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One day I was watching the morning news and saw a segment about avoiding sugar or cutting calories by cutting out sugar. They had an expert on as a guest, and if I remember correctly, it was someone from Good Housekeeping magazine.

Good Housekeeping is pretty big, but you never know if the news shows are getting real “experts” or just someone that will create controversy to boost their ratings…

They starting going over drinks like fruit juice, sports drinks, and soda, while offering comparisons of nutrition facts such as sugar content. You know, drinks that seem like the healthy option (juice) up against the evil, unhealthy option (soda.) The segment really focused on sugar content and calories though, leaving out any other health benefits (or drawbacks.)

What was the conclusion?

That fruit juice is bad for you because it has so many calories. We’re talking about orange juice and apple juice here, and they say it’s the unhealthy option!

Worse, they went on to recommend that you stay away from juice, and instead go for the drinks with artificial sweeteners. The recommended lineup included Diet Pepsi.

Are you kidding?! Diet Pepsi instead of apple juice?!

No thanks, I’ll take my fruit juice and Gatorade and the extra calories, along with the health benefits. You can keep the diet sodas full of aspartame, and the resulting cancer, for yourself.

Although I’ll admit that claiming that diet soda is healthier than fruit juice was a great way to catch people’s attention!

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  1. I mostly agree with your point. Eating the whole fruit is much better than drinking it but in moderation I think juice is fine. I have thyroid problems and even if I’m riding 20 hours a week I could gain weight if I were to drink too many calories. The diet stuff worries me and I’d rather have a few extra calories.

  2. Yep, the fruit itself is the way to go. I drink maybe a couple glasses of fruit juice each year. But when fruit juice is up against diet Pepsi, there’s no way I’m taking the diet Pepsi!

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