Let’s look at caffeine content in energy drinks today. This was inspired by a reader who wrote in looking for caffeine-free energy drinks. We’ll examine those and look for energy drinks that don’t cause jitters.

In search of energy drinks without caffeine.

Hi Coach Levi,
How much caffiene is in the low cal berry FRS drink? Are there energy drinks on the market with no caffiene? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!

Hi Grace,

A can of wild berry FRS will contain 48mg caffeine while a cup you mix yourself (the powder) contains 35mg.

That’s pretty low. Even green tea can have 20-40 mg caffeine per cup.

FRS has an especially low caffeine content when compared to other energy drinks, so it’s not a bad choice, considering an actual energy drink without caffeine is hard to find…

But, there are a few to check out. Some drinks are totally caffeine-free, some coffee- and tea-based drinks contain only natural caffeine, and others contain caffeine but also include ingredients that buffer the caffeine so you’re less likely to get jitters or headaches if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

We’ll look at all the options.

The caffeine-free energy drinks.

Here are energy drinks that are either caffeine-free, low caffeine, or contain only natural caffeine.

  • XS Blast Energy Drink
  • SEA2O
  • ACT Energy
  • Cranergy
  • Decaf 5 Hour Energy

Though a rare species, there are a few of these out there!

XS Blast

First is XS Blast Energy Drink, which has Tropical Blast and Cranberry-Grape Blast flavors that are caffeine free. The energy boost comes from the “high powered adaptogenic herbs mixed with potent levels of B-vitamins and key amino acids,” although it seems the caffeine-free version does away with most of the herbs, too.

See more at XSblast.com.

Decaf 5-Hour Energy

Even better, there is actually a decaf version of the popular 5 Hour Energy shot, which contains a very low 6mg caffeine. It might as well be 0. It’s comparable to half a cup of decaf coffee. It still contains B vitamins and a wide variety of other substances, to provide an energy boost. See the 5 Hour Energy decaf page for more info.


Finally, another drink that looks like a typical energy drink is the E10 Energy Drink, but it’s actually caffeine-free and contains a selection of vitamins and healthy nutrients to give you an energy boost.

Unfortunately, E10 has shut down.


sea2o energy drink

Then there’s a little-known drink called SEA2O that takes the organic/natural angle to energy drinks. The website says it is 100% organic, caffeine-free, and high in fiber and antioxidants. But it’s not something I’d even consider an energy drink. The only ingredient that will give you energy is the sugar!

Regardless, SEA2O has shut down, too.

The energy drinks containing only natural caffeine.

If you can handle caffeine, but prefer a more natural beverage.

ACT Energy

First, the ACT Energy Drink I reviewed many years ago is sometimes said to be caffeine free, because it doesn’t have any added caffeine. But it still uses guarana seed as a stimulant, and guarana contains naturally occurring caffeine.

For more information, take a look at this FRS vs ACT comparison.

Adina Coffee Energy

adina coffee energy

One of the more interesting choices I found was Adina Coffee Energy, which does not contain added caffeine, since it is based on coffee beans (which contain naturally-occurring caffeine). Coffee beans are high in antioxidants, too, so that’s pretty cool. Of course, it’s still going to be rather high in caffeine, like regular coffee.

What I liked was that it was a more natural alternative to the likes of Red Bull and Monster. Sadly, the Adina World beverage company has since shut down.


Another sort of natural option is “Cranergy” from Ocean Spray, which is low in caffeine, only containing the natural caffeine from the added green tea. I don’t know how much energy you could possibly get from green tea and cranberry juice plus a few vitamins (maybe they add concentrated green tea?), but if that’s your thing, you can probably find Cranergy at most grocery stores.

Drinks that don’t give me caffeine jitters!

I’m fairly sensitive to caffeine – one cup of coffee is more than enough for me. So if a caffeine sensitivity is the issue, you might want to give this a shot.

It’s called Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus. It contains a solid 125 mg of caffeine, but the energy boost comes on gradually, giving me all-day energy without the jitters.

You could also forget energy drinks entirely.

Seriously. Most of the time, energy drinks are a crutch. The better idea is to solve the underlying cause of your low energy levels. It’s actually quite simple if you follow these steps.

Alternatively, you can get a potent energy boost with greens! Eat your leafy greens, fresh veggies, and even seaweed, and you might notice a pleasant energy boost!

If you don’t mind swallowing pills, try ENERGYbits. They are bits of seaweed, and they are energizing.

Even easier, mix up a glass of Greens Plus. This is a greens powder that won’t taste anything like any energy drink out there, but the shock of a healthy drink can give your body a true energy boost! All without a drop of caffeine!


And that is it! If anyone knows of more caffeine-free energy drinks, please list them below in the comments section!

[Editor’s note: This article was first published on November 20, 2008, back when caffeine-free energy drinks were practically non-existent. It has since been updated – most recently on March 13, 2019 – to reflect the many changes in the marketplace.]

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  1. Careful with those tips, as they are not really correct. While Adina does not have added caffeine, There is still 150mg caffeine in their small cans. Cranergy also has over 100mg of caffeine from green tea extract! For people sensitive to caffeine, having any tea or coffee based drinks is a bad idea.

