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Tested: HydraPak Stash 1L Collapsible Water Bottle

Hard plastic water bottles not meeting your needs? Do you feel like empty bottles take up too much space? Then maybe you need a HydraPak Stash 1L Collapsible Water Bottle. This is entirely different than any other water bottle I’ve reviewed! There are some other collapsible bottles

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Tested: Nalgene Draft Soft-Squeeze Water Bottle

I never thought I’d say, “let me grab my Nalgene bottle and head out for a bike ride” – but now I can, because of the recently released Nalgene Draft Water Bottle. The soft-squeeze plastic water bottle is easy to operate with one hand, while riding. It

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Tested: Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle (with Zipstream Lid)

The Polar Bottle. This classic water bottle is one of the first cycling accessories I ever purchased! That was many, years ago, and it’s still around today. So it’s about time I post a review of the Polar Bottle Sport (with Zipstream Cap). Here’s the truth –

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Tested: CamelBak Forge Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug

Finding a good travel mug always proves difficult. They’re typically cumbersome, fragile, don’t retain much heat, and worst of all, they spill and leak way too easily. Camelbak is attempting to change all that with their new one – the CamelBak Forge Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug. They sum

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Tested: MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser

You know what material I avoid more than BPA-containing plastic when it comes to sports water bottles? Glass. It makes zero sense to carry a glass water bottle on a bike ride, run, or even in your gym bag. Even if it’s a stronger type of glass,

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Tested: CamelBak Podium Ice

It took me a while to get used to the idea of these Camelbak water bottles, after being a die hard Specialized fan, but I did eventually come around and became a huge fan of this CamelBak Podium series. So I was excited to hear that they

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Tested: Eco Vessel Boulder Insulated Water Bottle

Sick of plastic water bottles where even the insulated ones can only keep water cold for an hour or two? I am. It’s not a big deal for daily rides, but let’s say you’re camping for the weekend. Perhaps you’re doing an MTB stage race. There might

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Tested: BlenderBottle SportMixer

Know what bothers me? It’s when a company redesigns an already great product and in doing so, eliminates all the reasons I liked it in the first place. Lucky me – BlenderBottle did no such thing! The BlenderBottle SportMixer is a totally new style that actually improves

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Tested: FLEXR Sports Bottle

For something as simple and basic as a water bottle, we sure have had a lot of innovation the past few years! We had the BPA fiasco and all the new BPA-free bottles, bottles with new types of insulation, and bottles with new bite valves on the

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Tested: CamelBak Podium Chill Bottle

While I was trying out a Camelbak Podium bottle, I couldn’t resist also trying a CamelBak ChillJacket Podium bottle, which is the insulated version. The ChillJacket bottle has all the features of the regular Podium bottle, but the insulation is supposed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours…

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Tested: CamelBak Podium Bottle

Back when I first wrote about BPA-free water bottles, I mentioned the new Camelbak bottles as one choice. Once I noticed how cool the CamelBak Podium bottle was, I had to get one. Here is my review…

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Tested: Specialized Big Mouth Bottle

If you’re new to cycling, here’s one thing you need to know: the Specialized Big Mouth Bottle is the standard bottle by which all others are judged. I have been using these bottles as long as I can remember, here is my review…

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Tested: Elite Water Bottles

Water bottles are pretty standard, but some bottles are much better than others. Here is a review of the Elite water bottle which is used by all the pro teams in the Tour de France…

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BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles for Outdoorsmen Have Arrived!

BPA (short for bisphenol A) is in the news once again, with more and more studies showing the possible side effects of BPA consumption, which happens when BPA leaches out of a plastic water bottle and into your drinking water. Let’s look at some of the new BPA-free water bottles.

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NeverReach: The $99 Water Bottle

What you are looking at is called the NeverReach, which is more than a giant water bottle – it’s actually a “frame mounted hydration system.” It consists of a large water tank that fits behind your saddle, with a tube that runs from the bottle to your handlebars, ending with a bite valve. That means you can carry a lot of water and drink it easily, not having to fumble with normal water bottles.

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