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Here we have a new energy drink. Normally I would not find something like this, but my mom got me started on it because we know some people who are into network marketing. This is actually a drink more like Red Bull than Gatorade, but luckily it looks fairly healthy. It’s actually something you can drink without worrying about crazy side effects.

act energy drink

ACT Energy is sort of like a cross between Red Bull and fruit punch Gatorade. It tastes a little odd, but it is nowhere near as bad as Red Bull or those other drinks. There is no caffeine, and it has healthier ingredients like guarana seed, juice extracts, green tea, ginseng root, stevia leaf, taurine, and tyrosine. (And a few other things that I’m not exactly sure what they are.)

You can get ACT in powder form in packets and canisters, and soon it will be available ready-to-drink in cans. The packets are great for travel, the canisters are nice at home, and the can is convenient (and looks cool.) The biggest drawback is the mixing process.

Unlike whey protein, this stuff mixes easily, but it foams up like crazy. If you put the powder in a half-full bottle of water and shake, it mixes easily. However, you’ll have to let it sit for a while the foam settles before adding the rest of the water!

Sidenote on mixing:

  1. Fill 16 oz water bottle half-way with room temperature water.
  2. Pour in a scoop of ACT powder.
  3. Close the lid and shake a few times.
  4. Let it sit for a while.
  5. Fill the rest of the way with cold water.
  6. Give it a gentle shake and start drinking. (Although personally, I do prefer to mix it with just 8 oz of water, total, and drink it pretty fast.)

Now to talk about the effects and my energy levels

The first time I tried this, I only had a few sips. Even though it is an energy drink, guess what happened… I almost fell asleep! After that I just laughed at this “energy” drink. But, a week later, I decided to give it another chance.

The next time, I actually mixed up a full bottle and drank all of it. I seemed to get tired after a few sips, but once I had downed most of it, I perked up instantly! At first it was just some extra energy, but 10 minutes later I was flipping out. I must have gone crazy for about 4 hours!

I couldn’t just sit around and watch TV or read a book, I had to do something! I started working out, and although I collapsed eventually, I felt stronger than ever. I was ready for anything! It was even better than the time I had codeine pills after getting my wisdom teeth removed!

But alas, later in the afternoon, my energy slowly returned to a normal level. I didn’t crash, but I didn’t have that cool crazy feeling anymore.

After that experience, I had another bottle the next day. But for some reason it did not have much of an affect. I kind of felt the energy boost, but is was nothing like the first time. The third day was nice, though. A good, solid energy kick (although nothing compared to Day 1).

So you might get a huge energy kick the first time you use this, but after that it will give you more of a ‘normal’ energy boost.

My final verdict is…

This is something worth trying. I know some people who really like it, so maybe it will work for you, too. But you should try it at least once to see if you get that crazy rush of energy (that lasts for hours!) The problem is that it costs almost $2 per serving, but you can get it cheaper if you buy in bulk.

If you are thinking of buying in bulk, take a look at the network marketing plan behind it. You can buy in bulk to stock up for yourself, or you could go in on it with your riding buddies – buy in bulk to save money and split the product among yourselves.

Although I would recommend finding someone who can give you a free sample or sell you just 1-2 packets (before signing-up for anything).

Official Website: www.DrinkACT.com

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  1. Guarana seeds contain approximately three times as much caffeine as coffee beans. So your adrenal glands are getting stimulated but you are really not getting any energy. When you come down, you will be more tired than you have before. It does stimulate the brain to think though and I’m sure it makes you feel alert.

  2. That might be true if you’re eating guarana seeds, but I wouldn’t generalize the effects of one ingredient to represent the entire drink. I.E. you won’t necessarily crash after eating or drinking something that contains guarana seeds, because there are other ingredients that will have other effects. I see your point though (and that’s part of the reason I usually stick with something like a sports drink.)

    P.S. the time I wanted to fall asleep was merely seconds after drinking it, so I think that was either lack of sleep or just not wanting to believe the drink worked. 😉

  3. I am an epileptic, would this product be safe for some one like me?

  4. @Jennifer

    That’s a question I would discuss with your doctor! I can’t help you on that.

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