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cvs airshield

Trying to save some money on supplements, I grabbed a box of CVS AirShield during one of my shopping trips. This stuff is a lot like Airborne, but rather than being $8 per tube, it’s $10 for two tubes!

If you missed my Airborne review, here’s a quick recap of what this product is intended for:

Airshield is a supplement containing vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and it is intended to bolster your immune system. I use it if I feel a cold coming on, as well as on days where I’m around sick people.

Really, if I’m in any situation that could lead to a cold or flu, I’ll take some of this stuff!

Health and Ingredients

The ingredients in Airborne and CVS Airshield are nearly identical, so I am just going to go through the main differences…

In “Other ingredients,” there are a couple slight differences, but nothing significant. The only thing that stands out is that AirShield contains fish for some reason (significant if you have an allergy.)

In “Vitamins and minerals,” AirShield contains everything Airborne does, in the same amounts, but also contains Riboflavin (Vitamin B2.)

The “Amino Acid blend” is the same.

The “Herbal blend” is very close, with a different order of ingredients and just a couple herbal differences.

“Chinese Vitex” is the only herb in Airborne that’s not in AirShield. On the other hand, AirShield contains one thing not in Airborne – Arabinogalactan Extract (heartwood.) All I could find about Arabinogalactan is that is helps promote the growth of good bacteria essential for a strong immune system.

Practically speaking, the two products are the same.

Taste Test

cvs airshield orange

The one flavor of Airshield I tried is Orange.

First, it is a neon yellow color that looks completely artificial. Unfortunately, it also tastes completely artificial. I didn’t think it was good at all! You also taste the sucralose.

I have to give Airborne the clear victory when it comes to taste.




Mixing is simple. You just drop the tablet in a glass of water and wait.

You do have to wait about three minutes (not the 1 minute it says on the box) for the entire tablet to dissolve in cold water, but it dissolves well.

Does it work?

I have switched back and forth between Airborne and CVS Airshield, and both products seemed to work equally well.

While I can’t verify that this stuff has kept me from getting sick, it sure seems like it!

My final verdict is…

Since this stuff is relatively cheap and works just as well as Airborne, I will continue to take it on occasion. I prefer to order Airborne or Wellness Fizz from VitaCost.com, but if I run out and need something quickly, I’ll run to the local CVS and grab a box of this.

Official website: www.CVS.com

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Company: CVS
Product: CVS AirShield Tablets
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Date last updated: 2009-12-09
Obtained Product: Purchased at retailer.
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  1. I was wondering if you knew of anyone that throws up after using air shield from CVS? Two different times, I’d say a month apart I use this product. I used it Thanksgiving morning and I was sick all morning nauseous just wanting to vomit. I didn’t start feeling well until the evening. I felt like my food was sitting in my stomach and I was not digesting it. This is happened to me twice. So I was just wondering if you had heard of this before. Trust me I’m throwing it out! Thank you for your time Donna Wright

  2. @Donna

    I haven’t heard that. What a terrible day to have that happen!

    Do you have any food allergies? Have you tried similar products like Airborne with different results?

  3. Is this product made in China ?

    • @Robert

      Good question. Looking at product photos on the CVS website, I don’t see that information on the box. Nor in the product description. You might have to call CVS customer support to verify.

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