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press cocktail soda cucumber

One day I was casually walking through the beverage aisle, passing the typical cases of fruit punch, blue raspberry, orange, grape, and other ordinary drinks, when I spotted a cucumber drink!

It happened to be the cucumber flavor of Press Cocktail Soda, about which I knew absolutely nothing, so I did what anyone else would do – I bought a case to try it!

(There were a couple other flavors of this, but I had to go with the cucumber flavor, because how often do you see a cucumber soda?)

On the way to the checkout I did glance over the box and it said it’s not soda nor tonic water. Since I like drinks that are not soda nor tonic water, I figured I’d enjoy this.

Little did I know what I was getting into… After already buying a case, I went online to do some research. Here’s what I found on the company’s Myspace page:

Our vision is clear: to establish Press as the choice cocktail mixer for the sophisticated consumer. A reinvention and modernization of club soda and tonic water, Press grabs the attention of both young and mature consumers with its sleek image, crisp flavoring and nutritious recipe. As a mixer with a premium spirit, or even served alone over ice, Press is the unrivaled beverage standard. We didn’t invent the Press, we just perfected it.

Apparently I am a sophisticated consumer with a modern, nutritious drink that will be great when used as a mixer or just poured over ice. Great!

I guess I was totally oblivious to the whole “mix it with alcohol” idea because it clearly states “cocktail soda” on the can… and cocktails are mixed drinks… Duh! I thought it was just an exotic, healthy soda from a boutique brand.

Anyway, let’s move on to the taste.

This smelled and tasted like a mix of cucumber and honeydew melon. I like the smell quite a bit, and the matching flavor is enjoyable.

At first, it was very carbonated – way too many bubbles for me! But I let it sit opened in the fridge for a few hours, and then it was much better. The carbonation level was then on par with a regular soda.

Overall it had an interesting flavor, and it turned out to be refreshing.

I didn’t test it as a mixer (I don’t keep a fully stocked bar at home,) but I bet it would be pretty good for that. For gin and tonic drinkers, a “gin and cucumber press” might be up your alley.

But the nutrition information is kind of sketchy…

Since it’s soda, I don’t plan to keep drinking it. It looks a little bit healthier than soda until you read the ingredients list and see “42 HFCS” on there. That is another name for the evil known more commonly as high fructose corn syrup!

If it wasn’t carbonated, I’d consider drinking it more often, because the flavor is good. But carbonated beverages aren’t really for me. And it’s certainly not a health drink.

(I don’t like carbonated beverages, even if they contain green tea.)

My final verdict is…

The fresh cucumber taste of this drink is pretty good. I bet you could mix up some good drinks with it. Not that I’ll be using it though, for any purpose.

It’s not a sports drink, energy drink, or health beverage. It’s not healthy in any way. So you might as well avoid it.

Official website: DrinkPress.com

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  1. Interesting profile of a CANNED drink.

  2. I live in Janesville,WI where can I find the Press cucumber cocktail sodas made in Milwaukee?
    I’ve got a friend that lives by Mil. and got me some, now to find it closer to home!

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