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Tested: TruBrain Nootropic Drinks

TruBrain nootropics are supposed to help you get focused, be present, and be productive. Who doesn’t want that? I feel smarter just reading about the product: TruBrain is not an energy drink; think of it as more of a mental endurance drink. TruBrain can replace the energy

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Tested: Wojo Nutrition Liquid Supplements (WojoCalm)

Finally! A full line of liquid supplements from a company that’s not part of some multi-level marketing and autoship scheme! I don’t just hate swallowing pills, I’m terrible at it. That’s why I greatly prefer powders and liquids. But they’re so hard to find! Fortunately, a new

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Tested: Voke Tab

Did you ever wake up thinking, “boy I have too much energy for today!”? Me neither! And that’s why I’m always happy to try an interesting energy supplement. I was especially excited for Voke Tab, a chewable tablet that claims to deliver a boost of smooth, natural

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Tested: Full-Time Energy Superfruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend

I’m no stranger to energy drinks and weight loss supplements. I’ve had energy drinks of all types, numerous weight loss supplements, and some crazy “all in one” stuff. And that’s what we have here with Full-Time Energy Superfruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend. It’s a concentrated liquid

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Tested: Wilderness Athlete Superman

If you’re shopping on the Wilderness Athlete website, you won’t find it. That’s because it’s sort of an insider secret. Well, it used to be. News of the Wilderness Athlete Superman has spread, though, and it’s not just company employees mixing up this special concoction anymore. Athletes

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Ask Levi: How Do I Get The Energy I Need Without Caffeine?

Today’s question is about getting the energy you need to work a full time job and still have a life, but doing so without caffeine…

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Tested: Awake Good Morning Energy Drink

Looking for a juicy energy drink for in the morning? This Awake energy drink tastes like orange and pineapple and is juice based, so it might be the beverage you are looking for…

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Tested: Press Cocktail Soda (Cucumber)

One day I was casually walking through the beverage aisle, passing the typical cases of fruit punch, orange, grape, and other ordinary drinks, when I spotted a cucumber drink! It happened to be the cucumber flavor of Press Cocktail Soda, about which I knew absolutely nothing, so I did what anyone else would do – I bought a case to try it! Here’s what I think…

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Ask Levi: Are There Any Caffeine-Free Energy Drinks?

Is it possible to find an energy drink that is caffeine-free? It seems like a strange request, but there are indeed a few energy drinks that are caffeine-free, or at least low in caffeine. Here is a list…

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The Complete Guide To FRS Healthy Energy Ingredients

While no one seems to care about normal drinks such as Powerbar Endurance, I get a barrage of questions about every drink from FRS. So here is a complete list of all the ingredients for each FRS product…

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Tested: Hammer HEED Sports Drink

If there is one sports drink company that stands out from the rest, it would have to be Hammer Nutrition. They pride themselves on (and aggressively sell) the fact that they use healthy, high-performance ingredients in all their products. But do the great ingredients in HEED lead to spectacular performance? Let’s see…

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Tested: Function Drinks (Specialty Energy Drinks)

Want an energy drink that works for you? I’m pretty sure that’s the premise behind all energy drinks (which energy drinks ask you to work for them?) but Function Drinks go by the motto, “Function: Make your drink work for you.”

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Where to Buy FRS Energy Drink

Are you looking for where you can buy FRS energy drinks? These days you can buy FRS online or in a few select retail locations.

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Battle of the Healthy Energy Drinks: FRS vs ACT

Now that I’ve had some time to put FRS through the paces, I can compare it to ACT Energy Drink, which I’ve used for a couple years already. Here are my thoughts and opinions in this head-to-head comparison.

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What Is FRS Healthy Energy Drink?

FRS Healthy Energy is getting more and more popular every day, but some people aren’t in the loop, and they’re always asking me what this FRS stuff is. You can see I have already explained my thoughts on FRS Healthy Energy, but if you don’t even know what it is, keep reading. For those of you who have missed out so far, here is a brief explanation as to what FRS is…

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