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full-time energy liquid

I’m no stranger to energy drinks and weight loss supplements. I’ve had energy drinks of all types, numerous weight loss supplements, and some crazy “all in one” stuff.

And that’s what we have here with Full-Time Energy Superfruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend.

It’s a concentrated liquid energy drink that also contains three popular weight loss ingredients I’ve mentioned before:

If you watch Dr. Oz, you’ll know that each of those once held claim to “miracle weight loss supplement” honors.

Put them all together, it’s about to crazy up in here, am I right? (In hindsight, yes, I was very right!)

Where does the energy come from?

I analyzed the label and found the “Full Time Energy with XtenrG Proprietary Blend.” This is a mixture of the following ingredients, 305mg in total:

acai berry, goji berry, noni, pomegranate, caffeine, yohimbe bark extract, yerba mate leaf, naringin, glucoronolactone, glycine, gugglesterones E&Z.

It looks like a mix of high-antioxidant superfruits and stimulants, both of which have the potential to provide you with energy. It contains B vitamins, too, so it’s hitting you with just about every possible energy source!

I wish I knew the exact caffeine content, but all I know is that it’s less than 300mg per serving. I would guess it’s somewhere in the range of 50-150mg, but they don’t specify.

How about the weight loss?

Well, that’s supposedly from the 500mg of Garcinia Cambogia (50% HCA), 400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract (45% CLA), and 250mg Raspberry Ketones.

The good news is, those are all recommended doses. A lot of companies, if they are doing blends like this, might try to shortchange you with lower individual amounts or lower purity/concentration levels. But these are the doses used in research studies (and recommended by Dr. Oz, the expert in these superfruit weight loss miracles!)

The bad news is, I’ve reviewed the research on these supplements, and there’s no definitive evidence that any of them aid in weight loss.

The much more likely reason for this drink leading to weight loss would be from your body working in overdrive thanks to all the caffeine and stimulants! It’s no joke. Your heart will beat faster, you’ll sleep less, and with more energy you might even exercise more. For a lot of people, there’s an appetite suppressant effect, too.

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What did it do to me, you ask?

full-time energy liquid bottle

This was one roller coaster of a test!

Day one, I took a full 2 oz (which is the suggested serving size).

Knowing that I’m sensitive to caffeine, I assumed I might be setting myself up for a crazy intense energy boost, with a high possibility of jitters, restlessness, irritability, and headaches later on. I was half right. The energy boost was insane, but I never got jitters!

For 12 hours, I felt amazing, never once low on energy! The downside was that when I wanted to get to sleep that night, my body said, “no thanks, let’s keep moving!”

After that, I stuck with lower doses! For the next few days, I was taking 1 oz, but even then, it’s like it kept building up, and I still had trouble sleeping at night. After 4-5 days on this stuff, I crashed! I basically went to bed at 5pm and then slept through the night until 8am the next day.

At that point, I began doing lower doses along with days off! Because it’s not just that I’m sensitive to caffeine, it’s that I metabolize it slowly, which explains why a small dose lasts all day long. Seriously, some days I’d wake up and still feel the energy boost from the morning before!

Despite the craziness of my testing, I liked the drink quite a bit! Let’s break it down:


It’s a liquid, so there are no pills to swallow! Yay!

And you take such a small amount that it shouldn’t interfere with the rest of your routine.

As long as you have room in your refrigerator, you should be fine. The only way to make it more convenient would be to put it in single-serving pouches of some type.

It kicks in immediately.

I was feeling the energy boost within minutes. It comes on super fast, and it provides tons of energy!

But by tons of energy, I mean just the right amount. If I drink too much coffee, I get jitters, and the energy boost is overwhelming. I hate drinks that give you so much energy you’re like “I have to burn off this energy or I’m going to go insane!!” With this mixture, something must buffer the caffeine, so that I get the energy without the negative side effects.

A good way to put it is that I got enough of an energy boost that the thought of being low on energy never occurred to me. I was alert and excited all day long.

Seriously, the energy boost lasts a solid 12 hours. (And takes another few hours to wear down to the point of being tired and sleepy.)

The downside is that I built up a tolerance to it after a few weeks, at which point even higher doses didn’t have much effect. So not only did I have to moderate the dose, it looks like I’ll have to cycle it – perhaps two weeks on, one week off.

I think I lost weight.

No kidding!

I didn’t track my weight or do before/after photos, as I wasn’t expecting anything, but between my extra energy, extra workouts to burn off energy, less sleep, and less appetite, I may have actually lost some weight! I think I look a little bit leaner.

It tastes good, too!

It’s sort of like drinking fruit juice, but there’s lots going on. You feel the thin liquid, but you also feel thicker sections, like berry puree. It’s like part juice, part water. It tastes good and it’s very sweet.

They say it’s a “raspberry lemonade” flavor, and I do taste the raspberry, but I also taste strong acai and pomegranate flavors. And that’s awesome!

It’s actually almost too sweet. I don’t know why they need so many artificial sweeteners (it contains both sucralose and acesulfame potassium). Fortunately, it doesn’t taste like artificial sweetener, nor does it have an aftertaste.

Bottom line – it’s an enjoyable, berry-flavored drink.

But it sure is expensive!

The 32oz bottle retails for $49.99. It sells for about $40 on Amazon.com, but still, that’s a lot!

I was thinking it would be a month supply, but no – at a 2oz serving size, it’s only 16 servings!

So that means, it’s $2.50 per serving. (And that’s at the current markdown. At full retail, it’s $3.12 per serving. Yikes!)

The only energy drink I ever paid that much for (willingly and on an ongoing basis) was FRS Healthy Energy, but even then, I was looking for a way to cut costs.

Of course, if you’re like me, you only need 1 oz (half a serving) per day. Maybe less. So that makes it a month supply, and much more reasonably priced.

My final verdict is…

There’s no denying this drink gave me a wonderful energy boost (at least at first). It was super effective for that. Almost too effective, actually!

But for the price tag, I’d want it to follow through on the weight loss claims, too. And not just weight loss, but fat loss!

I definitely think it’s a good choice for some people, but there’s really no way to tell for sure other than testing it out yourself, which requires a significant monetary commitment. Consider it, but proceed with caution!

Official website: www.FullTimeEnergy.com

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  1. But how many calories it contain?

  2. @Hattie

    Only 15 calories per 2oz serving. So I was only getting an extra 5-15 calories per day from this drink.

    The artificial sweeteners keep it low calorie.

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