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Now that I’ve had some time to put FRS through the paces, I can compare it to ACT, which I’ve used for a couple years already.

(For a longer introduction, see my FRS Overview and my ACT Long-term Test, which contain all the details about each of these energy drinks for healthy eaters.)

Now, on to the direct comparison…

FRS vs ACT – Price

FRS costs about $2.50 per can if you get a little 4-pack, but if you were to order a case of 24 cans, it would be about $2 per can (including shipping.) ACT costs $1.92 per can (including shipping) if you order two cases from their website, so the bulk prices are fairly similar.

FRS powders cost about $1.50 per packet, while ACT packets cost closer to $1.25. If you get ACT powder in a canister, it’s about $1 per serving.

Overall the price is similar, but FRS can be found in smaller quantities (or even a free trial) while ACT has to be purchased in bulk to get the good prices.

FRS vs ACT – Taste and Texture

I actually like both of these drinks, but each one is totally different.

FRS is like a fruit juice, especially the cans and liquid concentrate. The powder is a little bit closer to a typical energy drink, but overall, FRS is like drinking orange juice.

ACT, on the other hand, tastes like a typical energy drink. In the cans it has a light texture and some carbonation, and a quirky berry flavor. It’s kind of like a cherry soda versus FRS being more like a cherry juice.

FRS vs ACT – Flavors

FRS offers about four different flavors, some of which come in “all natural” and “low cal” versions. These flavors include Orange, Lemon Lime, Peach Mango, and Wild Berry. And each one is good!

ACT was limited to one flavor (berry) for a while, but recently came out with a new flavor (tropical.) The cans are still limited to the berry flavor, though, so if you’re looking for flavor options, FRS has you covered.

FRS vs ACT – Ease of Use

Both FRS and ACT have cans, and both are easy to drink. Both have powders, too, although the FRS powder is much easier to mix than ACT. The ACT powder takes a lot longer to prepare because you have to mix it in warm water and let it sit for a while.

Not to mention how FRS comes in the “health chews” which are super easy to eat. I’d say FRS is the clear winner in the “ease of use” battle.

FRS vs ACT – Testimonials

If you browse their websites, both contain a lot of testimonials, even from pro athletes. But ACT has lesser-known pro athletes and a relatively unknown cyclist, while FRS has a very well-known Tour de France champion in their corner.

Here’s what FRS says about that deal:

“Lance’s relationship with FRS is more than an endorsement deal, it’s a partnership. After carefully reviewing the science behind the product and meeting our management team, Lance Armstrong has joined our Board of Directors and chosen FRS to be the exclusive beverage he represents worldwide. FRS aligns with his lifestyle choices and what he believes in. Power your life with FRS.”

FRS vs ACT – Carbs and Calories

FRS comes in all natural and low carb varieties, so you can limit your calories if you choose, but the low carb variety contains sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener and something I try to avoid. In cans, the all natural has about 130 calories, while the low cal has about 25 calories.

ACT only has one formula, but it is still low in calories (25 per can) without the need for artificial sweeteners. That way you can drink it without worrying about calories or the possible negative side effects of artificial sweeteners.

FRS vs ACT – Healthy Ingredients

FRS contains a blend of the antioxidant quercetin and green tea extract which contains lots of catechins, along with numerous vitamins and minerals (including important B vitamins.) Researchers have found that EGCG (the primary catechin in green tea) is 100 times more potent than vitamin C against free radical damage. So that is awesome, but FRS still contains ~ 200% DV of vitamin C for good measure!

ACT contains some vitamins and minerals, too. A serving has a whopping 450mg potassium and just 20mg sodium, along with 100% DV of Vitamins C, B16, and B12.

But ACT contains a lot of ‘energy’ ingredients: Guarana, Green Tea, Panax Ginseng, Stevia extract, L-arginine, Taurine, L-Carnitine, and Tyrosine.

So it seems they are both fairly healthy, although FRS has a lot more antioxidants,vitamins, and minerals, while FRS has some interesting ingredients and energy supplements that aren’t found in FRS.

FRS vs ACT – The Energy Boost!

Hands down, FRS offers the best energy boost of any healthy energy drink of sports supplement I’ve used. A glass of FRS in the morning provides an uplifting feeling that lasts all day. It’s not a blast of energy, but it seems to last forever.

ACT provides a little bit of an energy boost, but it’s not as powerful. However, it is still better than getting a big rush and crashing in 30 minutes.

Pulling an all-nighter or taking a long road trip? Then go with FRS.

Need a slight pick-me-up in late afternoon or evening? Use ACT. (I can use ACT later in the day without it affecting my sleep.)

The big reason I still use ACT, though, is that it seems to have better recovery benefits. Used after a hard workout, I manage to feel good the next day!

FRS vs ACT – The Results

Let’s see… both are expensive and come in a variety of forms, and are relatively healthy. I will keep using both on occasion: FRS each morning and maybe during a workout, then ACT afterwards for recovery. (However, it’s harder for me to get through a day without FRS.)

FRS is easier to get (and offers a free trial,) so it’s much easier to get some FRS.

FRS has an all-day energy boost, slightly better than ACT. I like the fizziness of the ACT though. Also, I can take ACT in the evening after a workout to aid recovery, and I’ll feel better, but I can still get to sleep. With FRS, I make sure only to take it early in the day because I don’t think I could get to sleep afterwards.


Need an all-day energy boost? FRS.

Want a decent tasting energy drink that is also healthy? ACT.

Have to choice just one? Honestly I’d have to go with FRS. That could change in a few years or even a few months, but for now, FRS is my go-to drink.

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  1. As a truck driver I am interested in energy drinks that are not loaded with sugar. I have used both FRS and ACT. I like the taste of FRS better than ACT. For me I can drink FRS all day long and still be sleepy all day long. With ACT I am awake for 4-6 hours with one drink. I have energy that modivates me to work.

  2. @Keith

    Funny how different people have such different reactions to various energy drinks. ACT doesn’t seem to hit me as hard as FRS.

    Glad to hear you found a good drink for your needs though!

  3. Hey Coach Levi,

    I have been drinking ACT for a while and it does help me. I have just ordered the free trial of FRS though to give it a shot. I was wondering if you knew why ACT was not FDA approved? Also, the taurine level in ACT is it healthy or not?


  4. @Bryan

    Dietary supplements (including drinks, pills, etc.) do not require FDA approval like drugs do, so there is no need for companies to spend money seeking their approval.

    Plus, FDA approval is nothing more than a corrupt scheme financed by big pharmaceutical companies.

    See here:

    As for the taurine in ACT, I’m not sure how much is in there, but it looks like a low to moderate amount – nothing to be concerned about.

  5. I just tried FRS today and I liked it, I’m looking for something my wife likes, cause I use verve and she doesnt like the taste. Which I love. Its suppose to be healthy, and give energy, but Im more in love with the taste I didnt care if it was a soda lol I’m like a crack addict. You should test that sometime. I dont really notice the energy from it but I never really think about it I just think yum yum verve, but at 3$ a can that can get costly haha I really didnt take notice of the energy of FRS today either was just thinking hmmm would my wife like this taste? I think, but I accidently got sugarfree so I’ll try again, I do want to try the lime.

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