any better.

Nutritionally, it’s very well balanced. This flavor in particular is 11g fat, 20g carbs (8g sugar,) and 10g protein.

Most energy bars have more carbohydrates and sugars, any real protein bar will have more protein, and some bars based on almond butter (shout out to Hammer Nutrition, also based in Montana) or coconut are higher in fat. Those bars have their place, but this bar would likely work for almost everyone, in almost every situation.

Sorry vegans. This bar is not for you. Or, perhaps you want to rethink your stance on meat?

From Omnibar: “We know that beef provides a level of satiety that is virtually unmatched from other food sources, while providing a complete source of protein (containing all the essential amino acids) for muscle repair and health.”

omnibars sampler pack

Coach Levi’s Omnibar Taste Test

The bar comes in four flavors, and they’re sold by the box, but you can get a sampler box like I did to try each.

Let me start by saying I was shocked at how tender it is! That was my initial reaction to each bar! (It almost melts in your mouth.) Then came the expected reaction about it being odd. Even downright weird, you might say. It’s one of the few “there’s nothing else like it!” products I’ve come across.

It’s a unique experience where you know you’re eating beef, but it’s definitely not beef jerky. It’s too tender. Then there are a few crunchy nuggets in it, too. Very intriguing!

Chipotle Barbecue

This was the first bar I sampled, hoping for some serious heat and spice. Sadly, there was not as much chipotle flavor as I had hoped for. It was more of a smoky, barbecue flavor with just a hint of chipotle seasoning. The flavor is mild, but good.

It’s not hot at all though, even after eating the entire two bars. But if “smoked barbecue” sounds like a good flavor, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Cranberry Rosemary

This was the second flavor I tried, and boy was there more potent flavor in this one! Just from smelling it you can tell it’s going to be potent and spicy. The rosemary was very strong at first, and then it finishes with a hint of sweet cranberry flavor. Other bites were the opposite, where I could taste a lot more cranberry, followed by a low (but perfectly sufficient) amount of rosemary.

Both flavors are present and potent. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. A unique flavor combo for a unique type of bar! I like it occasionally, but I probably wouldn’t eat it all the time.

Roasted Peanut

This bar was very good, and after one bite, my only reaction was “spicy!” Yes, I tasted the peanut, but then bam, it’s spicy! It’s sort of like a rosemary, turmeric, and chili pepper spice mix. In other words, not what I expected from a peanut flavor!

I was thinking it would taste like a hamburger with peanut butter on it, but not quite. (If you’ve never had one of those, try it!)

It’s a very good bar, perhaps my second favorite, but I’d prefer more peanut butter flavor. Actually, I’d like to make this one into a peanut butter sandwich, by spreading a thin layer of natural peanut butter in between the two bars of beef. That could turn it into my favorite!

Mango Curry

I love sweet and spicy flavor combos, with mango being my “sweet” of choice, so it’s no surprise this one turned out to be my overall favorite. Both the spicy curry and mango flavors are strong, and they turned out to be very complementary. It’s sweet and spicy, but not hot, nor awkward (like the cranberry rosemary could be).

If you’re not adventurous, stick with Roasted Peanut, but if you want an amazing flavor that really highlights what the Omnibar is all about, I suggest Mango Curry.

Try one of them, though! I’ve always thought bacon and sweet potato were amazing together. Turns out, beef and sweet potato go well together, too!

I could see myself making a hamburger patty out of grass-fed beef and sweet potato, and topping it with peanut butter and bacon. I’d call it the Omnibarger.

omnibars two bars per pack

The Omnibar Is One-of-a-Kind

This bar is nutritious, but does it do the job?

Oh yes it does!

It’s easy to eat.

The bar is so soft and tender that it’s extremely easy to eat. No matter what you’re doing, you can probably chew and swallow this bar. Hiking, mountain biking, trail running, you can probably eat the bar without stopping. (If you’re in no rush, though, savor each bite!)

And being in bar form, you don’t have to reach your hands into a bag to get to it. It’s one piece.

You can ration it.

With most energy bars, if you want to ration it out, you have to guess when you’ve eaten half of it. (And you have to stick that half-eaten energy bar back in your pocket.) Or if you have a bag of energy chews, you have to count them.

With the Omnibar, which comes as two individual bars, you can eat one and save the other. Simple!

Also, note that I said ration it, not share it. Unlike a bag of KOOEE beef jerky trail mix, a bar is not as easy to pass around to share with a group. Bad for your friends, but good for you! 😉

There’s no mess.

There is no chocolate coating to melt all over your hands and face. There is no sticky fruit coating. There are no crumbs. The bars aren’t even oily.

The only possible downside is that a seed might get stuck in your teeth. The beef is too soft and tender to pose a problem, so you don’t have to worry about that, but it’s possible for a seed of some type to stick to your teeth and annoy you for a moment.

You get energized.

If you’re out doing sprints, you’re probably better off with a sports drink. But for long, ultra-endurance events, this bar is going to keep your energized and, perhaps more importantly, satisfied.

It’s filling.

Sometimes, having two typical energy bars (~400 calories mostly from carbs) won’t do much to fill me up. But if I have two of these Omnibars (two full packs, or four bars), I’m full! It’s a satiating 400 calories.

omnibars are thin

My final verdict is…

The Omnibar is different, awesome, and definitely not vegan. It’s perfect for omnivores. I like them a lot, and I like them more each and every time I eat one.

Definitely give them a try if you’re looking for something new!

Official website: www.Omnibars.com

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