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Tested: ENERGYbits

Not much really catches my attention anymore when it comes to energy drinks. You’ve got double or triple caffeine, miracle herbs, superfruit juices, and various extracts from animals and insects. But what if I told you there was an energy supplement that was basically a bunch of

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How To NOT Get Sick – A Guide for Exhausted Endurance Athletes

Getting sick really screws up your schedule. You’ll probably have to go shopping for medicine, cough drops, tissues, etc.. You might even have to go to the doctor if it’s bad. Worst of all, you’ll have to skip training sessions… and make up for them later. Feeling

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Tested: Swype Cold & Flu Shield

Getting sick can really screw with your fitness and almost guarantee a poor race performance. Plus, I HATE getting sick. So I like this product called Swype Cold & Flu Shield. Here’s my review…

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Tested: CVS AirShield Tablets

Trying to save some money on supplements, I grabbed a box of CVS AirShield during one of my shopping trips. This stuff is a lot like Airborne, but rather than being $8 per tube, it’s $10 for two tubes! Here are my thoughts…

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Tested: Airborne Effervescent Tablets

If you live a stressful life, have a bad diet, or encounter sick people daily, it’s pretty hard not to get sick. Add in an intense training regimen and it’s nearly impossible not to get sick at some point! But you can try Airborne immune support tablets…

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