    • That is so true. I drop of any caffeine gives me a migraine for days.

    • Also Blast XS you state does not have caffeine but the site says:

      Each 8.4 oz. can contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (80 mg) and is packed with 25% real fruit juice, B vitamins and 200% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C to fuel your day right from the start, without added sugar.

  2. @Big Red Boots

    Thanks for chiming in, although I’m not sure what is incorrect about my tips. I listed drinks that contain low or no caffeine, and for Adina and Cranergy, I specifically mentioned that they do contain some amount of caffeine.

    It depends on why one is asking for a caffeine-free energy drink. Sometimes they are highly sensitive to caffeine; other times, it’s not so much the caffeine content, but that they just want something more natural than Monster or Red Bull (even if it has as much caffeine as coffee does).

    If there are other drinks I missed, by all means, please point them out!

    P.S. Love your Examiner column!

  3. Just released in North America is Xe. This is a healthy energy drink. The energy comes from Theobromine (extracted from chocolate!) Maca, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Quercetin, and Guarana. The nice thing about Guarana is that it is a larger molecule and is absorbed slowly. The website gives full disclosure of all ingredients and the full supplement facts (as seen on the can).

    It tastes fantastic and has a wonderful non jittery, no crash energy boost. I also find that the high antioxidant count makes you feel better if you have cold symptoms!


  4. Hi Levi –

    I am an avid cyclist (both road and mtn.) and enjoy your site.

    As requested above I just wanted to let you know there is an energy product called Orbana that is currently available in Europe that has no caffeine, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It is also popular with athletes because it is screened against possible contamination with illegal substances as identified on the WADA Prohibited List for Sport.

    My company may be assisting them in bringing the product over to North America. Their website has more info: orbana.com.

    Let me know if you would like to receive a few samples.
    Thank you.

  5. I would like to add Monavie’s Emv to this list. It has 55mg of caffeine with no artificial ingredients or presevatives. I am a Monavie distributor and love it. I have used it before runs (I am training for my first half marathon)and it contains, maca, ginseng, cha de berge, guarana, 80% fruit juice (acai, camu, camu, cupacau, apple and grape). Check it out at http://www.monavie.com It does have a higher price per can but also gives you several servings of fruit per can.

  6. hydroblast is caffeine free

  7. PureStart Energy is a natural caffeine free energy supplement. It works pretty well.

  8. I am currently taking Force Factor which I have been very happy with, but want to also want to have an energy drink before my work out…..Nitric Oxide relaxes the circulatory system while caffeine restricts the system….will any of these energy drinks give me energy without doing the same thing that caffeine does?

    Thank You

  9. Good Articles, Good Comments Thank you.
    I also am constantly looking for non caffeinated (zero caffeine) energy drinks. Caffeine- my favorite drug is also very hard on the system. It provides great energy but also has positive then negative chronatropic effects on the heart. Meaning increased heart rate and blood flow then it is reversed- usually more than your normal state. There is also central vascular blood vessel dilation (increased oxygenated blood to heart) but reduced blood flow to the extremities. in addition It is a quite powerful diuretic. In large doses it will reveal cardiovascular problems- so be careful. (I did a paper in our Cardio/Nervous System class: Flight or Fight and Caffeine, just enough info to make me dangerous)
    I have had success with Fuse-Slenderize. Which has L-Carnitine and Chromium which give me an energy boost and appetite suppressant. Also Sobe-Lean Machine drinks for the same reason. The problem which they both have, is artificial sweeteners.
    Thanks for the space!

  10. I thought i would add that while not exactly an energy drink many of the kinda high dollar juice blends that are green in color can give quite a bit of a natural boost. I sometimes will down around 12-16oz or so of one of those in the morning and then maybe a little coffee and i feel better than any energy drink i have tried.

  11. Found an incredible all natural 100% juice that promotes energy naturally! The brand is Picabi and there are B Viamins and L-Carnitine to give sustainable energy thoroughout the day!

  12. @Rus

    Totally. A lot people get quite a boost from Greens Plus.

  13. What do you know about Cheetah Power Surge Caffiene free energy drink. I located it on it’s web site but it appears unless you go to Canada or one NY Drugstore chain, you need to buy a case on line. It costs as much to ship as to buy the case. I have no hesitation paying for the case cost but refuse to pay the same to ship it.

  14. @Bob

    This is the first I’ve heard of Cheetah Power Surge so I can’t really comment.

    But I do know it’s a pain to order cases of energy drinks online, the shipping is always ridiculous.

  15. XS Blast energy drinks are sugar free and caffeine free. They use B vitamins to naturally boost energy without a crash. Plus, there are 15 flavors to choose from so it really isn’t hard to find one that you like! For more information check out: http://www.xsblast.com/

  16. Sambazon All natural amazon energy uses guarana extract and yerba mate extract which are both stimulants and have natural caffeine totalling 80mg per can. I do want to add that I am caffeine free for 10 years now due to bad stomache reactions to caffeine. I have found that this product and others made from guarana seeds do not seem to effect me. So it is worth a try for others looking for a similar product. Good luck!

