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blenderbottle sportmixer

Know what bothers me? It’s when a company redesigns an already great product and in doing so, eliminates all the reasons I liked it in the first place.

Lucky me – BlenderBottle did no such thing! The BlenderBottle SportMixer is a totally new style that actually improves upon the original. This new bottle adds key features that make it a better option for carrying with you on the go, and it comes in fun colors.

If you’ve never used a BlenderBottle before, you’re missing out! It’s the quickest, easiest, most convenient way to mix up your post-workout drinks. Seriously, it could change your life! (You can read my old review to see what I thought about the BlenderBottle Classic.)

What sets this new SportMixer apart?

It’s tough and durable.

The old style wasn’t flimsy by any means, but if you wanted to break it, you surely could. This new Eastman Tritan™ plastic, on the other hand, feels solid and super tough.

(As an added bonus, this plastic is not supposed to retain any flavor or odor. I never had that problem with my old BlenderBottle, but the new plastic is cool either way.)

blenderbottle sportmixer on backpack

It’s easy to carry.

Thanks to a convenient “SportLoop” on the lid, you can easily carry this bottle with one finger or use a carabiner to hook it onto your backpack.

You can see my Deuter Race Air Lite hydration pack has nice loops that work perfectly for this!

The cap stays shut (or open.)

While I never had any leaks with my old bottle, I never trusted the cap in a situation where it could easily get knocked open. This new flip cap is slightly different and seems to lock in place much more securely.

At the same time, it’s just as easy to open, and you have two options. You can flip the cap up directly with your thumb, or give a good push down on the carry tab. Pushing down on the carry tab looks like it would give you more leverage, but it doesn’t. It’s much easier to flip up the cap directly by putting your thumb beside the spout.

You can get a good grip on it.

The only aspect of the Classic bottle that ever bothered me was how slippery it could get. If you have a cold drink on a warm day, that thing gets slick! Likewise, if you have sweaty hands, it’s tough to get a firm grasp on it. It would suck to have a bottle go sliding out of your hand while shaking it!

On the SportMixer, there’s a rubberized “SportGrip” on the bottle itself, and the lid has rubberized sides as well. This lets you get a firm grip anytime (but it’s especially useful when removing the lid.)

The price is still reasonable.

For the larger 28oz size, the retail is $14.99. Yeah, that’s about double the Classic price, but it’s not outrageous. And that’s not considering how you can go on Amazon.com and find it for just over $10 (a sweet deal, cause I’m seeing the Classic go for about $8.)

What hasn’t changed?

The Blender Ball is still as magical as ever.

This bottle mixes just about anything, with ease. And that’s what they’re known for!

Any bad news?

I did encounter this one problem.

Once you go to actually use the bottle, you’ll notice a few differences from the original. Nothing major, but enough to curb my enthusiasm for this newer, sexier bottle!

The biggest problem is something small. As in, the opening, which is smaller than on the original. So if you’re using big heaping scoops of protein powder, you have to be more careful when dumping them in. I end up using two hands – one for the scoop and one to angle the BlenderBottle – to avoid spillage.

Even more aggravating, the small opening means I can’t fit my hand into the bottle for easy cleaning with a dish rag. I have to use my bottle brush for cleaning. That’s easy enough at home, but not so convenient when traveling.

blenderbottle classic and sportmixer

My final verdict is…

If you only use your BlenderBottle at home, I’d probably stick with the Classic, since it’s easier to work with. But the SportMixer is totally awesome if you’ll be carrying it around at all. Basically, it’s worth the extra money (and time spent cleaning) if your BlenderBottle ever leaves your kitchen counter.

Regardless, if you mix anything, or think you might someday, get yourself at least one BlenderBottle!

Official website: www.BlenderBottle.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. The SportMixer truly is a great product! The main selling points for me was the promise that the cap stays close (and you avoid those pesky spills), the sports loop allows me to attach it to a backpack, and I loved the rubber grip (no accidental slips when my hands were wet). A reasonably priced, too.

  2. That is one very sexy bottle. I think I’m still partial to the original bottle but this one has some cool features. Variety is the spice of life.

  3. I take my bottle with me to campus when i work out. This sport version seems right up my ally.

  4. This is would be so great for me while I workout it looks so cool and unique.

  5. I would love to use this for my protein shakes before a workout

  6. I love this new design

  7. Everyone needs a Blender Bottle. They’re so helpful & come along great when you’re in need of something to hold your supplement or your water. Great “device”.

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