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greens plus in glass

Despite new “superfood” supplements being discovered (and advertised) every day, there’s one superfood product that has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere. It’s called Greens Plus (or Greens+ for short).

The powder is a blend of 29 nutrient-rich superfoods, sea vegetables, and herbal extracts.

In general, these greens powders are something I recommend for ‘insurance.’ That is, you should always eat your veggies, but there’s a good chance this is going to improve your health even further, considering how many different plants are in it (that you probably don’t consume otherwise!)

I also highly recommend taking a greens supplement if you’re in a situation where you can’t possibly consume enough vegetables normally, if you are feeling a cold coming on, if you’re on a low calorie diet, or if you need an energy boost later in the day when caffeine is not an option.

What really stands out with Greens Plus is their reputation. This is a trustworthy brand that has been around for years, so it has withstood the test of time (this counts for a lot in this age of fly-by-night supplement companies!) This product is highly regarded by nutrition pros like Dr. JB (here’s why) and specifically recommended in the Get Shredded Diet.

The price stands out, as well. This stuff retails for $39.95 per 30-serving jar! Fortunately it’s closer to $24 per jar on Amazon.com, but still, that’s quite a bit of coin for some extra insurance. I recommend getting on a steady diet of fresh, whole foods, and then if you have room in the budget, consider a jar of Greens Plus.

That covers the basics. Now let’s move on to the finer details…

Health and Nutrition Inspection

This is one of those situations where you could spend days reading through the ingredients list, analyzing each one, and discovering all sorts of reasons why something called Dunaliella Salina is so darn good for you.

Since I don’t have room to list all the ingredients here, and I certainly don’t have the expertise to explain every single one of them, I’ll give a general overview (and talk about my favorites).

“One serving of Greens Plus delivers more essential vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants than five full servings of fruits and vegetables.”

In general, here’s what you’re getting:

  • Sea vegetables
  • Grasses and leafy greens
  • Probiotics
  • Fiber
  • Colon cleaners
  • Herbal extracts

All in all, that’s great stuff! I do get a chuckle from the “colon cleaners” though, thanks to being overrun with a variety of overrated “colon cleanse” products these days!

Here are the ones that stand out to me:

Montana Bee Pollen
I like bees, especially how they collect pollen, which is full of all sorts of healthy substances. And if there’s any state where I’d want my bee pollen collected, it’s Montana!

Royal Jelly Powder
Like I said, I like bees. And royal jelly is something that helps bees to be awesome. So, I hope it helps me to also be awesome!

Organic Japanese Green Tea Leaf
The best green tea is from Japan, right?

Astragalus Root
I’ve heard that this root (also called Astragalus membranaceus) is the most potent supplement available for immune system enhancement. Granted, most of the claims are from traditional Chinese medicine (rather than scientific research,) but I’m still hopeful.

Jonesing for more? Then check out the Greens Plus FAQ on the Precision Nutrition website to see more details and scientific research.

Mixability and Drinkability

Going to mix up a glass of Greens Plus? All you need is a spoon. I mix 3tsp (1 Tbsp) with 8-12oz water, mix, and drink. You barely need any elbow grease and you end up with a deep, dark green liquid.

It’s going to be easier in a blender or Blender Bottle, but really, that’s overkill for this.

However, I will caution you on two things:

Don’t use a square or angled glass. The powder will stick and clump in the corners. If you use a standard circular glass, you’ll be fine.

Drink immediately after stirring. If you let it sit, it will settle, and you’ll have sludge at the bottom of the glass. Stir often, or drink it right away for best enjoyment.

And finally, one more tip – drink from the smallest glass possible. This way you don’t waste the powder that sticks to the sides of a big glass!

As far as drinkability, I have no problem. I gulp this down and enjoy every second of it! It’s a bit grainy, which you really can’t avoid with this kind of stuff, but it’s mostly a nice smooth drink! (And all I do is mix it with some water.)

I’ve given it to a lot of my friends, and none of them complained. One of my clients who had never tried this type of supplement referred to it as “surprisingly palatable.” In one instance, I thought my friend was just going to take a sip, but he took the whole 16oz glass!

Greens Plus Flavor and Taste Test

You can buy the original flavor of Greens Plus, the popular wild berry flavor, or the new chocolate flavor.

Original Superfood

This one is not bad, but why drink something that tastes like plain seaweed when there is a much tastier version?!

OK, maybe you don’t like berries – then stick with this one.

Wild Berry Burst

They claim this is the best-tasting green superfood on the planet, and I’m inclined to agree! It tastes like the standard greens powder at first (a pleasant mix of grass and seaweed,) but it has a fairly potent berry flavor and sweetness to it. It’s surprisingly sweet for something with only 1g sugar and a little stevia leaf powder for a sweetener.

Amazon Chocolate

There is a bland chocolate flavor that I do not think is a good complement to the greens.

I do not enjoy this one.

Greens Plus vs The Rest

Can you compare it to other greens supplements?

Up against Barlean’s Greens, it is very very similar. Both are quality products, and both have hearty greens flavors.

Compared to Naked Green Machine, there’s very little similarity. One is a health drink, one is a convenient fruit smoothie that happens to contain some green ingredients. You guess which is which! 😉

And finally, going by names, it sounds like Kevita Living Greens could be similar. But the two drinks are not even close! Both are delicious, but offer vastly different experiences.

My final verdict is…

Greens Plus tastes good and it’s good insurance that I’m getting enough greens in my diet when I can’t eat properly or am restricting calories.

I can’t be 100% sure that this is the #1 highest quality greens supplement, but Greens Plus is very trustworthy and has earned a huge reputation, so I highly recommend it.

Official website: GreensPlus.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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