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specialized big mouth water bottles

If you’re new to cycling, here’s one thing you need to know: the Specialized Big Mouth Bottle is the standard bottle by which all other water bottles are judged. I have been using these bottles as long as I can remember, I just haven’t reviewed them since it seems like such an obvious choice for a water bottle.

But to point out all the reasons why I use Specialized water bottles, here is my review…

As you can see from the picture above, Specialized bottles are available in a variety of color schemes thanks to many companies using them as promotional items. That’s great news because it means you can often get these bottles for free! (One of the many reasons I like them!)

I paid like $5 for the Clif bottle since I needed one in an emergency, but the others were courtesy of Bike Barn in Whitman, MA and Marathon Physical Therapy in Norton, MA.

specialized water bottle lid

Speaking of the bottle itself, let’s start at the top. The bite valve is big and soft, which means you can get a lot of water out at once, and it’s comfortable to open with your teeth.

The openness also means it’s easy to clean. If you use sports drinks like Gatorade or Heed, or messy stuff like Accelerade, you don’t have to hassle with cleaning hard-to-reach locations.

The top seals extremely well, making this bottle virtually leak-proof. Some of my bottles have been in use for five years or so, and none of them leak one bit! The only way to get this to leak is to not close the bite valve the whole way.

The main part of the bottle is made of thick, durable plastic. It can stand up to years of abuse being shoved into water bottle cages. I’ve pitched some bottles because they got scraped up so bad, but I don’t remember any actually cracking or wearing through.

The large opening means it’s easy to fill. You can easily fit full-size ice cubes in there.

The middle of the bottle is easy to hold. It is just the right size for my hands, and the shape feels just right. It even has a knurled grip section where your thumb and index finger hold it. That way you can keep a hold even when it’s wet.

It is also the perfect size for a water bottle cage. This bottle holds 21 or 24oz, and it slides in and out of a bottle cage easily.

specialized water bottle

There’s not much else to say except that I think this bottle is just plain great.

I would suggest getting white bottles if you can, because white does the best job of reflecting light. That seems to keep your drink colder just a tad longer than the clear ones or the darker colors.

The only downside I could come up with is that there is no insulated version. If you need an insulated bottle you might want to check out the Camelbak Podium bottle, which offers an insulated version.

I tried the Camelbak Podium bottle and expected it to be way better than the Specialized Big Mouth, but after a year switching between both, I actually still prefer the Specialized bottle most of the time!

My final verdict is…

This is without doubt the best water bottle out there for cyclists. Get some, use them, and be happy.

Official website: www.Specialized.com

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