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voke tabs in tin

Did you ever wake up thinking, “boy I have too much energy for today!”? Me neither!

And that’s why I’m always happy to try an interesting energy supplement.

I was especially excited for Voke Tab, a chewable tablet that claims to deliver a boost of smooth, natural energy from a combination of organic guarana berry, organic acerola cherry, and green tea leaf caffeine. The tabs are naturally sugar-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

The company was founded by Kalen Caughey, a competitive skier who wanted to create a spill-proof, healthy energy alternative to provide portable fuel in the mountains. He teamed up with his father, Byron Caughey, a biochemist, to research an ideal combination of natural ingredients that would provide a balanced boost without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The concept is sort of like EnergyBITS (those algae tabs I reviewed before,) except Voke Tabs contain more common energy sources. It’s not a good comparison nutritionally speaking, but they are both tablets made of natural ingredients.

What’s amazing is that not only can you chew the Voke tabs, you only need one per day!

voke tab tin in hand


Like I said, you only have to take one, and that’s awesome! And you can chew it rather than swallowing it – also awesome!

Maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but I can’t forget how much trouble I had taking 30 EnergyBITS per day! So by comparison, these are soooo much more convenient!

There’s no need to mix anything with water or drink water with it, which means less to carry and no need to stop to pee all the time (as with coffee). And they come in a tin you can carry around like a pack of gum.

This is what I’d carry on a backpacking trip. Voke Tabs would be great for any travelers, actually.

A+ for convenience!

voke tab close up


Let me preface this by saying that I enjoy the taste of chewable vitamin C tablets.

When you first put a tab on your tongue, it’s a familiar vitamin flavor, but you can taste some cherry, too. The initial cherry flavor only lasts a second or two, then it tastes like a vitamin, then the aftertaste isn’t very good. It’s sort of bitter.

The taste is alright; not “good” by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly not “bad” (especially for being an energy supplement).

The texture is better than the flavor. It’s interesting – it’s soft, like gum, but chews up like a tablet.

Energy Boost

This has what I call a “Goldilocks energy boost.” See, an espresso or Red Bull comes on too strong. A B-complex vitamin tablet is hardly noticeable. But the Voke tabs, they’re noticeable without being super in your face.

The energy boost begins gradually and seems to take about an hour to fully kick in. Once in full effect, it gave me enough energy to feel energized without feeling overwhelmed.

Even better, it will boost your mood! I became energized and happy using these things.

One day I got dealt some bad news (the type of thing you remember forever, able to re-live the moment in surprising detail). Coincidentally, I had had a Voke tab that morning, so I remained relatively happy. That’s impressive! In general, being hyped up on caffeine means I’m less likely to be sad, but this was completely different.

The feeling lasts a long time, too! Like, all day!

I’m not sure how long it lasts from a productivity standpoint, though. While it makes me feel great nearly all day long, I do hit that “no man’s land” where you don’t have enough energy to do something, yet you have too much energy to fall asleep.

So I decided I should not have one of these any later than 8am! Otherwise I’m awake well past midnight! (Which then cuts into my productivity on subsequent days due to the cumulative effects of lack of sleep…)

voke tab ingredients

Ingredients and Nutrition

That’s really impressive. How does it work?

Well, there are three main ingredients in the Voke blend: organic guarana berry seed, natural caffeine (77mg), and organic acerola cherry.

The tabs also contain erythritol, xylitol, rebiana from stevia leaves, and monk fruit extract. Those are sugar alcohols and somewhat natural sweeteners. And there’s some other random stuff to give the tabs their shape and color and texture.

There are just 2 calories per tab.

So, it’s gotta be those main ingredients.

Organic guarana berry seed

There’s some evidence this will improve mental performance and relieve anxiety. (Perhaps this is why they put me in a good mood.)

Natural caffeine from green tea

Each tab contains 77mg caffeine, which is like a small cup of coffee or an 8oz Red Bull. That’s certainly enough to give me energy, but if I have a coffee, I’m hyped up instantly and might get jitters. Not so with Voke tab.

So, it’s either the fact that this is the naturally-occurring caffeine from green tea leaves (perhaps there is also L-theanine present), or one of the other ingredients buffers the caffeine.

See, green tea contains both caffeine and theanine. And theanine will enhance the effects of the caffeine (and improve your mental focus). So taking both together is one of the best ideas in the world!

Organic acerola cherry

Provides beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta-carotene.


You can get Voke tabs for $7 per tin. A tin contains 7 tabs, so it’s $1 each. So, $1 per day, or $30 per month. (Actually $28 per month if you get in their membership and auto-renew thing.)

I consider that a fair price. A few other options are cheaper and plenty of other options are far more expensive. Five Hour Energy shots are like $2.50 each. Even a cup of coffee from Sheetz is 99 cents.

A cup of coffee brewed at home costs pennies… but also requires a coffee maker. And doesn’t provide this gradual, long-lasting energy boost.

My final verdict is…

I’m not exactly sure how, but these work really, really well. They give me lots of energy, all day, and they make me happy. All that in a super convenient package for a reasonable price!

If you need an energy boost, something to improve your mood, and you’d rather not have more pills to swallow, the Voke tabs are awesome!

Official website: www.VokeTab.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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