  17. So technically speaking it still contains caffeine, just not added caffeine. SO their article title is a complete and utter LIE!

  18. i have just tried FRS the taste is discussing…dont waste your money…
    the other thing is .. there are a lot of very good energy drinks on here and i have no idea were to find them….please help

  19. @Lauren

    That’s the problem. A lot of the good energy drinks are from smaller companies who don’t have the cash flow and/or distribution of someone like Red Bull.

  20. I found that I have an allergic reaction to caffeine, so I began searching for a caffeine free energy drink. I found that ones that use Guarana, a different form of caffeine, did not give me the symptoms as ones that say “caffeine”. It also gave me the ‘up’, without the follow-up ‘crash’ of caffeine. Sambazon worked the best, but now they stopped selling it in my area. but… it’s still available online; you have to buy it by the case; and shipping is free.

  21. Little Bigshort energy drink, from a small company is “yet” to be widely known but I am sure that will soon change. It is truely an energy drink truely without caffeine or guarana I found in UK.

  22. @Lauren you are right, small companies have better stuff but they’re invisible. Personally I use Fast & Up doesn’t get me wired. But I also eat an apple or pear a daily and keep my coffee @ 1 espresso a day, 2 get me nervous.

  23. These tips are horrible! The question asked for suggestions with NO caffeine, and nearly every one contained caffeine. And apparently you are not aware 150mg and 100mg of caffeine is NOT “low caffeine” as you insist in your response to Big Red Boots. You only have to glance at Starbucks’ webpage to see that.

  24. @Wow

    Thanks for the feedback.

    You seem to have misinterpreted my article as well as my comments. The question was, “Are there energy drinks on the market with no caffiene?”

    Truth be told, there are very, very few drinks that meet such criteria. So, I could have just said “no.” But rather than listing 1-2 drinks with absolutely no caffeine, that may or may not be any good, I listed a number of options.

    If this was a client of mine, my follow up question would be, “why are you looking for such a drink?” Then we’d work together to figure out the best course of action. But in the case of this article, I presented a variety of options for the wide variety of people who may be reading.

    • I searched for non-caffeine energy drinks because my Dr told me to stop caffeine. Caffeine relaxes the sphincter reflex in my esophagus and gives me severe heartburn and reflux. This is my “why.” I believe chocolate affects me the same. I am looking for something to pick me up in the morning, that is all.

  25. Hello everyone,
    You might want to look at my product as it would fit in VERY well with your exercise program.
    • No Caffeine
    • Potassium Rich (almost nobody can touch us) with 800 mg in each serving.
    • Low in Sugar 2-3 grams per 16oz serving
    • Low in Calories 20-25.

    We sponsor a wide variety of athletes human powered and motor driven, we all need proper nutrients and support. RaceFuelZ, refueling the human race! Check it out.

  26. @Michael

    RaceFuelZ sounds like a hydration drink (similar to Nuun or even coconut water,) not at all like an energy drink.

    • RaceFuelZ is a fantastic hydration drink, especially when stacked next to others. It would take a few tablets of others to match the functionality to one stick pack of our product.

      The cost reflects the volume and quality of the ingredients.

      More like a wellness drink disguised as an energy drink. The b’s are where the energy comes from. So yes your correct that it sounds more like a hydration product. It’s a well balanced hybrid drink with an amazing flavor profile.

      Taste the difference, feel the difference.. Only way to know 🙂

  27. Biomaxx Nutrition http://www.biomaxxenergy.com

    We have a Concentrate and a Ready to Drink with no caffeine or sugar. They are patented. Formulation is based on requirements of the Krebs cycle. All have methylcobalamin B-12. The energy is subtle and sustained.

  28. I found an energy drink that is caffeine free and it is not so bad it is called Laser energy drink also am drinking unleaded monster. But they have so may carbs and sugars

  29. I have been drinking a new energy drink called Lift by a new health and wellness company Formula168. It has 26mg of caffeine from organic green coffee bean extract. They also have a shot version. I like the taste better than most other low caffeine energy drinks and it gives me a good amount of energy without the jitters.

    Here is a link to the product: https://formula168.com/products/lift-12-ounce-carbonated-energy-drink

  30. Is the caffeine free Red Bull any good?

    • @Stewie

      Isn’t the caffeine-free Red Bull just a line of flavored, carbonated beverages? It’s not actually a caffeine free energy drink is it?

  31. I too am looking for NO caffeine low sugar (No artificial or substitutes) No diet but a natural energy boosting drink. I feel like brain fog for over a week. I’m taking multi vitamin and Super B Complex but I can’t seem to get back to ‘normal’ I’ve ck’ed sugar and blood pressure – good. Not sure what’s going on.
    I can not have low caffeine nor any chocolate … it hurts the fibroid knots in my body and also gives me vicious headaches.

    Thank you for this article altho I can’t drink most of these…. still good info.
    I didn’t realize there were so many choices.

    I drank a peach mango BodyArmor Lyte Super Drink only to realize it is packed w/ tons of sugar. The same w/ the flavored vitamin waters … ugh


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