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There’s always an easy way and a hard way to do something. Eating your greens is no exception. You could grow a garden and eat tons of fresh veggies every day, you could mix up a greens beverage from a powder like Greens Plus, or you could walk into a convenience store and grab a greens drink off the shelf.

If you choose the latter, you’re probably buying a Naked Green Machine. Not gonna lie, I love these things! It is by far my favorite flavor from Naked Juice. But is it really a good way to get your greens?

Years ago, when I had my first Green Machine, I was sold instantly! The bottle listed tons of fruits and veggies, and they were priced at $2.99 (sometimes a whopping $3.99) for a 16oz, so I figured it must be good stuff! It’s even gluten-free and vegan. I thought, “hey, forget salads, this is all I need!” After a while, though, I managed to think logically, and this super-sweet, delicious drink seemed too good to be true!

Ingredients: Apple juice, mango puree, pineapple juice, banana puree, kiwi puree, spirulina, natural flavors, chlorella, broccoli, spinach, barley grass, wheat grass, parsley, ginger root, blue green algae, odorless garlic.

Looking at the ingredients, you can see they are dominated by fruit juices. In other words, sugar! (Yes, in terms of ingredients, apple juice is essentially sugar.)

So yeah, you’re getting some wheat grass, spirulina, and garlic, too, but not much. Take the 50mg garlic for example. That’s nothing. If I take a single Nature’s Way Garlicin pill, it contains 350mg!

The 28 grams of sugar per 8oz serving are definitely affecting your blood sugar, but the few milligrams of greens, well, I’m not sure they’re going to do a whole lot. The 0g fiber sure isn’t helping matters!

If you want a greens supplement where you get the greens without the sugar, choose Greens Plus, which I mentioned earlier. It’s much healthier, and while I consider it expensive, a daily bottle of Naked’s Green Machine makes a serving of Greens Plus seem cheap!

Now, if you are just beginning to switch to a healthier diet, a Green Machine is far better than a Shamrock Shake! But don’t get caught up in the hype. I’ve actually heard people exclaim they get a huge energy boost after drinking this because of the rapid vitamin and mineral influx. Well, I think they’re half right. They get a boost (I’ve felt it too,) but it’s from the sugar!

So, the short answer is that no, this really isn’t a good way to get your greens. For the long answer, check out this analysis by Evita Ochel. She really goes into detail on the health and nutrition aspects of this drink.

naked green machine in glass

[Note my 6oz Flying Dog glass – get your own next time you’re in Maryland.]

The actual juice looks very dark. And thick. And grassy.

It feels thick, too. While you can see tiny little particles in there, it tastes completely homogenous (unlike The Ultimate Meal.)

It might have a hint of a grassy taste at first, but that’s quickly overpowered by the kiwi and pineapple flavors! With the sweet apple juice base, it’s definitely not bland or bitter. And it just gets better the more you drink!

I prefer it over the “Green Goodness” from Bolthouse Farms. Green Goodness is good, but not quite as good as this. I’ll buy it occasionally at stores like Sam’s Club if they have it at a good price, but if the Bolthouse Farms bottles are only like 25 cents less than Naked, I choose Naked.

Either way though, try to buy this stuff in the 64oz bottles at Sam’s Club or Costco, rather than a convenience store.

Also, when you finish the bottle, don’t waste the good stuff coating the inside of the container! Half the minerals are probably still sticking there. So, dump about 2oz green tea into the bottle, swirl, then drink! Then you can give it a final rinse with water before recycling.

My final verdict is…

This drink is positively delicious, so I know I’ll succumb to temptation and still buy it on occasion, but it’s too sugary to be drinking every day. And it definitely won’t help you lose weight. You should save the Green Machine for a rare treat, and stick with something like Greens Plus for a daily health drink.

A good compromise would be SPRUCE Energizing Whole Greens by Eboost. That stuff tastes very similar to Naked Green Machine, but it’s far lower in sugar!

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  1. Did you get any money refunded during that class action settlement?

  2. @Stephen

    Haha, I considered it, but without having saved my receipts, it wasn’t even worth the time. I would have just used the refund to buy more Green Machine anyway!

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