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steaz green tea sodas

With ordinary sugar-filled, calcium-sucking sodas finally losing some of their appeal, numerous manufacturers are stepping up with some sort of “natural” or “organic” soda, which is somehow supposed to be a healthier alternative to typical sodas.

I usually avoid these, but one did catch my eye – Steaz organic green tea soda. What interested me is that this soda contains green tea! I figured it would be something like a green tea with extra flavor and some carbonation.

Perhaps a “sparkling green tea” if you will. (Actually, even though my bottles say “green tea soda” on the label, the Steaz website seems to have an updated slogan, which is in fact “sparking green tea.” That sounds much healthier than “soda,” but the ingredients are still the same.)

So let’s start off by seeing if this is actually healthier than soda…

Steaz Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

At first I was impressed with the ingredients, because the list was nice and short…

RASPBERRY INGREDIENTS: Sparkling filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice, natural raspberry flavor, citric acid, fruit juice for color, sodium citrate, organic Ceylon green tea and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

It’s basically water, organic sugar, green tea, and flavoring. So far, so good.

But once I saw just how much sugar was in one bottle, I cringed! Steaz have 23g sugar per 8oz serving, which comes out to about 35g of sugar per 12oz bottle! The sugar isn’t so bad, but that is quite a bit of sugar for one bottle!

To put that in perspective, an entire 16 oz bottle of Honest Tea has just 20g sugar!

At least there is no high fructose corn syrup!

Back to the ingredients list, Ceylon green tea is the second to last ingredient. That’s a little disconcerting, but according to Steaz, the amount of tea in each bottle is equivalent to one cup of tea. (It appears towards the end of the ingredients because by weight, the green tea powder used in the drink is minimal.)

So we have fairly healthy ingredients, but a little too much sugar.

Steaz Taste Test

Steaz is available in quite a few flavors, although I chose these three: key lime, orange, and raspberry.

Three should be plenty for me. I mean, I don’t drink soda. I don’t even like it. So this is from the perspective of someone who drinks water, green tea, and sports drinks…

steaz green tea soda orange

Orange – This reminds me of regular orange soda, although there is much less carbonation (i.e. it’s smoother and easier to drink.) The flavor is pretty close to regular orange soda, although slightly less powerful. I couldn’t recognize the taste of green tea in there, although I could tell there was something different.

In the end it was alright, and I’d prefer it over regular orange soda (thanks mainly to the lack of carbonation.)

Raspberry – No surprises here, this one tastes like a raspberry soda. It’s pretty good, and I thought the flavor was much more authentic than the orange soda Steaz.

steaz green tea soda raspberry

You know those bottles of sparkling juice? Sparking grape juice, apple juice, peach juice, pear juice, etc… Well, if they had a sparkling raspberry juice, it would taste like this. It’s pretty good, definitely sweet.

I’m not sure that I noticed the green tea in this one, either. It was really just like “sparkling raspberry.” It’s tasty, although easily forgotten.

steaz green tea soda key lime

Key Lime – Now this is the taste I was waiting for! This is what I’d expect to drink when I hear “sparkling green tea.” The flavor is light and mild and reminds me of cream soda, actually. But with a hint of key lime, of course.

It’s hard to describe. Imagine mixing a glass of green tea with a glass of sparkling water, and then adding a hint of lime flavor. And then dumping in some sugar.

This was definitely refreshing, and if I was to recommend a Steaz, it would be Key Lime.

Steaz is definitely more “soda” than it is “green tea.” I’m not sure why I bothered getting this; I guess I just wanted to see if there was a healthier soda option for anyone who does drink soda on a regular basis.

My final verdict is…

Even though this stuff tastes alright and does contain healthy green tea and natural cane sugar, there is still so much sugar that I can’t recommend this stuff. It’s OK for drinking on occasion to help ween yourself off soda, but that’s a lot of sugar in one bottle. (And one bottle of this will go down real fast.)

I wouldn’t want to consume that much sugar in one shot unless it was during a bike ride, and in that case, I’ll be getting my sugar from a drink such as Powerbar Endurance. If I want a casual drink, I’ll stick with brewing my own green tea.

If you’re weening yourself off soda, you could try this, although I’d still recommend Honest Tea or Honest Ade instead.

Official website: www.Steaz.com

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  1. the healthier alternative to a green leaf cigar?

  2. Coach,

    Carbonation is linked to calcium releated health dis-eases and sugar has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancers.

    Did you notice in the ingredients that green tea was the 7th ingredient? Someone should do an analysis as to how much green tea and egcg’s are in this product. I, for one, would like to know.

    These links support your article:

  3. @Sarah

    Nice find! That ‘snot something I want to find in my tea!

    Although I read the company’s response and undissolved lemon juice concentrate does have that same look and feel, so that’s probably all it was.

  4. Yes, Steaz sodas are delicious! While there is a lot of sugar per bottle, some of it is natural sugar.

  5. I love the stuff!!The Health Food Store where I’ve been buying the Sparkling Green Tea soda has recently changed to the Stevia STEAZE. I don’t care for the taste. I was once the Pepsi Queen, so when I stopped drinking the Pepsi, I was “jonesen” for a healthier soda. I found it! Now that I’m hooked on the Green Tea soda, they changed it…:( I can’t find the Sparkling Green Tea soda anywhere close to me (Indiana). I’ve tried other brands…nothing compares to the Sparkling Green Tea soda….love the Lemon!!

  6. Deb, what I’ve been doing is getting Poland Spring carbonated water and adding some of the fruit concentrates and powders found in the Whole Body section at Whole Foods. That way I know exactly what I’m getting. Good Luck.

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