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miu color glass water bottle

You know what material I avoid more than BPA-containing plastic when it comes to sports water bottles? Glass. It makes zero sense to carry a glass water bottle on a bike ride, run, or even in your gym bag.

Even if it’s a stronger type of glass, it’s still glass, and still more likely to break than a plastic or metal bottle.

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use a glass bottle at other times! Especially one that’s sleek, beautiful, and includes a built-in tea infuser! Like this one, the MIU COLOR Portable Handmade Crystal Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Sleeve and Tea Infuser.

Yes, this is the same company that made the super handy lightweight backpack I’ve been using almost daily.

They make all sorts of random stuff, and most of it is relatively inexpensive.

Right now this water bottle is selling for $25.99 (at Amazon.com) so it’s actually priced right up there with the bigger brands. For example, you can get a CamelBak glass water bottle for just $25, which is better suited to fitness enthusiasts, though it lacks the tea infuser and sleeve.

But for the sake of this review, let’s say you’re looking for a glass water bottle that’s well-suited for hot beverages like tea. So well suited, in fact, that you can brew your tea directly in the bottle.

This looks like the ideal bottle. For one thing, it’s glass, so there’s no worry of plastic leeching chemicals into your drink. But even better, it’s “high borosilicate glass,” which is very hard and heat-resistant. (If you’ve used Pyrex glass bakeware, this is something similar.)

So filling it with hot water is no problem. And with the included nylon sleeve, which functions as a koozie, you won’t burn your hand even when the bottle is filled with hot water.

Best of all, there is a stainless steel tea infuser inside, so you can just brew your tea right there.

And they say it fits 99% of car cup holders, so you can take it to work in the morning.

Unboxing my brand new MIU COLOR glass water bottle.

The bottle arrived in mint condition, nicely packaged in a firm cardboard box surrounded by some colorful packing peanuts.

miu color glass bottle in box

Wait, no, those aren’t packing peanuts! Those are foam bottle brushes that doubled as padding during shipping!

miu color glass water bottle brushes

Which reminds me, the first thing you do with any new water bottle is clean it. And though it’s the first thing, and it’s important, a lot of people don’t consider that before making their purchase. (I hate getting a new bottle and realizing it’s very difficult to clean.)

So I cleaned it. And it was extremely simple.

Since it’s glass, it’s super smooth, so you can get it spotless with nothing more than hot water. And since it opens on both ends, you really don’t even need a brush (though the included foam brush is probably safer than jamming a dish rag down in there.)

There are no little crevices like inside plastic water bottles.

*They say the lid is dishwasher safe, but I’d just hand wash the entire thing.

It was rather odd to see the top seal stuck to the glass, rather than in the lid. That would be really weird to drink from. Plus, it looks dumb!

miu color glass water bottle

But after looking at the pictures online, I decided the seal was supposed to be in the cap, and mine got stuck on the glass accidentally. Fortunately I was able to peel it right off, and then I jammed it into place inside the cap using the included brush handle!

miu color glass water bottle

It has mostly (but not always) remained in its proper place ever since.

Let’s brew up some hot tea.

I’m all about tea, so we’re going to brew up some loose leaf tea (Moroccan Mint flavor, if you were wondering) right in this bottle.

What they suggest is putting the top cap in place and turning the bottle upside down, then adding the infuser and tea leaves. Then you can pour the hot water directly over the tea, put the bottom cap in place, and flip the bottle over.

That’s what I did the first time, but flipping the bottle back over, I nearly burnt myself on the hot glass!

So, what I suggest is to put the tea in the infuser and then seal up the bottom. Then you can put the koozie on, and simply pour the hot water in from the top. The top opening is narrower, but if you’re careful, it’s not a big problem. You get the same results, but without the risk of burning your hand!

Either way, be careful with hot water!

miu color glass bottle tea leaves infuser

The infuser will work well for both tea bags and loose leaf tea. It’s good, but not perfect. Because while it has super tiny holes, it also has tack welded seams, which means there are small gaps that will allow some loose leaf tea to infiltrate your water if you shake or swirl it. Still, it’s far superior to my $2.99 Ikea tea infuser!

