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act energy can

It has been a while since my initial ACT review, and I had probably been drinking this for a year before that – but my long term test of ACT Energy Drink is finally here!

At first I was extremely skeptical, considering that this product was a Red Bull competitor, and also because it was sold through network marketing (think Mary Kay cosmetics or a Tupperware party) rather than in health food stores. Since then, my views have changed considerably.

Now I actually drink ACT on occasion for the healthy energy boost, recovery benefits, and flavor. It’s much healthier than drinks like Red Bull and Monster, and it tastes better, too.

Here’s a quick summary from the website:

A.C.T. Energy balances highly-effective, all-natural ingredients that all work together on the cellular level. The resulting formulation creates a large, healthy, mental and physical boost that starts working in minutes, and lasts for hours!

Continue reading for more details…

ACT – Powders, Cans, and Bars

act energy packet

You can get ACT powder in single-serving packets for ease of use or big canisters for cost savings. The packets are supposedly good for use on the go, however, mixing up powders isn’t always easy, and you need scissors to open the pack. I mix my powder in advance (see the first review for instructions,) so I’m a fan of the canister.

I am really liking the mixed berry flavor now, but I’m still excited that they’re coming out with a new flavor, Tropical Blast. (At least for now, Tropical Blast is only available as a powder.)

act energy cans

At first I hated the idea of ACT in a can, especially since it was carbonated, but I got used to it… and now I love the cans! I actually love the light carbonation and flavor from the can, and I’ve been taking the cans over the powder any chance I get. (Except if I need to fill a water bottle… then it’s powder for sure. I wouldn’t want anything carbonated while riding or working out.)

This is where the health comparisons can really be made “can to can.” One 12oz can of ACT has just 24 calories and 5g sugar, which is surprisingly low for any flavored beverage, let alone energy drinks. It also contains 450mg of potassium citrate and is full of vitamins, especially B vitamins (100% DV of B6 and B12; 50% B3.)

It makes sense when you consider the proprietary blend: Fibersol-2 (Dietary Fiber), Guarana (seed), Juice Extracts (Cherry, Pineapple, Mango, Orange), Green Tea, Panax Ginseng (root), Stevia (leaf) extract, L-arginine, Taurine, L-camitine, Tyrosine, Maca (root).

It’s like health food that gives you a bonus energy boost!

act energy berry bar

You can also get ACT as a “berry blast” energy bar. I haven’t tried these yet, but they are on my shopping list.*

It makes sense to add the bar because you can’t survive a long bike ride with only 50 calories in your water bottle and nothing else. Now hard-core ACT fans can get their fix through a food or beverage.

*While I will probably try these, I doubt they will replace my regular Powerbars or Clif bars.

ACT for Energy

The obvious use for any energy drink is to drink it during physical activity (i.e. a ride or race) to keep your energy levels high. On occasion I’ll use ACT while riding, and it gives me enough energy to finish a ride without getting worn out. It doesn’t give me a one-time boost like GU energy gel; rather, it makes it so I don’t get that “oh man, I need an energy boost” feeling.

In other words, it gives me just enough energy that I don’t have to think about my energy levels. There’s never a big energy spike or crash.

Most of the time, though, I use ACT as a “pick me up” on days when I’m feeling tired or run down and still need to get some work done. It does the trick and perks me right up. It also comes in handy for long road trips because it keeps me awake and alert.

For example, let’s say you go for a ride during your lunch hour. It sure would be nice to do the ride, then lounge around and get a massage for the rest of the day, but some people have to actually do work after a ride… ACT is perfect, because you drink it after a ride for a recovery drink, then it also perks you up just enough to get through the day.

(FRS is much more powerful, though.)

ACT for Recovery

Speaking of recovery, that is the #1 reason I drink ACT.

I never thought of ACT as a recovery drink until I heard a certain success story… A guy I know that does masonry (which is serious hard work,) uses ACT to recover from a hard day. When he does, his legs aren’t sore the next day.

After hearing that story, I starting using ACT a lot (despite the cost.) It turns out that ACT actually works as a recovery drink! (Don’t ask me how, but it seems to work.)

How to Get ACT

There are two ways to buy ACT. First, you could sign-up to be an independent distributor, which would allow you to buy it by the case at a discounted price. Second, you could find someone that is already an independent distributor and buy ACT one packet at a time.

Unfortunately, you won’t find ACT in stores. (I wish you could, because I really hate the “downline” crap cluttering their site, and I despise having to join in their network marketing scheme just to order in bulk.)

My final verdict is…

I still feel that ACT is expensive, but it’s worth trying, if only for the recovery aspect. I use it after hard rides, races, or workouts, and I’m mostly recovered for the next day.

You might not need it every day, but I’d at least try it for something crazy like a double race weekend or a time when you absolutely have to be fully recovered the day after a hard workout.

Or, even if you’re not a competitive racer, ACT makes a healthy alternative to crap like Red Bull. ACT costs about the same (or slightly less when purchased in bulk,) provides just as much energy, and it’s healthy.

Official Website: www.DrinkACT.com

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