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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Gut Health

Gut health, digestion, and all that good stuff. How’s it going for you? Are you digesting everything? Absorbing all the available nutrients? Not sure? Let’s talk about it. Gut health is vital for anyone trying to be fit and healthy. It’s even more important for an athlete

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Tested: Organic India Tulsi Moringa Tea

I’ve tried so many teas that I’ve lost track of them all. Most are good, but very few stand out. (And most of the ones that stand out do so purely based on the flavor.) The brand new Organic India Tulsi Moringa Tea I started drinking earlier

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Tested: Swype Cold & Flu Shield

Getting sick can really screw with your fitness and almost guarantee a poor race performance. Plus, I HATE getting sick. So I like this product called Swype Cold & Flu Shield. Here’s my review…

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Tested: CVS AirShield Tablets

Trying to save some money on supplements, I grabbed a box of CVS AirShield during one of my shopping trips. This stuff is a lot like Airborne, but rather than being $8 per tube, it’s $10 for two tubes! Here are my thoughts…

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