There’s plenty of room – you could probably fit three tea bags in there. I don’t know why you would, but you could if you wanted!

I’m not sure how hot of water it can handle. I found no info on their website, and there were no instructions whatsoever. I would not want to pour boiling water into it, but I mean, black tea is supposed to steep at close to 212 degrees F, so what are you supposed to do?

If they’re putting a “tea infuser” in there, it better hold up to very, very hot water!

Wanting to play it safe, I boiled some water, let it sit for a couple minutes, then poured it in. That worked out alright.

The bottle handled the hot water just fine, and I enjoyed my tea!

You could also make fruit-infused water.

Summer is here, and temps are nearing 90 degrees each day, so it’s not exactly hot tea season.

But it is the perfect time of year for ice-cold, fruit-infused water!

Since the infuser is much bigger than it looks in the pictures, you can easily fit a few slices of fruit in it. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cucumber on hand, so I infused a few fresh mango slices into my water.

miu color bottle mango infused water

The difference between this and other bottles made for fruit infusions is that they usually use clear infusers so you can see the fruit that’s being infused. But since this is a tea infuser, all you see is the hunk of stainless steel mesh and some slightly tinted water.

The functionality is intact, though, and that’s what matters! The mango water was delicious! Yeah, I’ll be making more infused water! 😀

You might be wondering…

Here are some of the things I wondered about before I started using the bottle.

Is there plastic inside the lids?

Yes. The inside of each lid, where the threads are, appears to be a type of plastic. However, your drink only touches the glass and stainless steel surfaces, and maybe the food grade silicone seals.

How long does it take to undo the cap?

The bottom cap only takes about half of a turn before it’s snug.

The top cap, though, takes about six full turns to tighten down. That’s not bad, but it could be better. It also makes an annoying rattling sound as you loosen it.

miu color glass water bottle in koozie

Is the koozie any good?

Yeah it’s actually pretty nice. It has a soft cotton exterior and some type of insulating interior. Plus a carry handle and a zipper to make it very easy to slip on and off.

What’s up with all the broken bottles in the Amazon.com customer reviews?

If you were considering this purchase, you’d look at the customer reviews on Amazon.com, and among the many 5-star ratings, you’d see an alarming number of people posted 1-star reviews that included pictures of broken bottles. All the breaks appeared to be in the same spot, right where the bottom cap threads on.

That’s scary, because broken glass could also mean bodily harm!

I can see two possible reasons for these problems:

1. The bottles are manufactured in China, so some of them could be defective.

2. People forget that glass is fragile and try to tighten the caps way too hard. (Remember, that bottle cap only requires half a turn to get tight!)

It’s probably a mix of both.

How much water does it hold?

It is claimed to hold 18 oz.

That’s fine for my hot tea and casual use in situations where I can always access fresh water for refills, but it’s not adequate in situations where I really need to stay hydrated.

Is the strainer section removable?

Yes it is.

miu color glass bottle infuser

The bottom is actually three separate parts: lid, strainer, and seal. The seal wraps around the base of the tea infuser, so if you wanted to use the bottle without the infuser in it, you can do so. Just be sure to slip the silicone seal off of the infuser and keep it inside the cap, or the bottle will almost assuredly leak.

Will it break if I drop it?

That I don’t know! I haven’t broken mine yet, but you never know what could happen.

I certainly don’t plan to carry it with me hiking or rock climbing! If you want a glass water bottle for outdoor use, stick with a trusted name brand like CamelBak!

My final verdict is…

Would I buy one for myself? Probably not. I feel like it’s overpriced, and it’s more about good looks than it is about functionality for outdoor athletes.

That said, the bottle ended up working quite well for me. The infuser works as promised, and it is a great looking glass water bottle (the prettiest one I’ve ever seen). I love having it on my kitchen counter or my desk. You just won’t see me using it elsewhere.

Official website: www.MiuColor.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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