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5 Juices That Can (Arguably) Burn Fat, Extend Your Endurance, and Make You Invincible

Whether it’s orange juice for breakfast, lemon juice for a cleanse, grapefruit juice for your entire diet, juicing at home, or the juicing among professional athletes, we can’t get enough. Even with the negative headlines saying juice is less healthy than diet soda, the stuff is flying

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Tested: Naked Green Machine

There’s always an easy way and a hard way to do something. Eating your greens is no exception. You could grow a garden and eat tons of fresh veggies every day, you could mix up a greens beverage from a powder like Greens Plus, or you could

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Watermelon Juice Smoothie, The Perfect Summer Treat

There’s nothing like a ripe watermelon on a warm summer day. If you’ve had enough to eat, why not make some watermelon juice? It has great watermelon flavor with a little extra kick.

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Good Housekeeping, But Bad Bodykeeping (There Is More To Fruit Juice Than The Sugar Content)

One day I was watching the morning news and saw a segment about avoiding sugar or cutting calories by cutting out sugar. They had an expert on as a guest, and if I remember correctly, it was someone from Good Housekeeping magazine. Good Housekeeping is pretty big,

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