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Reduce Fatigue & Improve Performance Using Rhodiola Rosea

Ever heard of the herb Rhodiola rosea? It’s very impressive. Rhodiola rosea offers these benefits: Improves mood Alleviates depression Reduces fatigue Improves both physical and mental performance Prevents high-altitude sickness Sounds like a dream supplement for endurance athletes! Who uses it? This plant grows in cold regions

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Tested: BioTerra Herbs

You have to be careful with all supplement companies, but especially with new ones. That’s just the nature of the industry. Even more suspect are the companies with neat names, colorful boxes, and fun pictures. (This stuff reminds me of Joe Camel, and we all know how

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Fatigue

While some people want to win races, and some would like to complete a big event (like a century ride or gran fondo), and others strive to lose body fat, there’s one concern that nearly everyone shares. And that concern is fatigue. I get emails like the

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Tested: Athlete’s Power

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any supplement that claims to improve athletic performance. Most everything I take has some specific benefit, but Athlete’s Power, well, it “promotes athletic energy.” The full tagline is: “Promotes Athletic Energy, Endurance & Stamina” That’s a little more specific,

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Tested: Organic India Tulsi Moringa Tea

I’ve tried so many teas that I’ve lost track of them all. Most are good, but very few stand out. (And most of the ones that stand out do so purely based on the flavor.) The brand new Organic India Tulsi Moringa Tea I started drinking earlier

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Tested: Wilderness Athlete Superman

If you’re shopping on the Wilderness Athlete website, you won’t find it. That’s because it’s sort of an insider secret. Well, it used to be. News of the Wilderness Athlete Superman has spread, though, and it’s not just company employees mixing up this special concoction anymore. Athletes

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Tested: Ginsana Energy

Most of the supplements I test fall into one of two categories: Tried-and-true supplements I take often. Brand new supplements that companies need guinea pigs for. Today though, I’m writing about Ginsana Energy, which is a supplement my friend gave me because he had a box sitting

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Ask Levi: Are There Any Caffeine-Free Energy Drinks?

Is it possible to find an energy drink that is caffeine-free? It seems like a strange request, but there are indeed a few energy drinks that are caffeine-free, or at least low in caffeine. Here is a list…

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